STARTUPS is creating a new digital era in Chemical Industry

In the last two decades, several other industries have adopted digitization and witnessed high growth of sales and revenue. The chemical supply and procurement industry has not witnessed any disruptive change in the last two decades. The processes involved in buying and selling of chemicals are long-drawn and time consuming.


Businesses and Academia are unable to procure ready stock of Chemicals neither through offline nor through listing sites which can be delivered immediately.

Not anymore! which was launched in the year 2017 is India’s only B2B marketplace which has created convenience to both Businesses and Academia in buying ready stock of chemicals from multiple sellers online and get them delivered to their doorstep across India.

It is the first B2B marketplace offering free Chemicals to Academia not only strengthening the research & innovation in India, but also the relationship between Business and Academia

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Carbanio’s Role in Chemical Industry

Carbanio ensures a smooth experience of buying and selling chemicals online. Carbanio takes complete responsibility for the end-to-end logistics. In other words, Carbanio takes the responsibility to ship the cargo from the seller’s warehouse to the buyer’s location across India.

Buyer Benefits

Noticeable benefits include a large pool of verified Chemical suppliers across India, displaying prices, quantity and purity for quick buying decision. Carbanio guarantees against the purity and quality of the chemical shipped and also assures the safety of the payment made via online.

By using Carbanio, buyers can save over 90% of time and 65% less than the market price. Various discounts from multiple sellers and many more features which benefits the buyers across chemical industry.

Chemical Buyers can now buy at any time by registering for free in

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Seller Benefits

Selling chemicals online 24/7 is no more a dream. A chemical supplier can forego market restrictions by selling online and increase sales and revenue.
Selling via Carbanio saves 70% of marketing costs.

Without worrying about invoice terms, suppliers can now receive immediate payments towards the sale of their product, which increases their cash flow and can offer discounts to customers.

Surplus or excess stock which are unopened can now be sold to small businesses on Carbanio rather than spending on quenching. These surplus stock can also be offered as free chemicals to academia which will not only help them in pursuing research & innovation on chemicals, but also strengthens the academia-industry (AI) relationship and skill development which is very much required for chemical industry.

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Academia Benefits

Academia require real chemicals to do research and to gain real time exposure. Carbanio provides access to research scholars and professors of Universities and Colleges across India to buy Chemicals and also receive free chemicals from suppliers.

Receiving free chemicals from a supplier will not only minimizes the financial burden, but also creates a communication path between the Supplier and Academia. Academia will get an opportunity to research on the chemical offered by the supplier and showcase the real research while seeking employment.

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Environment Protection

Excess inventory is a universal problem in the chemicals industry. Everyone engaged in the chemicals industry, the buyers, the suppliers, and the distributors, suffer excess built up of chemicals. Many a time, businesses spend money to decompose the chemicals which can now be avoided by using Carbanio to sell these excess inventory and small businesses and academia.

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