TripRethink unfolds the smartest way to save money on already booked hotel rooms

Bangalore: It is not uncommon to find deals and make hotel reservations online but did you ever feel that there was a better deal after you booked a hotel room? TripRethink, a Bangalore based startup is helping thousands of travelers to save money on already booked hotel rooms.
Hotels all over the world showcase different prices at various online platforms for similar as well as different type of rooms and these prices are always fluctuating, even once the rooms are being reserved. It is inequitable to pay a higher amount for a room that can be booked at a much lower cost. TripRethink’s noteworthy process fetches discounts on reserved hotel rooms without any additional offers or deals.
Romesh Jha, Founder of TripRethink commented that “It all started in 2017, when I overpaid for a hotel stay, even after booking it well in advance. The frustration led to development of a system that can catch the price drops. More than one-third of hotel reservations around the world experience price drop, even after the hotel reservation is made. Our platform monitors fluctuations in hotel prices across various websites and locks the lowest price and notifies to customer. TripRethink provides this service at no cost and all it takes is a booking confirmation email from the customer without signup to our portal”
“TripRethink’s mission is to save money even after hotel reservation is made and make sure you lock in at the lowest. Since different websites offer different discounts at different times, hotel prices across online platforms are always fluctuating and hence it is virtually impossible for an individual to track prices everyday till the best price is found” added Mr. Jha.
How does it work?

  • Forward: Book a hotel across any website under the free cancellation policy and forward reservation confirmation email to [email protected]
  • Relax: Intelligent tracking system constantly monitors the price fluctuations of an already booked hotel room across various websites till check-in date and notify when price drop is detected.
  • Save More: Customer can choose rebook the same hotel room for the lowest price available while cancelling the old overpaid booking.

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