BRICS Nations Vouch for Environment Improvement & Creating Circular Economy to Fight Against COVID-19

BRICS Nations Vouch for Environment Improvement & Creating Circular Economy to Fight Against COVID-19

The spread of coronavirus has crippled the outstanding agendas of all major diplomatic and economic organizations. One such hard to achieve agenda would be the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), that the BRICS nations have called for immediate action on the environment conservation and the revival of economies for the welfare of their respective nations.

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The focus of the BRICS nation is on the goals that were based on the environmental degradation and the cooperation within these states for the growth of their economies. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has brought some unprecedented changes in the agendas of BRICS, where on one hand the deteriorating environment needs attention, the revival of the economy has become a bigger and graver concern.

For fulfilling the agendas, a meeting of environment ministers of the BRICS nations was organized through video conferencing. The BRICS nations include Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The meeting was organized under the presidency of the Russian counterpart.

The video conference is attributed to the sixth Environmental Ministers’ Meeting. The meeting’s primary concern was the danger that COVID-19 has posed for the world and the redevelopment of the economies. The member countries have expressed great concern over the social impacts and economic stagnation due to the COVID-19 outbreak. They have also expressed considerable interest in employment generation as the COVID-19 has raised the rate of unemployment all over the world.

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Additionally, the BRICS leaders have also said that the outbreak of COVID might change the course and development of the BRICS nations. They have also expressed concern over the impact that COVID-19 would have on Sustainable Development and the goals in the agenda 2030. As it would certainly take a long period to assess the dangers that COVID has brought and will gradually bring. The combat with the contagion might disrupt the long-term goal of agenda 2030.

The heightened fear of the contagion has brought social vulnerabilities resulting in poor metal health and significant job layoff. This layoff and job loss have worst affected the informal sector of the economy of all the nations and it will take some time to cater to the needs of this section of society too.

The Indian Representative and Minister, Prakash Javdekar stressed the need to implement the proposed initiatives under BRICS and the requested speedy implementation for BRICS MoU. Talking about India’s environmental initiatives, he said that India has been working hard for sustainable urban management, tackling marine litter, air pollution, and the cleaning of rivers. The minister also said that India truly believes in equity, shared responsibility and technological partnerships are the focal points towards the working of global goals of climate change mitigation and adaption. He said that India is leading on the path that the Paris Agreement has laid down for the world.

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The panel also acknowledged that the need for initiatives to improve the environment, promote the economy, and make it sustainable. The focus would also be laid on sustainable modes of production and consumption of national economy amongst the BRICS nations as a mark of economic growth.

The BRICS nation also emphasized the assistance of the developed nation for climate finance to a developed nation. The BRICS nations also noted that due to the raging pandemic the UNFCCC conference in wake with the Paris Agreement has also been rescheduled to November. Javdekar also urged the BRICS nations for active participation in the causes of BRICS.

promoting and protecting health through the unfccc

India will get the BRICS presidency in 2021.

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