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Partner to your success story – ProRido Luxury Car Rentals

Imagine being able to reach out to a one-stop shop for all your car rental needs whether it’s for a quick tour outstation or an airport transfer or huddling your friends and family on a long road trip or providing your personnel the best pick-up and drop services while they work shoulder to shoulder with you.  ProRido it is.
For any corporate giant, the human resources always are of top priority because they form the foundation of the organization. They are the ones who work with you towards achieving a collective goal and living the company’s vision day to day.  To be able to equip them with the right tools and access to workplace becomes imperative.  Being an organization ourselves, we know and understand how important it is to make it convenient for them, not just at work but while their commute to and from work.  Our aim is to ensure they are transferred with safety and timing in check.
We provide the best of services for our fellow corporates, not just in Bangalore but across several cities.  We make your job easier.  Trust us to build an efficient ground transport lifecycle management system for you so you can focus your leadership on other strategic development and revenue generating activities.
How does it work?
Who forms part of our core services?

  • Transport managers/Admin
  • Employees
  • Drivers
  • ProRido team

Transport Managers/Admin – This team forms an integral part of our program. They are responsible for rostering, scheduling, coordinating and facilitating pick-up and drop services to all employees.  Using our technology, transport managers can incorporate all these activities by automating them.  This not only reduces their time spent on these activities but also increase efficiency by saving costs and time for themselves and the company.  Once the app is set up with a Corporate account, this team has access to the overall build of the app – the health of the cars, the validity of the vehicle documents, verification of drivers, employee-driver interaction, etc.
Employees – are the ones who enjoy our program the most.  Using our technology, employees can get real-time updates on their car and driver assignments, pick-up and drop schedules, co-rider information, help desk and access to our top-notch safety services. Stress-free. Hassle free.
Drivers – Drivers are highly screened and trained before being dispatched for services.  Using our technology, drivers can get their assignments without having to come to the ProRido center.  They can use the technology to make requests for any changes in route, connect with our help desk and get real-time updates on the rostering, schedules and rider information.  Time-saving. Easy work routine.
ProRido Team – the backbone of our program. Using our technology, ProRido team monitors end to end services we are providing for your business.  Everything from ensuring the app is working without lags to monitoring the rides back end, keeping track of riders, looking out for each of the beneficiaries until the ride is complete, ensuring invoicing is done real time and allow for flexible and timely payment options.
Why should your company choose ours?
We make your priority, ours.  Here’s how:

  • Employee safety
    • Ensuring online tracking; real-time update system; configured workflow and seamless communication make it easy for your people to ride hassle-free to and from their destinations
    • Geo-Fencing features allow all to ensure the car is moving towards the specified direction and not deviating
    • GPS system enables for easy marking of the vehicle on the map
    • Panic button access for riders, in case of emergencies
  • Cost-benefit
    • Reduced overheads
    • Increased efficiency
    • Competitive pricing
    • Consistent track record

Leadership visits?  Leave it on us!
Many of our existing customers utilize our luxury car rental services for when your company’s leadership visits from across the world.  From their home to your office, we’ve got it covered.  Trust us to give them the best experience while they travel for important business.  Our chauffeurs are effectively trained, speak fluid English and other language(s) eliminating barriers in communication with our riders.  They are equipped with all the paperwork needed for them to be at your service and most importantly, they are great drivers!
For any organization, a way of transactions become extremely important – the process, the execution and even the adherence and the audits around it.  Our technology brings to the table a very effective and seamless way of managing the invoicing and transactional activities.  Because all sub-processes within the app are the real-time the invoicing generates instantly after completion of each ride.  Each of the stakeholders has access to the data as and when needed eliminating a lot of wait time and increasing the accuracy and efficiency of the entire organization.
Long story, short – sign up with us to experience a convenient transport arrangement for your teams and forget the stress that comes with it.  We’ll take that for you.



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