A ‘Talisman’ian approach to Digital Marketing

Little girls with dreams become women with vision”. This is one quote much enough to describe Shreeja Prashanth, the woman behind the most sought after names in Digital Marketing – Talismanian Digital. Talismanian Digital is one of the most promising start-ups headquartered in Chennai. With its international tie ups, the company is breaching conventional methods of marketing and branding, making the scopes of Internet more vivid to end users.
Shreeja Prashanth restarted her career at the age when most women stop dreaming. Though she began her career as a bank professional, she had to resign the lucrative job for her son. By the time her son started his schooling she realised that her passion for writing, which she had nurtured from school days, was imbibed in her blood. She took writing seriously and decided to make her passion grow to a position that will give her recognition and respect. Thus Talismanian was born.
Talismanian has 2 verticals- Online magazine and Digital Marketing. Her passion and her skill for coordinating with people are well projected through the magazine. Her partner – Anderson is a techie with hands on experience in Digital Marketing.
Ask her how the name was born; she describes it with all her natural charm. “We wanted a different name for our company to help us to be tracked easily in all search engines. I then realised that this one is my passion and this venture is going to get me oodles of luck. Talisman – the ring of luck- clicked and we modified the name to serve our purpose. “
She is quite stubborn that her vision stay robust and that it will take the company to be India’s largest Digital Marketing Agency in a couple of years.
Most Digital Marketing agencies lack in one section or the other. Many such agencies depend on others for content or design. We make sure that our company is self-dependent in terms of content, design and technology”, she says.
Talismanian Digital is a fast growing Digital Marketing Agency with clients across the globe and with a lot of Agencies in market they distinguish themselves from others by providing services at competitive prices. Moreover they act as a Gateway to their clients marketing success as they help them build their business by taking care of their complete marketing.
SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM, Content marketing, Email marketing and SMS marketing are the core areas where they function and they bring in a lot of automation that reduces human effort and brings about accuracy. This is one main zone where Talismanian Digital team are well ahead of their competitors as scripting in Digital Marketing is still something which many have not brought in. Their automation is done using Python and it helps them build richer keywords to get better CTR’s at lesser costs when they run their ads across various networks. 
These kinds of automations also help them build good content across the web which boosts the SEO of clients significantly. Talismanian Digital believe that automation is an integral part of digital marketing and with an expert team they do this all at competitive prices which keeps them high in this competitive market 
Their expert team has worked with various tools like Semrush, Crazyegg, Hotjar, etc for SEO and brought out excellent results for their clients which have helped increase their footfall by over 150%. Engagement is another primary key of Talismanian Digital and they used Mailchimp and Active campaigns to scale up the engagement for an e-commerce whose sales increased over 200% in 5 months. With their clients growing at the same pace as them with their marketing automations they believe that they will be gaining newer heights this year and look to expand their team to other cities as well.
With its fast growing clientele, Talismanian Digital is on expansion spree and hopes to launch new branches in other cities like Bangalore and Kochi.

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