What exactly is the IndiaMike travel forum all about?

India is, undoubtedly, one of the most fantastic places on Earth. I think everyone should visit India at some point in their lives through indiamike, whether they want to drive up to North Bengal, hike the famous Pin Parvati Pass, or look at the sights in New Delhi. India has a rich chronicle that goes back thousands of years, and it also has a lot of exciting cultures and tasty food. India can be the perfect place for everyone, no matter how they like to travel.

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But if you don’t know much about the area or how to travel in India, it’s probably a great idea to learn more before you go. When I want to learn more about a place, I first go to a travel forum. Travel forums are a handy tool even though they don’t get as much attention as sites for booking flights or hotels. I always suggest finding a travel forum for your destination before looking for the best travel booking sites. This is especially true if you go somewhere you don’t know much about.


Travel forums are the best way to learn everything there is to know about going somewhere new. Using the best travel forums on the web is a great way to make the most of a strange land, whether you’re looking for the best places to eat in a particular city, the sights you can’t miss, the parts of a site you might want to avoid, or even a travel buddy.


India is a great place to travel because there is so much to do and see. Without a local friend or guide, it can be hard to figure out what to do. Even if you only plan to stay in one city in India, you could miss out on the trip of a lifetime because you didn’t know about it. But instead of bothering the locals about what to do and where to eat on your trip, you can use an excellent travel forum for India.


IndiaMike should be on the list of the best travel forums. And when it comes to traveling in India, this site is a bit of a must-have. India Mike is a group of people who love to travel in India and get together online. Indiamike is the travel forum you need, whether you’ve been to India before or plan your first trip there. India Mike is one of the most valuable and active travel forums globally. It has over a decade worth of helpful tips, information, hotel and restaurant suggestions, travel plans, etc.


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You might want to look around and pick up information here and there. You might not be sure if you should go to India or not. Or maybe you just got back from a trip and want to share your stories and pictures with a group of people interested in the Indian travel and will enjoy them. No matter what is going on, India Mike has you covered.


On the other hand, the travel plans are one of my favorite parts of India Mike. There are many of these, they are easy to look through, and they are some of the leading travel resources I have ever found on the internet. Even if you’re not the kind of traveler who wants to follow an itinerary step by step, looking through this massive collection of Indian travel itineraries is a great way to get ideas for making your own or adding stops you hadn’t thought of before.


India When it comes to Indian travel forums, Mike is the most knowledgeable person. When someone notifies me they are going to India; I ask them if they have had a chance to look at this site. But we all have contrasting tastes and preferences for sites like this, especially areas that are also online communities. Is Indiamike the best travel forum for you? Let’s look closer and see what we can find out, shall we?

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Is IndiaMike Legitimate?

IndiaMike is a travel forum with a simple and understated design. I think it’s pretty cool, and it is neat, clean, well-organized, and easy to find. My opinion is that travel forums tend to get a little too crowded, but India Mike gives every post and threads the right amount of breathing room.


But the site is set up a little differently than most travel forums I’ve seen. India doesn’t start with a list of topics and lets you explore each one on its own. Mike shares a series of posts, each of which is labeled with a category, such as “West Bengal,” “Indian cooking and cuisine,” “India travel news,” or “photography” (to name a few). This travel avenue is more like a newsfeed than a typical travel forum.



I’m not a big fan of how this is set up, and it makes it more complicated to browse by specific categories than it should be. You can, of course, click on a variety and go straight to the posts in that category. But I wouldn’t say I like that I have to scroll down the page for how long before finding the type I’m interested in. I wouldn’t mind this if there were at least some kind of menu bar on the site that let me navigate by category.


Once you click into a thread, though, a clever feature at the bottom of the page lets you skip from one post to the next. This makes reading the thread kind of like reading an eBook or something. You can also click a button to go to the top of the thread or type in the number of the post you want the page to take you to.


How good is the information on IndiaMike?

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This travel forum couldn’t be better if it tried. It has a tonne of great information about traveling in India, and it’s all in one place. Here, you can learn about and talk about almost any topic you can think of, from yoga to food to national parks. Also, you won’t find a better travel forum than this one if you want to find great travel plans for your trip to India. Also, the community is active, friendly, helpful, and well-informed, which is always important when looking for the best travel forums.

No one wants to join an online community where most people don’t know what they’re talking about or are rude and not helpful. When it comes to Indian travel forums, you couldn’t do better than IndiaMike.


I also like that users can “like” each other’s posts, which gives the site a social media vibe that most other travel forums don’t have. This goes well with the layout, which, like it or not, is more like Facebook than it is like Reddit.

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Only A.) more detailed and personalized profiles and B.) direct messaging seem to be missing from this travel forum. On someone’s profile, all you can see is their username, birthday, a link to their homepage, the date they joined, and the things they have done. It would be an excellent addition if people in this community could show who they are. Maybe a collection of photos from your trips would be fantastic…

Why not make India Mike a low-profile social network? Why not let members send direct messages to each other? I think that a few minor changes to the site could make this travel forum’s community even more robust.


Is there an app for IndiaMike?

Those who visit travel forums often won’t be surprised to hear that IndiaMike doesn’t have a mobile app, and most discussions about travel don’t. Still, the site works great on the mobile browser on your phone, and it works great on mobile devices, and everything moves around and gets smaller to fit smaller screens. The site’s design is better on my iPhone than on my laptop.


What could the India Mike travel forum do better?

I’d like to see IndiaMike grow in a few different ways. First of all, I think this could be one of the best online travel forums if it used the social media features it already has (like the “like” button). Why not erect on this and make profiles more interactive, detailed, and personal? Also, adding the ability to message other users is a must.


I’d also like to see India Mike go to other countries. There are many travel forums with a lot of information about India, and they also have a lot of information about other famous places around the world. I can see the point of making a close-knit group of people who love India, but some people might find it a little too specific for their tastes.


What To Like about IndiaMike

-Informative travel plans for going to India

“Like” buttons on posts and comments

-A lot of helpful information on Indian travel, culture, food, and other things.


What’s wrong with IndiaMike?

-This is only true for India

-No private messages

-Profiles have little information

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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