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Education is the necessary ingredient to attain positive stability in life. Many great saints and philosophers have preached about the importance of education in a person’s life, all of which holds true. Although education is easily available in modern society, it lacks the features that enable more people to attain it. Students and their guardians often face problems such as-

a. Non-availability of well-learned and professional tutors

b. Overload over students and hence lack of time

c.  Guardians have to rely upon more than one tutor or institute for covering all topics and subjects

d. Cost of education exceeds the limits of afford-ability

All the aforementioned issues hover about a single point – restriction in education!

Students and their guardians can heave a sigh of relief if the modern education system has the following features:

a. Freedom to select efficient tutor or instructor from a reserve of trained professional academicians.

b. Freedom to select the time slot of tuition classes.

c. No limitation or restriction over the duration of classes.

d. Get study materials at their own convenience.

e. Get a medium of self-assessment and self-paced learning.

f. Freedom from the burden of traveling from one place to another in search of a genuine and authentic learning space.

In the year 2015 Ourcoaching was launched to release students and their guardians from the messy labyrinth. Mr. Kunal Kapoor and his brother laid the foundation stone of Ourcoaching – an online learning platform. The determined duo focused on the removal of all hassles faced by students and guardians in receiving adequate education solutions.

In this noble process of making education available to all, emerged as a brand with the following features:

a. A free-for-all concept to remove the afford-ability issue.

b. An open-for-all platform to provide restriction-free education.

c.       A source of a huge reserve of study materials and resources for self-assessment and knowledge boost.

d. A 24/7 open interface to promote self-paced learning.

e. Provision to select from a highly qualified and experienced bench of tutors and instructors.

f. Provision to learn anytime from any corner of the world.

g. Access to study materials in the form of info-graphics, videos, and other easy-to-analyze contents to make learning fun.

Open Source Platform is an open-source platform of learning. Our endeavor is to impart free and quality education to learning aspirants and enthusiasts. Tutors, online instructors and reviewed study resources are our powerful instruments to boost our campaign of providing education without disparity.

Ourcoaching also understands the value of qualified and efficient individuals inclined to share their knowledge with the world. Our mutually beneficial working policies welcome individuals with expertise in any topic to share their knowledge using our interface. This process is mutually beneficial as students get the opportunity to learn from such experts and we feel proud to have such well-learned individuals on our board.

Learn And Earn!

Oucoaching feels proud to extend earning opportunities to talented individuals who are ready to share their knowledge in the professional front and become tutors or online instructors. A simple free-of-cost registration process is all you need to follow to become one of the reputed curators at Individuals can earn from classes and providing effective study materials to students. Ourcoaching provides a dynamic platform in the dashboard of the registered tutor or instructor to formulate and design study resources over topics they excel.

Free Listing !

Ourcoaching provides special privileges for coaching institutes. We have an institute-listing feature where coaching centers and institutes around the globe can register and enlist themselves without any registration charge or fee. Ourcoaching uses social media platform largely to facilitate this globally accepted learning process. Millions of viewers and users are exposed to social media platform on regular basis. By getting listed in our terminal, the coaching institutes and tutoring centers are also able to have access to the student database of our platform. Hence, by being enlisted at, institutes take a great leap towards a boundless and limitless scope of possibilities of business growth. A positive and repetitive presence over social media platform and the internet is one of the most reliable methods of boosting business volumes nowadays.

Based on this globally accepted learning system and protocol, Ourcoaching now proudly boasts about the following achievements:

o   We cover more than 10000 topics of different subjects and professional studies.

o   Millions of students access our social media platform and our student database is growing substantially.

o   We have succeeded in providing a restriction and hassle-free learning platform to all aspirants and enthusiasts.

 Register now and get started!

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