Prana Air- an Initiative to Increase Awareness about Air Pollution

Prana Air was founded in 2016 based on the need for solutions and protection from air pollution. Air pollution has for a long time affected India but it is only during recent years that technology has been able to evolve to such a degree that it is portable, affordable, and innovative. Starting with monitoring the air through the portal AQI India, it was quickly apparent that the air quality in India was getting worse and worse. Prana Air was created to fill a need which submerged from the awareness of the poor air quality. With innovative pollution protection devices, such as pollution masks, portable monitors, and filters for the car and home, Prana Air became the name to remember when needing more safety in one’s everyday life. Prana Air needed creative and passionate team members, people who share the same foundation and understanding for the need of technology which can protect others. The initial team members all shared the same interest for creating solutions which can be used to protect people from air pollution. The team has consisted from people from all over the world such as India and China. Prana Air launched the first ever battery-driven pollution mask in India, able to protect the user from more than 99% of the bad air pollutants. With the battery-driven fan, it gives the user air with ease and makes it feel no different as if the user would not be wearing a mask.

Prana Air has also brought and keeps bringing innovative air quality monitors which are used to check how the air really is. People can place them in their homes, their cars, or carry them on the go and simply check how much pollution is surrounding them. This gives them an instant reminder that they need to either protect themselves or act differently in order to stay safe and healthy. They provide an easy solution to protect people from air pollution; it should not be complicated or costly to breathe clean air. Aside from the innovative devices, AQI India is used to show people how the air really is in India. By opening the portal, people can click any location in India to see how the air is from the monitors which have been placed by the team. With this people would know if the air is good or not and if they need to protect themselves in any way. During the last few years, air pollution has become more and more of a topic to discuss but few solutions have been provided and proven. Prana Air aims to make a change quicker so that less people will suffer the consequences from air pollution, such as poor health, sickness, and cancer. With monitors to check how the air is and pollution masks to have an instant protection, Prana Air is allowing people to take control of their lives again instead of being controlled by the fear of air pollution.

Prana Air is using innovative technology in a way which gives complete protection to people who want to stay safe from pollution without being costly. 9 out of 10 people are breathing polluted air daily and need to either stay at home or protect themselves while outside. Not only does air pollution cause great harm to everyone breathing it, it also interferes with people’s everyday lives. Children need to go to school and adults need to go to work, but with smog covering entire cities, people need to compromise. This is what Prana Air aims to change”, said Mr. Rohit Bansal, Founder, AQI & Purelogic Labs Pvt. Ltd.

In the future, Prana Air will be launching more advanced pollution masks which are suitable for athletes and those who spend most of their time outdoors. These kinds of masks can connect to a mobile application so that the user can know more about the air quality and the air which they are breathing. They will also launching advanced air quality monitors which can be used in homes, offices, schools, and any place where people spend most of their time. These monitors do not only focus on pollutants like PM2.5, which other monitors usually do. These monitors are focusing on specific pollutants which harm people’s health such as CO2, TVOC, NO2, O3, CO, and HCHO. These are all present in the air and are different kinds of gases or particles which need to be distinguished from PM2.5, which is only the size of a particle. By identifying specific pollutants, people can have a better understanding of their environment and make the changes needed to become safer.

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