Did You Know About This Magic Spot In Your Body Before?

The human body is a wonder that even the greatest scientists can’t replicate. It grows, reproduces, heals, ages and then destroys itself. It’s like, it’s a natural process of being born from nature and being returned to it at the end, the keywords being, Nature and Natural.

I have never been a strict follower of natural and herbal remedies that are derived from nature. As kids, we used whatever options were given to us by my parents, trusting them on their choice. But now, there is a need to make sure we choose wisely, especially when you realise that you are just being fed a box full of chemicals and nothing else. Whether you want a simple hair or skin care solution, it is all chemical formulated. And this is why I started checking out for herbal and natural solutions that are 100% natural without an ounce of any chemical in it. And my search ended with Nabhi Sutra!

It’s magical! Trust me when I say this. The product is made with so much thought and evaluation that you will be awed not just by its essences but also the mode of application. I have tried it and it’s started to show its effect on me! And this is why I wish to share my thoughts about it.

Works From The One-And-Only Magic Spot Of Your Body

Check every available skin and hair care products you can in the market! Either they are topical applications or are pills or syrups that you need to drink to ensure their rightful effects. As for Nabhi Sutra, it works from the one spot of your body that connects to almost 72,000 veins in your body. The Nabhi or the Navel is the focal point of our body and is situated just above the ‘Pechoti gland’ the power provider to your entire body. Nabhbi Sutra follows the Pechoti Method of treatment, where herbal oils are massaged into your nabhi only to be easily spread across your entire body and help you revive your health conditions from within.


The Nabhi is the primary source (90%) of happy hormone serotonin in our body. It is also responsible for the 50% secretion of dopamine, the joy hormone in our body. And most importantly, it is a source of 1/3rd blood circulation in our body. So, when you drop the magical Nabhi Sutra oils in your Nabhi, it allows the herbal goodness of the 5000 year old Ayurveda essences reach to every core of your body for a perfect outcome.

The Essences

The herbal oil extracts are pure and formulated by Ayurvedic doctors for different health care requirements. You can find herbal oils for your acne prone skin, healthy hair, menstrual pain, joint pain, sharper minds of kids and a glowing skin.

You can try them out one at a time and see the change it brings in your body and health. These oils are magical, more so because they spread throughout your body via the veins connected to the Pechoti in your nabhi.

It’s been almost 20 days since I started for long and lustrous hair, and it’s already started helping me. I can feel the difference on my scalp. And the reduced amount of hair fall is a proof that the essential oil is making the difference.

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