All that Glitters: How Startups are catering to the growing demand of daily wear, office jewelry for the contemporary Woman

Over the years, womankind has witnessed a revolution in their own right. It is the timeline in history that is varying, the socio-cultural construct and yes, her attire, that has definitely changed but the zeal and vigour remain constant. And, with this, the woman’s closest companion has undergone an equally drastic and understandable a metamorphosis- the jewelry.
all that glitters: how startups are catering to the growing demand of daily wear, office jewelry for the contemporary woman
From days of heavy, stone embedded, precious metals worn in regal splendor it has transformed into the lithe, easy to wear, daily usage minimal motifs on zirconia base. It’s no longer an economically divisive concept of ornamentalism, but rather a more inclusive concept complementing the woman’s daily practicality. Now what has stood by as the greatest harbinger of this change, is the transformation in lifestyles of the women. No longer are they expected sit curled up in the confines of their homes tending to what is characteristically described as ‘household chores’. The contemporary woman is stepping out to work, and reclaim her stake in the world that has been too rickety with a conventional mindset. Here’s to how the modern woman’s perfect choice of elegance and practicality has come to a beautiful blend in her daily accessories.
Ease of Purchase
The beauty of these, majorly lies in the fact that not only, do the pieces score high on their appeal and their lightweight makeup but also the affordability of shopping them from the comforts of one’s own home. Buying jewelry online is one of the blessings that has enabled this shift from the convention. Now flipping through online catalogs, comparing prices, designs and choosing a suitable payment mode and a delivery date as per your convenience are the best-sought perks of this medium. E-retail has definitely changed the way modern India shops, but for the working woman, it is a bigger boon amalgamating comfort and utility into one.
Simple yet Elegant Designs
Secondly, with the increasing range of choices for designs with traditional motifs being incorporated into a lighter and easy to carry design it makes it a better choice for the ladies whose job entails traveling and commuting. Moreover, since it cannot be prudent to sport heavy, expensive looking accessories on a daily basis especially in public transports, smaller and more elegant carvings are in greater demand. To meet this growing request, a growing number of startup owners are fine-tuning and modifying their designs. Says Garima Backliwal, owner at Jeweleratti, about her designs- “Intricately crafted silver jewelry inspired by traditional Indian art and architecture that can be paired with traditional dressing and modern dressing”. This perfectly balanced combination is what makes these extremely desirable. But, simply going for a more pocket-friendly, and lighter alternative of your traditional neckpiece or earrings does not necessitate the ease of manufacturing. Craftsmanship and design intricacy are upheld with similar and due reverence as in cases of traditional goldsmith warehouses etc.
Easy to Accessorize
Lastly, there is the advantage of chic, avant-garde designs are the fact that these can be easily accessorized and carried off with a wide-ranging variety of outfits. A similar range of startups tend to focus on how and what to accessorize with your regular or a traditional outfit to create a statement in itself. In an ever dynamic setup with social and business engagements popping up unannounced, one has to be ever ready to deliver. And, with such high expectations of performance in the corporate, it is only natural to make an informed and specialized choice for meeting the jewelry requirements. Many more startups such as Nirwaana and Tsara catering to this highly classified segment, the demand is slowly gaining a wider acclaim. Thus, one can observe, “ all that glitters might not be gold, but in this changing world and demands of fashion jewelry, it doesn’t even need to be”.
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