Green machines: 7 affordable green cars an entrepreneur needs to own

An entrepreneur is anyone who sets up an enterprise, with a new motivation and creativity to add value to the world we live in. But, a successful entrepreneur is someone who has the motivation to make a positive change in the world.
Industries have begun to implement techniques of ‘green’ technology.  The aim is to produce products that use renewable resources.
Transportation is one the fastest developing areas of green tech.  People are looking for vehicles that have more efficient and eco-friendly features. Technology, innovation and consumer demands are finally making it easier to own a green car.  Here are some of the qualities that it should have.


Eco-friendly vehicles are designed to be lighter than ordinary ones. They are manufactured from lightweight metals or recycled materials.  This makes them more economical by consuming less petrol.

Emission sensors

Vehicles emissions create smog.  In order to keep the air clean and maintain low emission standards, a variety of emission sensors have been designed.

LED lights

These lights are more energy- and fuel-efficient than regular headlights, and they are also brighter.  The car can illuminate the road better, thereby reducing the chances of an accident.  Plus, they are easier to clean and change.

Hybrid engines

Hybrid engines save fuel by automatically switching between electric mode and gas. When the engine is idling, it changes to battery mode, but when the car is accelerating, it uses fuel while simultaneously recharging the engine.  As the vehicle spends more time idling, it uses less petrol which is the complete opposite of traditional cars.  The result is superb gas mileage.

Air filtration systems

Air filtration systems are improving the quality of air inside car cabins.  The Tesla Model S has a medical-grade air filtration system that effectively removes 99.97 % of pollution, bacteria, allergens, and other contaminants.  Eco-friendly vehicle manufacturers are planning to install this feature as well.
Now you know what to look for.  So, are ready to hop into a car without busting your budget?
It just may be the perfect time for entrepreneurs to sell their cars for cash and buy a green one.  In no particular order, here are seven affordable ones that anyone can own.
1. Nissan Leaf- 2017

The Leaf was the first electric car built by a major automaker on a large scale.  The car comes with a basic trim but includes electric windows, centrally-locking doors, and a push start button with an intelligent key.
The combination of 107 horsepower and 80kW AC electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery allows an impressive 150-mile range on a single charge.  Recharging can take up to 20 hours via 110-volt household outlet or 8 hours through 220 volts.
2. Toyota Prius C

The Prius C is a high-performance vehicle engineered similarly to that of a BMW or Porsche.  It maintains Toyota’s design of fuel efficiency.  Its sporty, versatile design boasts a spacious 17-cubic feet storage cargo plus interior space that is enough for five passengers.
Toyota Prius C is a full hybrid gasoline-electric hatchback.  The model is powered by a fuel sipping 1.8 L 4-cylinder engine that is connected to an electric motor.  They work alongside an 8.8 kWh battery pack.  Equipped with sensors, it prevents accidents through its pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, lane departure alerts, and automatic high beams to see clearly at night.
3. Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

This small car is perfect for navigating through busy city streets.  The Smart is equipped with an 80-horsepower electric motor that gives 58 miles to a charge.  The beauty of this two-door lies in its fast charging time- a mere three hours on a 240-volt outlet (or 16.5 hours on a standard 110 outlet).  The Smart ED offers a youthful style, emission-free operation, and unprecedented agility.
4. Mitsubishi i-MiEV

The Mitsubishi i-MiEV an affordable all-electric vehicle.  Its 49-kW motor provides 66 horsepower, which is enough for zipping through traffic or merging onto the highway.  The top speed is 80 mph, though it is more efficient at slower speeds.  A single charge can give you 62 miles, enough for travel within city limits. The battery is mounted under the floor, freeing up an exceptional amount of legroom for front passengers.
5. Ford C-Max Energi Hybrid

It is the only hybrid powered vehicle manufactured by Ford- until the new Fusion arrives.  It is accompanied by a plug-in feature with a supplementary battery pack to facilitate electric-only drives.  It has not compromised on its fuel efficiency either.  The electric-only option will take you 20 miles, but on petrol, Ford claims that it will take you close to 90 mpg.  Ford offers its drivers a choice to drive in either electric, gas, or hybrid (battery power plus gas) to allow them to save on energy.
The Ford C-Max is ideal for the family market, with hatchbacks, minivans, and wagons.  It contains high-tech features such as park-assist, rear-view camera and the famous MyFord Touch.
6. Kia Niro
This car has an appeal of its own.  Its body style and fuel consumption are guaranteed to sell Kia Niro alone.  The manufacturers have combined a 1.6 L gas engine a small electric motor.  Its six-speed dual clutch automatic transmission allows it to achieve up to 50 mpg.
Engineers were able to fit the battery pack beneath the rear seats, freeing up the cargo space.  Overall, the cabin interior is simple, clean, and easy on the eyes.  It includes a touchscreen infotainment system that supports smartphone interfacing through Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.
7. Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid

The Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid saves in two ways, it costs less and consumes less petrol.  So, it’s off to a good start.  It is one of the latest entries to the green car collection.  It offers a fully electric plug-in model.  Its designed to be spacious, with the battery pack situated underneath the back seats.  The Ioniq comes with a built-in infotainment system, steering wheel mounted audio, cruise control, and rear-view camera.
It achieves fuel efficiency through a 1.6 L 4-cylinder engine that is superbly matched with a 43-horsepower electric motor.  A fully electric version of the Ioniq is available, giving a maximum range of 124 miles, which is satisfactory for most commuters.
There are numerous other green cars out in the market.  This is just a short list.  They are all designed to be eco-friendly and fuel efficient.  But at the end of the day, it simply comes down to personal style and preference.

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