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Sorted AI, helping people organize their lives!

In today’s day and age, everyone is super busy! Juggling work, family, home, friends, socializing, personal interests & hobbies etc. and it gets difficult for most people. In this overwhelming array of activities, most of us have some time missed taking care of an important activity such as credit card payment, renewal of insurance policy, misplacing a document etc. And then we end up cribbing that there is so much to do and we don’t have enough time to do it. Everyone wants to save time, so that they can do more of what they love, be it work, spending time with family or anything else. But saving time isn’t as straight forward, it requires getting our lives more organized, planning where our time should be used, knowing the activities that suck our time & omitting/reducing those, work around a routine, make to-do-lists & prioritize activities on it etc. As boring as all of it may sound, these things are the only way to save time and spend it on things that matter the most.

Snehanshu Gandhi is one such person who always wanted to get better organized but always left the tasks for the ‘coming weekend’ (which never came!), because it was too boring & cumbersome to do. It took one unexpected event to shake him out of this perennial procrastination. There was a medical emergency in his family and he was not in town. In that situation, his family wasn’t even able to locate the health insurance document because he was the one who managed it for the family and hadn’t shared any information with the family. This triggered him to get his & his family’s documents organized and shared with the family members. He soon learnt that though he had now realized the importance of it, the task in itself still remained boring! All the tools that he found, including cloud storage apps as well as specialized document management solutions didn’t help anyway in reducing the effort required in getting stuff organized. The user still had to manually upload documents, properly tag them/ categorize them, extract important information such as an important date & setup reminder for it separately and the hardest part was to regularly update the repository with new documents. That’s when he felt that there needs to be a better solution to it, which can leverage the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and make this whole process effortless.

This thought eventually evolved into the idea of Sorted AI. Snehanshu then discussed it with Gaurav Shrishrimal, who was his co-founder at another start-up before, and Tamanjit Bindra who was the CTO of the other start-up founded by Snehanshu & Gaurav. Both Tamanjit & Gaurav, immediately echoed the thoughts that Snehanshu had about the whole issue and hence they decided to build further on this idea.

While researching around the idea, Sorted AI team came across some startling statistics. They found that in India currently over $2 Billion (₹15,000 Crore) were stuck in unclaimed life insurance amounts and similar or higher amounts are stuck in other investment categories. Primary reason for this was that after the demise of the policy holder, their families didn’t even know that a policy like that existed and they were assigned beneficiaries of that. To substantiate it further, Sorted AI team conducted a survey of their own to gauge the financial awareness & preparedness of women in India. The survey validated their hypothesis and it came out that more than 55% women in India had no clue about financial investments done by their husbands. Most of them acknowledged that they would struggle in an unexpected situation that their husbands were not around.

Not being involved in the financial decision making of the family can be a conscious choice as part of division of responsibilities in the family but not being aware of the financial health of the family leads to women being in a very vulnerable situation about their future.

Sorted AI’s smart document management solution addresses this by making it extremely easy for families to share documents amongst themselves as well as keep the documents updated. It helps families to keep track of important documents such as Insurances & Investments as well as other documents such as warranty documents for appliances, vehicle documents, medical documents etc. The AI engine of Sorted AI can automatically organize documents from across devices, cloud storages & emails. It can also automatically extract important information such as expiry dates, payment due dates etc. and alert the users at the right time. Sorted AI is available as an Android App as well as a web application (

While Sorted AI is at an early stage right now, the initial users have found the product highly useful and are raving about how Sorted AI magically finds out all the documents and organizes them, which sometimes the users themselves didn’t know existed in their phone or email. Built with Artificial Intelligence at the centre, Sorted AI is definitely a few notches above any existing solutions, be it cloud storages or email or any existing document management apps. It has been built with the idea that it will be the go-to-app for its users for anything and everything around their documents & personal information. Sorted AI team is beaming with ideas on how, in future, they want to build it out into a personal assistant which is much more than just playing music & switching on lights.

Sorted AI is on a mission to get people organized in every aspect of their lives by automating the boring & cumbersome tasks, so that they can focus on things that they really love to do, be it following a hobby or spending time with family. Building a global product out of India, Sorted AI team is confident of impacting lives of at least 10 million users in next 3 years.



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