Why is Zee News spreading misinformation about omicron? Is it because their political allies could do campaigning?

Why is Zee News spreading misinformation about omicron? Is it because their political allies could do campaigning?


It is not a hidden fact that how much loss and jeopardy coronavirus has caused, not in our country but across the globe. It has led to economic crises, loss of life, and panic among countries. While the situation was still recovering and the economy was returning to be stable, then came another variant of Coronavirus – Omicron. According to studies, the Omicron variant of Coronavirus spreads multiple times faster than the Delta virus.

The new variant has proved to leave the country in a peculiar and much worse state, so how come this is “Good” for the country?


On 3rd January 2022, Zee news’s anchor -“Sachin Arora” explained the “Positive side” of the Omicron variant! According to the channel, Omicron is more contagious than Delta Variant but in most cases, it does not require hospitalization, the symptoms fade away in 4-5 ways, and to control the outspread of Delta variant, it is “good” for us to witness the outspread of Omicron.

How come a virus which has taken a lot of lives cannot be harmful?

omicron virus infection: most of the world's vaccines likely will not prevent infection from omicron - the economic times

Zee News has its remarks whereas the World Health Organization has something different to suggest. Let’s take a look at that too!
WHO states that this new variant of Coronavirus is paving the way for a dangerous situation and is hospitalizing and even killing people. It is “unwise” to refer to Omicron as a milder variant but in reality, it is more harmful than the other variant, according to WHO.

Now, whom to believe – Zee news or WHO?

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For what propaganda zee news is spreading misinformation and risking the lives of millions of people, knowing the fact that their channel is one of the leading channels of the country?

It is obvious that elections are going to be held and campaigning will soon start to be conducted and no members will join these campaigns and rallies due to the fear of Omicron. To help their political allies, Zee news is spreading wrong information to people to choke the fear of this new variant so that more people come forward to join the campaigns and their election process does not get hampered.

It is so insensitive to know that one of the most viewed channels of the country falls in the vicious trap of political agendas for their benefit and risks the lives of people.
If the elections were not nearer, had the channel still spread the same news? I wonder!

coronavirus: india registers less than 30,000 daily cases after over four months

We request you all to not take this new variant lightly and follow all the necessary protocols stated by WHO. It is as dangerous as other variants. Follow social distancing, keep your mask on and avoid going out, if not necessary.

Edited and proofread by Ashlyn

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