STARTUPS Mr.Gyaan Dixit’s entrepreneurial endeavor to provide an organic life

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” Colin Powell

The aforesaid quote holds true for Mr. Gyaan Dixit whose recent e-commerce start up Pharmacyonnet has achieved a remarkable success in just a period of 6 months. Gyaan Dixit had the word ‘Organic’ buzzing in his mind while he was employed at a local pharmaceutical company. So one day, he quit his job and took a leap forward to fulfill is dream- the dream of being an entrepreneur. But success doesn’t come that easy and this holds true for even the e-commerce startups. With advent of internet technologies taking a high on customer’s mind these days, launching a successful e-commerce startup and then, branding it in the market is, nonetheless, a trouble-free thing. This is initially because customers are accustomed to using the competitor products and they find it hard to change their choices by simply seeing a colorful and artistic logo. Hence, Gyaan Dixit rolled up his sleeves to launch a successful e-commerce company in the name of Pharmacyonnet. The idea was to provide an organic life to people so that the health problems can be minimized.

With a view to expand the scope of business operations, Mr. Dixit established as an online platform where several brand owners and vendors can sell their health-related products. The major focus of the company is to provide nothing artificial. Selling just 100% organic and natural products is the sole mission of the company. Initially, the company kept the margin low so as to attract masses to try living an organic life with chemical free products. Soon, more and more people began to show an interest in using products since it was a healthier choice. In a short span of just 6 months, the turnover of the company was surprisingly high. As of now, the company boasts of having 150+ business partners and 8,000+ products. It is happy to have served 5000+ customers till date and still counting. To add more, the company is recognized and certified by Startup India also owing to its remarkable performance as an e-commerce startup.

Mr. Gyan Dixit, who is already bathing in the glory of his start-up success, is still keen to serve the humanity by bringing the concept of organic life in each and every household across the nation. This is why an entirely pure and natural range of baby and mother care products has also been introduced. According to Mr. Dixit, a nation can be healthy only if mother and baby are healthy. A healthy and happy life starts when you shun using chemicals and adopt organic products. Be it the household products or kitchen or personal wellness or general healthcare, Mr. Dixit seeks to provide people with a healthy self-inside. To keep the interest intact, the company introduces special offers and discounts on several purchases also. USP of each product is same i.e. no harmful colors or chemicals are used in any of the products sold by the company.

Mr. Dixit’s talent is limitless. He has a special interest in wildlife photography also. Something that started as a hobby has soon become his passion. Now Mr. Dixit is looking forward to launch an exclusive website for wildlife lovers. It might be named as It will have exclusive images and knowledge of wildlife. To bring more charm to the upcoming website, Mr. Dixit keeps himself associated with wildlife awareness programs and tourism also.

Meanwhile, Mr. Dixit is busy celebrating the bountiful of natural ingredients gifted by Mother Nature. The company processes revolve around selling natural products that can prove better substitutes for chemicals. Finding such natural products poses a great challenge but the team is spending extensive time and money on research and development to make it possible. Not just this, the products dealt by the company focus on Indian skin tone and what it should get to stay healthy and glowing. With a shocking rise in skin problems during the last decade, pharmacyonnet emphasizes use of chemical free products that cure several skin problems and also, keep it healthy in the long run. In addition, the company focuses on selling products for curing chronic ailments in elderly also. E.g. knee pain, back pain etc. Further, to keep placing the orders easy, phone and watspp number has also been provided on the website. Customers can either place their orders online where they get a coupon code for their next shopping) or they can simply call or watspp their requirements.

All-in-all what started as a provider of natural healthcare product company has soon become India’s favorite platform bringing chemical free products. Company’s motto ‘Sehat apke ghar tak’ has touched life of many and continues to do so. Mr.Dixit’s dream company Pharmacyonnet has succeeded in bringing a positive change in the life of people all across the nation.

During a recent interview when Mr.Dixit was asked regarding his advice to the upcoming startup entrepreneurs, he simply replied,

Give people something that they can believe in. Invest time in making not just the product but a brand as a brand is what gives you earn a winning difference in the heart of customers. For efficient brand positioning, you need to give what is never given before i.e. the best ever quality.”

The advice is easier said than done but in his case; Mr. Dixit has proved that chasing dreams is not easy. An entrepreneur needs to bring life to a concept that attracts not just him but his target audience too. Once you succeed in winning the heart of your customers, keeping yourself committed to their expectations is a real challenge.

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