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We all love to travel, however, while we enjoy the view there are a lot of compromises that we make and one of the most important and tiring one is to carry our luggage around during our transit periods only hoping that someday there would be a work-around. Well! looks like that is now, with the coming in of Bag2Bag.
Bag2Bag is the first of its kind app in India that provides customers feasibility to book Ministay hotels by hours with one-tap on the app. They provide Ministay at hotels by hours and luggage pick-up and drop-off service for your luggage with custom designed vehicle for safe storage.

Founded by Rupali, Gaurav, Anurag and Navdeep in the year 2016, Bag2Bag is based out of Bangalore. Rupali has previously worked as network consultant for 5 years in Cisco. Gaurav has worked as developer for 4 years in Cisco. Anurag has worked as Subject Matters Expert for 4 years in HP and Navdeep has worked as Assistant Professor in VJTI, Mumbai. They are a team of 4 founders, who have known each other for more than 20 years and have been working together since last 3 years. Rupali takes care of brand promotion/investment/branding partners and represents the startup at public forums. Gaurav heads all technical aspects, heads all teams, taking initiatives and heads marketing strategy and leads the team. Anurag heads operations, handling all legal issues, logistics and operational partners. Navdeep takes care of operations with Anurag and handles all aspects of sales and operations.
They are the one-stop solutions for business/corporates and individual customers providing them space for customized requirements like training, workshop, events, team outing and any other stay requirements for hourly basis/customized stay. They target to reduce the cost that corporates spend for stay and space related expenses on a day to day basis.
So, if you are bored as you have arrived early for your flight, Train or bus to your destination city and want to get insights of the city hassle-free but could not do so as you have your heavy luggage and don’t trust cloak rooms available at train station or bus stand or too lazy to deposit and pick up your luggage hence for customers feasibility ‘Bag2Bag’ is your friendly companion that allows users to book their luggage with a single tap on the app and the entire luggage will be hand picked up and delivered with full safety and security.

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