ChemAtoZ takes chemical trading to a new level

If someone came to your house and offered you a cocktail of butanol, isoamyl alcohol, hexanol, phenyl ethanol, tannin, benzyl alcohol, caffeine, geraniol, quercetin, 3-galloyl epicatechin, 3-galloyl epigallocatechin and inorganic salts, would you take it? It sounds pretty ghastly. If instead you were offered a cup of tea, you would probably take it. Tea is a complex mixture containing the above chemicals in concentrations that vary depending on where it is grown.” – Derek Lohmann, research chemist
Chemistry always used to be such a boring subject. We all think what, when and how are we going to use chemicals in our daily lives. But I will like to enlighten you all, you all are using chemicals every day from morning to night. Yes, the toothpaste we use every morning has Calcium carbonate, sodium fluoride, the Soap has Esters, Vinegar has C2H4O2 and sugar has C12H22O11.
We believe we are living a life that is far from anything to do with chemicals. How many times do you hear the term ‘Add salt to taste’? Do you know salt is a chemical too, called Sodium Chloride? The life-saving drugs we so easily gulp twice a day is made of chemicals too.
The Indian Chemical Industry is an essential part of the Indian Economy. It accounts for almost 6.7 percent of the Indian GDP. The furniture we use, the fabrics we wear, the medicines we consume, all constitute chemicals in one way or another. It not only supports industrial and agricultural development but also plays a vital role in the food industry. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the major industries today and like all other things, this is going online too. We bring to you which is an online chemical store for buyers and sellers of chemicals to easily locate any chemical easily. That is why they very cleverly named themselves ChemAtoZ. is a reliable source to trade over 3,000 chemicals all over India. It is very user-friendly and its interface is most efficient and effective when it comes to buying chemicals online. You can easily go through categories and sub-categories filtering though products until you find the one that you need. They also have a very convenient shortcut, visit and just type the CAS no. or the name of the product and click on search button. You will get a list of all the products and their details. Buyers can maintain a wish list of products as well as manage their profile on this platform.
This online shop is one stop answer for all the industrial buyers, chemical supplies, and vendors. They are constantly working on keeping themselves updated to the market needs and are trying to become the leading supplier and most reliable supplier. It is the first of its kind cutting-edge chemical database and a resourceful supplier management system along with an intelligent analytics engine, which assists the buyer in getting the best match for the products they are searching for. This network connects suppliers and customers together to bring about a perfect match. They also aim in supporting suppliers establish themselves in new horizons like biological and chemical industries.

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