iRenovate Helping Home Owners Express Their True Personality By Renovating Their Dream Homes & Offices

Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai, Yes you are right every home says something. A home is a place where we spend almost more than 70% of the time.
A home is a place which gives us a feeling of comfort, a sense of safety. It is a place that belongs to us that let us be ourself.
It let us spend time with our close ones and most Indians are emotionally connected with their homes.
But what does a home tells you about?
A home can tell lot of things about the personality of the owner, it reflects their creativity, it reflects their imagination and attitude.
A home displays our inner soul and this is why, we spend our entire life earning to build a home for ourself.
iRenovate is one of the very dynamic, passionate and highly experience team of design hackers which sets your home interiors & designing as per the personality of the owner.
They are not just an ordinary interior designing firm in delhi, but a trend setter. iRenovate has a over all experience of more than 10+ years in the field of home renovation and interior designing, Modular Kitchen & wardrobes.
There are several interior designers in delhi but iRenovate has marked themself a diamond in this sector by providing bespoke services to their customers.
From colors to fabrics, from curtains to furniture, from ceiling to floor iRenovate takes care of the all.
The most interesting part about this young startup is that before they take any project, they always tend to counsel the owner in order to understand their approach, mood, personality and create something which reflects them.
The essence of reflecting creativity is the USP of the team and always tends to give uniqueness to each project. iRenovate offers their services in
Home renovations
Home improvement
Bathroom renovation
Kitchen renovation
Office Renovation
They even have created some theme homes which will give you an experience of their exotic artistic nature. iRenovate is your one stop destination next time you look for your home or office renovation as well as designing.
M: +91-9811012457
M: +91-9891150570

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