Journey of the Oldest Online Meat Delivery Company of Delhi-NCR

Greet the Taste Buds with Fresh Meat Knocking on Doors
Some years ago, cooking meat in home was nothing less than a festival. It was the time when it required a lot of hard work in order to put the things in place. Go to the smelly meat market, look for the best quality meat, come back with and think about the storage of the meat and then finally, the cooking! The options for home delivery were not that much accessible because of long queues and cluttered methods of collecting orders and dispatching them. Most of the standalone shops were always short of the desired meat items because they were not able to identify the demand patterns.
It Is Time to Taste the Services of Organized Online Retail Outlet
Long ago, GOOD TO GO pioneered a new business model and changed the landscape of this market when they started the first ever-online meat delivery company of Delhi NCR. They refresh the same journey of cooking meat once again, this time without visiting to that stinking market again and again, instead, just visit the website and choose from the various meaty options available at disposal. After making a selection place an order and it will be delivered right at the doorstep of the customers.
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Feeling the Freshness and Bidding Thanks to This Meat Business Reform
When GOOD TO GO started this unit, they were unfamiliar of the challenges in front of them. It was a new market with infinite potential, and consumer behaviours were uncertain. During the starting months, this meat delivery company offered them with best of the storage and packaging techniques. They controlled the unstable nature of meat up to a large extent and exported some international standard packaging. While receiving any meat parcel from this company, customers find that packaging of the meat creates no hassle for the storage. In the next step, GOOD TO GO further started to package their goods in unison as demanded by their customers. This additional endeavour also helped customers in making quick choices and this time they were able to get chopped meat or the meat, which was ready to cook.
Self-Sustainable Model for Cost Cutting and Standardization of the Quality of Meat Products
Presently GOOD TO GO’s meat delivery company is doing a steady business in Delhi NCR. Many of the big eating joints are placing regular orders and getting the benefits of home delivery. This regular delivery is creating a big bouquet of meat options for the company. A steady supply of the meat also allowed them to maintain availability for the variety as well. They are acting like a shop, which is enjoying the full swing of business. It is very crucial for a shop to have a full swing when they are dealing with a perishable item. The standardization of the quality helped them in expanding their business to the national level where they have a healthy list of clients receiving meat parcels for commercial outlets in various parts of India.
It Is Not a Shop Anymore, It Is a Full-Fledged Meat Delivery Company
GOOD TO GO is practicing an economy of scale; this bigger scale of the operation allows them to keep their prices steady even after spending immense sum on the packaging of the meat. Standalone customers can get a path to a variety of options. Business owners can always expect timely delivery of quality goods because the economy of scale brings in a quality check where a purchaser can act a bit more demanding. One can also order some meat dishes from the same website. Once again, these dishes serve on the best parameters of the quality because the sources of the raw materials are delivering the best goods to the company and company is also procuring them in the best environment because it has a become a culture for them.
Surviving in the business
Till now over 18000 people have downloaded the app which is a great number because we feel if they are downloading the app they will definitely try our products in future. Not only this we have a monthly engagement of 10,000 orders on an average. 75% of the costumers turned into regular customers. The MOM sale of our company is 10% and the average sales are 40L per month. I believe that our company is going good in the field.

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