Humanity Over Religion Is What The Country Needs Right Now.

How can the people in uniform turn so vicious to their fellow human beings that in the end, they kill a person? Power corrupts and power kills your own soul! 

With the death of George Floyd, people have started talking about the police brutality which the people face. thousands of people are out on the streets and are condemning this act done by the police. If people of the United States can do so then so can the Indians. But the mean issue which arises in India is that police brutality is considered right on moral grounds. We have seen plenty of celebrities and notable people talk about the issue which happened in Minneapolis, where were these people when students were beaten up by the police outside universities, five muslim men were thrashed by the police officers in broad daylight in the capital of the country, migrant workers were being beaten up by the police etc? 

31 people lost their lives during the CAA protests. But to us, the pictures from Minneapolis came in the newspaper and no one talked about those 31 lives. 

If people can comment about black lives matter, they must understand that in India there is no black and white. Rather there is racial discrimination on grounds of one’s religion and the caste they pertain to. You might be a Dalit, SC, ST or a Muslim, you won’t be treated the way a human should be treated. Researchers have shown that if a person is Muslim in India, he or she is automatically assumed to be a criminal. Now the whole point is that all the stereotypes must be broken up and people who are speaking about black lives matter must also realize that they are just being hypocrites and not talking about their own nation. You may be all in for development, but develop your own country first and then speak for the others. Celebrities such as Kareena Kapoor Khan and Priyanka Chopra have shared messages about George Floyd but what our question is that where were these people win millions of Indians were walking home on foot?

In India, it is often seen that the police gets away with murder and killings. They are seen as the biggest inspiration for truth and justice. It is astonishing to know that if the police officers of the United States of America which is the best nation in the world are facing the charges of violence, India can have that too. People need to open their eyes and believe that there is a huge difference between idolizing someone and understanding the truth behind that person. 

The people in power must realize that they cannot get away with everything. In one of our previous articles, we covered the report about the PM cares fund and the fund not being audited. Where are the people who were promoting this fund now? If the fund is clearly not being audited and it cannot be made public, there seems to be something wrong with it.

The whole point of this is that we need to widen our thought process and understand that every person who is in power and has the power to influence everyone’s mind may not be right all the time. At times, these people create the biggest chaos in the nation.


The whole world is preparing for a vaccine meanwhile in Gujarat, medicines are being developed from cows. Cows are considered to be the auspicious animals of India but where has the science and the knowledge of the people gone?

The Mumbai police have issued an order that no one can criticize the government (Gag Order). If the government is not open to criticism, how will they know about the issues that exist in the country? Sitting inside AC chambers with a lot of money does not really tell you the reality of life and what is happening to the people. People are dying in the dreams which are set up by the government, they are dying of hunger and they are dying because no one cares for them.

Various students have been arrested during the time of the lockdown who were accused of being associated with the protests happening in Delhi. Their judicial custody has been increased by 30 days. Where are the people now who comment about black lives matter? Every life matters and not just black life. The first step towards eradicating racism is to correct your own steps and accept the fact that a flaw exists in the system. The funny part is that the court granted bail to the students but the police jailed them again with some other accusations. The police are not always right. We should stop giving them the power of putting us behind the bars whenever the situation is not in their favor.


Just because the people of the states are raising their voice against police brutality, maybe people in India will open their eyes now and understand that blind bhakts are not what the country needs right now. 

People need to realize that the whole country is in an abusive relationship with the government. It makes you believe that something is wrong with yourself if you look at the case of the students, they were told that they have been booked on legal grounds but the court granted them bail and after that the police again arrested them.

In the middle of all this there is one example that will actually open your mind about police brutality. If tomorrow my boss tells me that I have to shoot rubber bullets and throw tear gas at the people protesting for racism, I would simply quit my job and do something that is needed in my life to protect our country. So if the police were given orders by the government to create havoc in the city, the police could have questioned it rather than simply following the orders.

Rabindranath Tagore said that patriotism cannot be your final shelter. A refuge must be found in humanity and there is nothing above humanity which is prevalent. Dalit lives matter, Adivasi lives matter, poor people’s lives matter and so does every Muslim life. They are the citizens of the country and moreover they are humans. 

When the Delhi incident happened and Muslims were killed because of police brutality, these cops had the right and the audacity to tell the entire country and the world that in India police officers can get away with murder. Everyone hailed at them and called them heroes and media sources didn’t report it. 

The construction of Ram Mandir has started in Ayodhya. Chants of “Ram Naam Satya Hai” can be clearly heard from people. At the end of the day if the people are not left in the country, who will pray in this mandir? 

We need to rise above religion and considered humanity as the new moral ground for justice. Religious freedom needs to come to India and the people who have the power, the celebrities, the government need to take charge of what is happening in the country.


Migrant workers were run over by a train and a few of them died. Many people said which sane person sleeps on the railway tracks? The answer to this is the kind of person who has no other choice and has no other house. Blaming the dead or dying is like victim-blaming. This is a clear cut case when people refuse to understand that there are people in the country who do not have money.

We are simply asking you to ask questions from the government and not hate them. Demand answers to things that affect you directly. If you do not have any care for the poor, you might be incapable of emotional issues. But holding the authority is accountable for data about the number of cases, the use of the PM cares fund is necessary for you and necessary for the country. Asking the government to stop police brutality, provide PPE kits for the doctors is necessary for your own survival. You are safe in this country till the time you are not being targeted.

Safoora Jargar, a student of the Jamia University who is pregnant, was booked under UAPA and is lodged in the Tihar Jail during the pandemic and he has been denied bail. All these people are booked under sedition. Youth wing leaders cannot speak their mind but people in power can do things which are not even thought of.

Students were picked up from their houses and they did not know anything about the charges being put on them, Muslims were killed when they were out on the streets to buy vegetables, migrant workers died on the train. No one thought that this would happen to them but it did. Speak for them and speak for the betterment. Black lives matter, yes. So does the life of every other minority in India.

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