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As we all know that our country India is mainly famous for its rich tradition of handicraft products made by several artisans. All the faceless artisans behind making those wonders through their constant effort and struggle are hardly remembered. Once a craft is completed, it remains worthless until and unless the process behind the production and who produces it is known.

In order to provide a platform and bring in some value to all the hard efforts, we decided to take an initiative. Our main aim is to inform the buyer about the product, how they are born and what is the story underlying behind the craft. This was the time when we decided to bring in light to our idea of LIVECRAFTS. It mainly focuses on knowing the artisans, supporting and encouraging them so that they could make difference in the traditional craft in which they are into.

We are a team of artisans from Channapatna, situated in the rural Bangalorian district of Karnataka. If Channapatna is known for something, then it is for the famous wooden lacquered toys. Tipu Sultan introduced this type of craft by inviting different artisans from Persia who taught these craft to the locals and now carried forth by generations.

Channapatna artisans use different tools that suit their personal skills and make the handicraft products more appealing with the specialised tools. Tools with different shapes and sizes are available for the ease of the artisans.

The products that we make are made of wood and organic colours that are completely non toxic in nature. We use the organic natural dye such as Kumkum for red colour, turmeric for yellow colour.

Several designers are now collaborating with our artists and our team is pushing the limits of the techniques to design and come up with various contemporary design craft. Our work brings innovation and makes the crafts more acceptable and affordable to the urban world for daily use. The beautiful and unique furniture and decor accessories are acting as a catalyst to revive the art.

Besides being passionate about handmade craft, we highly encourage women empowerment. Women play a very important role in our society. As the famous saying goes “If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family”. In today’s world, they are competing with men in every sphere of life. To have a meaningful purpose for Livecrafts, we thought that the best way to help women living in poverty is by providing them jobs. Our handcraft artisans are mostly women and we provide them opportunity to be part of our success story.

Kids are god’s blessing and without toys, their life is completely empty. Provide your child with our wide collection of toys. The toys that we make are made of wood and organic colours that are completely safe for your child.You can easily find these products on our website- The website serves as a platform where you can easily browse for the product you want to buy.

Besides providing with a wide range of toys for a kid, we have recently come up with home décor concepts. You can transform your living room with our eco-friendly products which aim at offering a clean and mess free lifestyle. Starting from the wooden pen holders to the beautiful flower vase, beautify each and every corner of your house with our product. We believe high quality doesn’t always need to be high priced and this make our products fairly priced. We also make several utility products such as jewellery and ornaments for Christmas. All the products are completely made in India and manufactured by the women artisans.

It is very interesting to know that for the people of Channapatna, our different Channapatna toys, home decor and jewellery items are now a part of their lives. The handcrafted toys are even found in the White House. Our products have gained much popularity that they are even displayed in some major exhibitions and carnivals. You can also use them as special occasion gifts, birthday gifts, return gifts for occasions as well as corporate gifts. Visit our website- to explore the wide variety of products.

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