How an Indian Start-up is promoting Women Entrepreneurship by Registering their Business for Free

Worthiness of women is a very important factor for society to run prosperously. Their status has been improved due to widespread of globalization and industrialization. They have shifted their focus from basic to higher-level activities. They are always dedicated to their work, be it household or business. Hence, they are contributing in great numbers to the work force of our economy.
Women entrepreneurs are competing men these days. According to the analysis, among all the entrepreneurs in the world, half of them are women. Society predicts that the women can start up businesses only in food, fashion, designing or creatives and because of such perceptions, women are somewhere lacking behind.
There are also certain barriers which women entrepreneurs face
Comparing with men, it is very hard for women to establish their own identity. Men gain good visibility platforms. Herein, women entrepreneurs are unable to develop themselves as a role model.
Lack in Practical Experience
Women may have ideas and knowledge about the basics of their business but they lack in the practical one. Practice is the base of any task to put forth.
No Support
There is still an impact of society and family on women. Engagement in family shift women’s focus from business. They are stuck between tradition and their dreams also, this restricts them to enter into the business fields.
Due to more engagement in the family, women have very few outside connections. It is essential to gain professional contacts to build their links related to the business.
Money problem
Women are not considered as a strong financial base in business. They are mostly dependent on the sources for the capital. Even the bank does not consider them serious applicant.
There is a wider scope for women entrepreneurs in this generation. Women founders are few but on a rise. This rise of female entrepreneurship has been encouraged by government as well as start-ups. Government has taken certain initiatives for them as well as start-up like is promoting women empowerment.
Initially while starting up a business, registering their company is the first thing they do. Here, women face problems such as they don’t have much idea about the legal processes and usually misguided. Because of this, they also pay high cost for registrations.
Afleo has come up with an offer of providing company registration free for women and they get an in-depth knowledge about the registration. Also, aim to be their legal partner mainly focus on Private Limited Company in terms of  Trademark Registration, GST Consultation, Annual Compliance of Companies, Income Tax Returns, Intellectual Property Rights and provide various other services such as FSSAI Registration, Import Export Code, GST Registration, MSME Registration and Digital Signature Certificate.
They provide a platform to interact with people and  have moved a helping hand towards women entrepreneurs to boost their business. Always willing to be their support till the end.

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