Best B2B Enterprise Telecom consultants in Delhi/India

India has world’s second largest telecommunication network with approximately 1.206 billion subscribers. Major sectors of Indian Telecommunication are telephony, Internet, and television broadcast industry. Indian Telecom has undergone a great development at high pace and now it’s one of the most competitive telecommunication industries of the world.
Telecom Supermarket India is India’s first Comparison platform that allows buyer to compare various Telecom services available to him and ultimately chose the best one. This platform works in real time and believes in no delay. Their target is that their clients should get best service at best price at the right time. They help in saving time and money. They enable the users to search any service, compare it with any other service and buy the service customer like. Their comparison is completely unbiased and transparent.
They are the best business to business and enterprise telecoms consultants in Delhi and NCR. They work with a wide range of trusted telecom service providers giving customers the very big number of options to chose from. Any business can avail their consultancy around setting up a new office, security, getting online and being a part of Digital India initiative. They offer services around Leased line, EPABX phone system, Cloud/Hosted PBX, E1 or PRI lines, Call centre solutions including hosted solution, predictive dialler, Cloud services like Hosted business applications, CRM, etc. They have a whole suite of services for any business size and niche. also deals in mobile phones etc through the channel of their trusted partners. Companies they work with are completely trusted. There are some companies which work exclusively with them and would not be found anywhere else.
They work for both household users and business users. They provide complete communication and connectivity advice to their clientele. Since, the truth is that telecommunication services have become an essential part of our lives now. Many will agree that they will not be able to sustain without these facilities. This makes opting for right telecommunication company very important from every aspect. Many big companies would agree that they will not be able to achieve their goals without the telecommunication services. and their whole team make sure that all their users get the best value for their money. Surfing and using is absolutely free of cost for the customers. They use unbiased methods to compare all the plans and schemes giving out the completely honest results.
PBX services make life very easier. They help in transferring calls between colleagues and phones. It will help you to receive multiple calls at the same time. Telecom Supermarket India aims to provide best in all terms phone system for the use of home or for business use. They work with international prominent PBX brands like Panasonic, Cisco, Avaya. They also work with some local brands which are not international. The PBX service providing system are installed by accredited engineers who are professionals. Users will also have the option to chose for an annual maintenance package.
Telecom Supermarket India has been in business for over 5 decades and they have a very vast experience. They make sure that with them, user is not in good hands but user is in the best hands.

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