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Kar Kleaners – A new business opportunity

We know many young and dynamic people who dream about doing their own business, however due to some or the other reason they have to take up a job. Like many others, “Devang Raja” an MBA was also working in this corporate job for last 13 years, but desire to do something different stemmed from his mind.
At times, there are various golden opportunities around us, which we are unable to find. Devang Raja, however, got an idea from the observations surrounding his daily life. As per his general survey, he found that 73% of the car owners are not happy with the cleanliness of their daily car cleaning. Devang Raja used this opportunity and started his business – ‘Kar Kleaners’.
No one could have thought of a professional daily car cleaning service few years ago. Devang Raja explored such opportunity and is now adding value to the unorganized sector by providing professional daily car cleaning services. In late 2016 Kar Kleaners started its pilot in one of the buildings in western suburbs of Mumbai and within a few months they have are now operating at various buildings and societies. This company has partnered with many builders and is now providing daily professional car cleaning services at their newly constructed buildings. Do not be surprised if you see a line mentioned in the amenities section mentioning– “Daily professional car cleaning facility available.”
Within their 6 months of operation Kar Kleaners now also provides various additional services like KAR SPA at your doorstep, Drivers on call, Buying and selling of cars and RTO related services.
It will be interesting to see how this company shapes up in future and what will be its growth.
Rather then giving excuses like I do not have the experience, I do not have the money, I do not have family business and market contacts, Devang Raja used whatever he had and has proved to all that we can achieve whatever we want if we are ready to put in hard work and are commitment to our aim and goal.
You too can take inspiration from this and do something new!
While a lot of companies are still discussing and debating the ‘Open Door Policy’ within their organizations, Kar Kleaners have come up with 2 very unique concepts that help them set the right culture throughout the organization. How many organizations do we know that have just 1 single designation for all employees? This is one such organization where designation does not matter to anybody. All employees including the founder are designated as ‘Car care Taker’. How many of us see our top boss get down and do our work? Do not be surprised if you see the founder of this company washing cars in your building. The company’s value system of being a ‘Zero Ego Company’ has helped them work better as a team and set the right culture across the organization. These are the modern world concepts that Kar Kleaners have implemented in their organization. Kar Kleaners is not only transforming the daily car cleaning in India, but also introducing concepts like ‘Zero Ego Company’ and ‘Single Designation Company’ to us.
(Kar Kleaners are looking for Tech co-founder and franchisee partners across India. They are inviting aspiring entrepreneurs to join them. You can get more information by visiting



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