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Qriyo makes it easy to find right tutor for right course!

If you are serious student searching for a right tutor for your academics, sports or hobby, try surfing Qriyo, the most innovative edutech startup in India and country’s first managed home tuition app (

After making waves in Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur, Qriyo, recently launched its operations in Mumbai, keeping Bengaluru as its next target.

Qriyo ( was founded in 2016 by two IIT Bombay alumni Rishabh Jain and Mudit Jain. The story behind the coming up of Qriyo is quite interesting. When Mudit was planning to do a yoga course, he searched online to find a capable yoga teacher. The search gave him dozens of phone numbers, some of which didnt respond, while some didn’t give fruitful responses. Many didnt want to come over to his house and others wanted a hefty sum of money. However, in this entire process, he realised that there is a problem and a solution to it was a must. Hence he started building a platform. And in January 2016, Qriyo was born offering over 400 courses in academics, co-curricular, extracurricular, and fitness activities. Qriyo has been backed by UAE based venture funds NB Ventures and Idein Ventures.

Till date, Qriyo has evaluated over 15,000 tutors and has served 5000+ students. They maintain 70% renewal rate and more then 90% first tutor match ratio. Qriyo brands its homes tutors as ‘Qriyo Gurusfor a host of lesson types which range from academic to creative to sports oriented.

All you need to do is to go to the platform, specify your requirements, your location etc and then approve the price that is shown to you. They do the rest and pretty soon, youre booked with a suitable tutor. Currently available in limited cities, Qriyo is looking to expand all over India pretty soon.

According to Mudit and Rishabh, they have a better alternate to all lead generation portals such as Urbanclap and Urbanpro.

Unlike other portals, a student just needs to raise a request via Qriyo App and most suitable tutor will be matched on standardized pricing. Students do not need to talk to many tutors or tuition agents, haggle for pricing and judge the subject knowledge. Their approach is extremely data driven, which helps in automating the complex match making of tutors and students.

Qriyo makes a perfect platform to ensure you get a right home tutor not only for academic studies but also for competitive Exams, Yoga, Music, Dance, Art & Crafts and Languages as well. It aims at building a brand of quality home tutors (Qriyo Gurus) in this $10 billion home tuition market which remains cluttered with small agencies and discovery platforms.

Spreading wings in Mumbai

Talking about Home Tuition market in Mumbai, Mudit Jain, CEO, Qriyo says, “Mumbai is one of the biggest market in terms of volume and penetration. The demand for quality tutors is high as people are willing to pay and provide personalised attention to kids. Mumbai is a market which has high regard for academics and skill development. Since most parents are working, they have limited time and want quick response. This is a perfect opportunity for Qriyo. We provide tutor in a tap, where customer is matched with perfect tutor without any hassle, that to on fixed price.”

Business Model

Qriyo does not sell leads to tutors or students. They work on transactional commission model and a one-time registration fee from customer. Students and tutors get wide range of tools to make their tuition more effective, such as evaluation test, progress report and attendance tracking.

Talking about quality of tutors and tutor selection, Rishabh says, “We have rigorous process of on-boarding tutors. Our system eliminates tutors with low subject knowledge, English proficiency and communication. The final selection rate is less than 20%. For Mumbai, we started on boarding tutors few months back and 1500+ tutors have registered with us. Once the tutor clears all required checks, they are matched to a tuition enquiry by our match making algorithm.”

The home tuition market in India is segmented between 2 channels, online lead generation aggregators and local tuition agencies. Companies like Urbanpro, Urbanclap, myprivatetutor etc are all competing in aggregator spaces. Hence, Qriyo is building a bridge between these two, building the best of both the worlds.



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