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Sales Training in Bangalore? Yatharth Marketing Solutions, A Leading Sales Training Company offers scientific customized sales training.

Sales training in India is struggling to keep up with the explosion of the internet and digital media. The traditional methods of buying are losing relevance every day and sales training is yet to evolve itself to address this change. Established trainers are seen as primitive since their methods are aimed towards the conventional businesses of the pre-digital era.

If you or your organization is working towards becoming a leader in your segment, you require a new set of sales skills that will equip your team for success in the new world. You can empower your sales team to perform better and close more deals by giving them sales strategies that are designed with the latest scientific methods. One of the premier institutions offering such scientific sales training is Yatharth Marketing Solutions, a leader in sales training for companies of all sizes.

Yatharth Marketing Solutions is led by Mr. Mihir Shah, a nationally and globally renowned sales trainer who has worked with organizations in a diverse range of sectors. They offer modern, science-backed sales training programmes for sales teams to empower them in understanding their target market, chart out their right approach, identify the stakeholders, polish their messaging for maximum effectiveness. The coaches at YMS are industry veterans who understand the ins and outs of the business. They come with years of industry experience so can talk to your sales teams in terms they understand.

One of the issues affecting sales training in India is the use of generic techniques that are being offered in the market. This has a negative effect since all salespeople will follow the same approach for the same relevant audience. YMS brings its global experience in designing a customized plan for each client, and a detailed plan for the employees to leverage their individual skills in achieving organizational success. Each business will require its own unique business and sales model to work, which is something YMS focuses on.

Mr. Mihir Shah, CEO. Yatharth Marketing Solutions is a well-recognized figure in the Indian sales training field. He has been a vocal proponent of improving training programmes in India by focusing on designing training modules that leverage the individual’s skills and natural abilities. This will bring Indian sales training programmes on par with global training courses, he asserts. Mr. Mihir has been very successful with his methods in the ultra-competitive Ahmedabad market, and has successfully replicated in the dynamic markets of Mumbai, Delhi, and even in the US and the Middle East. He has encouraged organizations to not just provide training, but inculcate corporate practices that will transform their working culture. As a firm believer in technology, he leverages various tools for audio, video, animations, infographics, assessments, and even role play. His goal that he says he is always working towards is to engage every participant and bring out their best.

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Bangalore is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and attracts a lot of global players. The competition is so intense because local companies are facing off with global leaders. With traditional or conventional training, it is difficult to achieve results from their sales teams. All the aspects of sales training – whether it is communication, customer understanding, handling prospect objection, negotiation with clients, or even the deal closure – require the latest sales techniques being followed by global leaders. In Bangalore, YMS is working with companies that are focused on growing quickly, as well as organizations that are looking to inculcate team-building and leadership qualities in their employees. This is crucial is leveraging each employee to become a valued contributor in achieving success at every step.

Mr. Mihir Shah insists that training can happen only after understanding the existing functions and roles in the team. Information is collected through surveys and informal questionnaires so YMS can plan a customized sales training program. Smart conversations with various stakeholders can clarify the major challenges to the businesses which will help chart out the right approach. The goal of training by YMS is to deliver precise domain awareness, formalize the know-how, and offer sales insights for better sales figures. Informal sales tips such as nurturing long-term relationships with customers and potential customers is a crucial sales attribute that is ingrained into the participants.

Sales training in Bangalore is at an interesting crossroads because of the exponential increase in sales volumes from this market. Knowledge itself is no longer enough, a good salesman should carry the right mental attitude that can convert sales. YMS is one of the best sales training companies in India to achieve this because they train corporate teams to be self-driven. The training programmes are designed to help salespeople work under any kind of professional or personal pressure. They are trained to stay focused on their goals and chart out the right approach to achieve that. Every team can work wonders with the right guidance, and YMS, with Mr. Mihir Shah, is determined to enable organizations in Bangalore to achieve this.

About Yatharth Marketing Solutions:

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Yatharth Marketing Solutions is a leading sales and online sales training company for corporate organizations and individuals to increase revenue and returns. YMS offers customized training modules and programmes for different organizations and teams. YMS has been established as the best sales training and consulting firm in Bangalore and South India. For more information about the company and their popular services, please visit:

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