Enstin Labs Private Limited: Innovating Green Power

Enstin Labs is born with a vision to become one of the global leaders in Power Electronics by adopting the relevant current technology & establishing state-of-the-art lab infrastructure and developing design resources to develop products for India as well as the global market. Most of the Indian industries depend on China/Taiwan for the import of Power Conversion equipment such as Solar Inverters, Onboard Chargers for Electric Vehicles, UPS etc. While others are involved developing products of their own and manufacture/sell those products in this segment, the USP of Enstin Labs lies in offering design services to its customers to design and develop products from the requirement to saleable products with commercial production support transferring complete design and manufacturing documents. Enstin Labs has already designed & delivered successful products in the fields of Solar, Wind Energy, UPS, Drives, Electric Vehicles, Home Comfort Solutions, Medical Devices, IoT etc.

The focus of Enstin Labs is on green tech segments like Solar power/wind power conversion and power converters for electric mobility applications. The business model is well received by the customers and Enstin Labs can enable companies who import and integrate these products, to own the design and manufacture in India thus aligning our country’s focus on Make in India. Enstin Labs aims to become the one stop solution to global customers for all the applications of Power Electronics and deliver the best in class design service for Power Conversion, IoT & Embedded Products keeping customer at the centre and caring most about Quality, Cost, Delivery and Response (QCDR).

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The idea of Enstin Labs took shape with a unique thought process. In the year 2017, V. Thiagarajan (Raj), after a successful term at Schneider Electric Bangalore as Director of Global Technology Centre for low power UPS that was supporting a business of around US$700 million+ across the globe decided to retire. Milind Digrasker, who was leading Electrical Design as part of Raj’s team, was curious to know his next plan. This keenness led to a series of discussion which soon turned into discussions about possible business opportunities in the field of power conversion and a potential winning business model. Instead of creating a product-based start-up, getting struck with a few products and associated manufacturing and marketing challenges, the veteran duo decided to fully exploit their technical expertise by offering complete commercially viable product development to the customers thus influencing the import of such products from other countries and supporting the vision of Make In India. Such business models do not exist in this field where companies transfer the complete design and manufacturing documents to their customers. This has been well received by their customers in India and across the globe.

From the very start Enstin Labs placed the onus on the quality of the candidates. The first hires of the company were fresh post graduates in the field of electrical design & marketing. Within a span of just 2 years, the passionate team at Enstin Labs has grown over 30 people comprising of experts coming from backgrounds like Electrical design, digital firmware, communication firmware, mechanical, thermal, Industrial design, PCB designs, testing, component engineering, IP experts and project management. Most of team members come from the top institutes of India like the IITs and NITs and are post graduates. In addition to this, leveraging their extensive network in the field, the founders also engaged various consultants who have decades of experience in the industry & have worked with before to support the team and further strengthen the technical expertise of the design house. The highly qualified veterans as consultants do design reviews and mentor the fresh engineers from campus.

The journey of Enstin Labs in this short period of time has been a stellar one. The design house started with just one client situated in Madhya Pradesh in India. Within 2 years since its inception, Enstin Labs today boasts of an eminent client roster which comprises of some of the biggest names in the industry including Fortune 500 companies. Enstin Labs has also entered into a strategic partnership with Ismosys, UK. Ismosys represents some of the biggest leaders in electronic components and subsystems manufacturing across Europe and US, providing unparalleled support to design houses, and engineers. Ismosys represents the services of Enstin Labs throughout Europe and North America.

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Looking ahead, Enstin Labs is already working on some of the contemporary and next generation technologies to bring innovative products into the market. They also have plans to expand further into the US and European market. Raj and Milind have a strong network in US thanks to their working experience in large MNCs. Enstin Labs is geared up to further expand its reach to Europe and other international markets. The company has also entered into strategic alliance with a large EMS company based in Mysore to provide design support for their ODM business which is on a high growth trajectory. Enstin Labs has already completed several projects for international clients as well and are currently in execution of several large projects from customers outside the country. US will be the next frontier for power electronics innovation and Enstin Labs will soon be closer to North American customers with a fully owned US subsidiary. Exciting times indeed for Enstin Labs and customers!

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