5 Reasons why SSD is better than HDD | Which is Better for you?

Technical advancements have always been the best for achieving high end standards. That holds true in the case of the computing world as well. Computers have been going through a huge innovation and SSD or Solid State Drive has been one of the excellent options that provide you access to a very high end experience. But, why is SSD better than HDD? Let us try analyzing and finding five reasons why SSD is better than HDD.

What is SSD?

SSD stands for Solid State Drive. It provides you access to a higher degree of productivity enhancement and better quality as long as user experience is concerned.

The SSD has no moving parts and provides you with a faster access time. It makes use of the NAND flash memory making it one of the prime options for an improved experience ever. The memory chips used in the SSDs are equivalent to the one on RAM.

5 Reasons why SSD is better than HDD

Having understood what is an SSD and how it can improve the experience for the users, how about checking out a few reasons why SSD is better than HDD.

The speed

An SSD provides you access to a faster user experience. The access time of the disc is quite high and this also provides you access to a faster read and write speed. It can be a great option and indeed built to last for almost all your needs in gaming and all other requirements.

An SSD can provide a better degree of performance to the users when it comes to the best performance for the business users. With SSD, you can experience sequential read and write speeds of 550 and 520 Megabytes per second.

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The lower energy consumption

If you are working on a laptop, you would want your system to be quite an energy efficient. The HDDs available these days have been designed to come with compatibility, but there is a limit to the functionality and energy efficiency of an HDD.

An SSD invariably consumes less power than an HDD. It can consume around 4 Watts. Even when there are more chips used, you will not find the energy consumption exceeding 18 Watts. Since there are no spinning parts and platter, you will find it offering a reduced electricity bill in the case of a desktop and more battery backup in the case of a laptop.

Improved Durability

The SSD comes with no moving parts. This will make it less prone to damages. This can ensure better reliability and an increased level of durability.

When you compare them to the HDDs, they are less vulnerable to damage from drops, vibrations, and other types of accidents.

Heat generation

Once again, the lack of moving parts on the SSD would make it one of the prime options for almost all your needs in an improved and enhanced experience when it comes to a great degree of heat performance.

SSDs work in the same way as flash memory. This will make the SSDs generate less heat. This will help you increase the lifespan and durability of the SSD further. Moreover, it will not be affected by magnetism as well.

Improved access time

SSDs come with an access time that is considerably lesser than that for the HDDs. You will find that the access time offered by an SSD is around 35 to 100 microseconds. That should be around 100 times faster than that on an HDD.

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This will signify that your programs will run more quickly enough. This can be a great advantage as your SSD can access a huge amount of data such as the files associated with your operating system really faster enough. In sharp contrast, an HDD takes around 5000 to 10000 microseconds to access the data files.

In essence, except for the price, you will find the SSDs offering you an enhanced experience in a great performance characteristic ever. An SSD is a great option in almost all scenarios and emerges as a clear winner. Under the ideal conditions, it would be a good idea to use the SSD for your operating system and the programs that you tend to access more frequently. For the rest of the applications and data, it would be a good idea to make use of the HDDs.

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