Mili Takyar from Vue by Milli Capturing Your Precious Moments For Long Term Memories

Our memories are not very reliable. Even the person with the highest IQ or an incredibly efficient brain sometimes draws a blank in certain situations. This is mainly because of how our brains are designed and how they work. Each time you learn something new or see something that catches your attention and kindles your spirit, your brain creates a new pathway for that memory to be stored. It also looks for certain similarities in what your seeing or learning currently and to what you have already learnt. This is the reason why you tend to say- “hey, this is just like that time when I… (blah, blah..)”. This is also why mnemonics help us better remember things while studying, but that’s for another time.
Now, on important occasions like a marriage, you get to meet so many people, you tend to lose track over time. All the faces of those relatives who last saw you when you were a toddler, friends who last saw you in your school, cousins who finally decided to return to India after an eternity, tend to automatically fade into oblivion. The difference between people is in their retentive capacity- some tend to retain and remember faces for a very long time, while others are not so gifted ( believe me, this turns out to be a curse especially in weddings when out of nowhere you meet an aunt who once saw you when you were 6 years old- a pretty embarrassing situation when you don’t remember them). Our brains are hardwired based on a specific pattern wherein, they delete or morph faces least accessed or remembered over time. This might also explain why sometimes, you get to see unknown faces in your dreams. They might not be unknown at all, just that our brains refuse to accept that it is a familiar face.
Thus enters the camera to record and preserve those loving moments of all those known to you, close and distant for a very long time, saving you from an eventual embarrassment the next time that aunt from 10 years back asks you if you remember her and you sheepishly scratch your head answering in the negative only to get your cheeks lovingly pulled at..!
Photography is integral to any occasion , it has been so even before the photography times, people captured even and moments on canvas painting or stone sculptures, and having seen many such , now I am sure we know how important it has and will always be…
Life is short and you get to live it once …(in most cases ) So never loose a moment to live it in full…and make sure your life is captured and preserved to relive at a later stage…
It maybe you childhood , school/college graduation, friends and best-friends, family and close buddies, your love .
Special occasions like you wedding , yes one of the most important occasions, must be captured..tomorrow you will have only these captured moments that will enable you to walk back in time. So live your life and capture to re-live it…adorn your homes will wall photo frames or photo canvas, get a great photobook album of your moments .
Vue by Milli is a Photography Brand Started By a Renowed Freelance Photographer in India by Mili Takyar. She Provides Photography in Portraits, Kids, fashion, interiors, pets, etc.
So next time, you have a great occasion to celebrate, do not forget Mili to caputre those wonderful moments for you and capture them in a flawless timepiece for lifetime. Connect with her
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FB Page:

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