Namo Padmavati- a platform to cater all your noncore business needs

In today’s date, we all are living in a world where everyone is running short of time. Especially when it comes to business, it becomes very difficult for people to take out time for some of the most important noncore business activities, which are responsible for the profit-making of any project/ business. Therefore, in this world of hustle-bustle, it is very important to keep a check that all such noncore business activities such as data entry, administrative support, eCommerce assistant, etc are being completed on time. Well, Namo Padmavati is one such platform which caters to all these needs for a particular project or business. 

What is Namo Padmavati and how is it different from its competitors?

Namo Padmavati in simple words is a Home-based virtual assistant family business to increase the productivity of busy professionals. The USP of this start-up is to help entrepreneurs, busy professionals so that they can stop worrying about all the noncore activities of their life and focus on something which can help them change the world.

Namo Padmavati does not charge its clients unless; they are fully satisfied with its services. Another remarkable feature about this startup is that the staff working here is 99% women because they believe that women can be great leaders and can deliver quality effortlessly. 

Apart from this, Namo Padmavati is one of the top-rated platforms on and One can also visit their website to know detailed information about the services they offer and can also go through the testimonials of their previous and present clients. 

The founder of Namo Padmavati

Our readers would be thrilled to know that the talented person behind this is Riya Jain, who started this venture when she was just 20-years old. Riya holds her education qualification in BBA and the co-founder of Namo Padmavati is her mother. 

Riya Jain is a devoted, brilliant and passionate worker who has a solution to all your virtual worries. She is the founder of Namo-Padmavati which means greeting to the new beginnings of life after going through the dirt.

 April 2018 is when this vision of hers’ turned into reality. The company aims at providing virtual assistance to professionals, whose schedule is way too officious to concentrate on other works. This diligent family is available to you 24/7. They’ve got your back, kick your worries out and trust Namo Padmavati. The company is home-based thus very personal. You can always rely on them.

In conversation with the team of Inventiva, when Riya Jain was asked about her plan for the upcoming years, she said;

My plan to have a bigger team, with more women in to help us get the projects done and to offer more services than we are offering now.”

After our whole interview with Riya Jain, we have come to realize that she is a woman of courage and a true inspiration for all those who think life is being unfair to them. This women’s day we want to encourage all women to take a step forward and achieve their dreams. 

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