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Mother Sparsh is India’s first Eco-friendly Baby Care Brand

Mother Sparsh is an innovative Eco-friendly baby care brand focused towards delivering a holistic experience to the mothers and babies with their natural; eco-friendly, biodegradable, paraben-free and chemical-free offerings. Rishu Gandhi (Founder & Head Brand Strategist) after completing her engineering degree joined Infosys as a Java developer. But her passion to become a women entrepreneur, especially the keen interest in researching and learning about consumer behaviour with respect to new products and innovations inspired her to research and build a brand “Mother Sparsh” in a way to help moms with best of products for babies. Acting upon consumer response, now company has widened its portfolio of eco-friendly products such as 98% and 99% water based baby wipes, ayurvedic tummy roll-on, after bite turmeric balm, natural insect repellent, natural talc-free dusting powder, natural baby sunscreen, vardaan ayurvedic lactation supplement to name a few.

Being a woman entrepreneur in India is not easyBut remember, bigger things do not come easy ever like the challenges she faced at the beginning was Access to Adequate Funding, Limited Scope of Mobility, Inadequate Practical Experience, Balancing business & family life. With her confidence, hard work, will power, zealous approach, family support and getting exposed to right set of experiences to nurture her will power helped her to overcome all of it.

With already so many prominent brands in the baby care market, Mother Sparsh was the first Indian brand in the baby care segment to introduce 98% & 99 % eco-friendly water based wipes in Indian Market. The brand is known for its innovation and revolutionary product segment. Hence, the brand has sold over 2.5lakh SKU’s of their wipes thus avoiding over 100 tonnes of plastic waste to get into our eco-system and it is also recognized by various research organizations for their innovation in the field of personal care wipes market.

In the present scenario, one factor that always baffles a mother is kid’s nutrition, It is well evident that a mom consult from doctor, other mom, friends, cousins and their granny as well to know what best can be given to kids. We have given a solution to their all questions by introducing the Kids Cooking Oil with adequate necessary nutrients for kids”, said Rishu Gandhi, Founder & Head Brand Strategist of Mother Sparsh.

Mothers were always exchanging their notes on the requirement of better products for their babies. Post analyzing the response of 99% water based wipes, we are happy to introduce India’s first Kids Cooking Oil with all enriching nutrients such as vitamin D, Omega 3 & Omega 6 for food preparations for kids. Going forward we are looking forward to launch a series of baby care products that are sure to provide relief to mothers and their babies with a protection of Eco-friendly and biodegradable advantages over others in the market. We are also expecting funding for a large scale expansion in coming years.



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