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It is a widely accepted fact that sales is one of the toughest jobs in the market. Even with technology that promises to make life easier for everyone, we find that a huge portion of salespeople are still extremely busy, anxious, and stressed.

First of all, there is a very significant question that is making sales guys nervous: Will Sales Technology make Salespeople obsolete in this age of automation?

The answer is simple: other than some lower skilled sales profiles, the technology cannot make salespeople redundant. The reason? Technology can never replace humans in building and nurturing relationships that are crucial to making sales. This is why the best salespeople are only going to get more important in the digital future. After all, even with technology, you need brains to think about closing the deal with the potential client.

For example, technology can deliver a beautiful ecommerce customer experience which can persuade customers to buy a pair of jeans. But when selecting a fintech payments system to a huge bank requires more than UI. Relationship development is important to influence complex buying decisions. This is why salespeople should be focused on developing skills that will help them achieve their sales targets.



It is important to remember that at the end of the day, technology is solving a lot of issues in everyday life. Moreover, all customers today are digital customers. Which means that they are looking to be engaged where they are comfortable. Sustainable growth for any company depends on a structured sales process that can turn relationships into revenue.

This process has to be scalable and has to be supported by simple, easy-to-use technology that can optimize results. Otherwise, salespeople can waste a lot of time in managing admin responsibilities rather than actually selling!

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It is this concern that Yatharth Marketing Solutions addresses. Training and coaching for the new age sales people need to be a new age too. Companies are embracing digital transformation with full enthusiasm, so they have to ensure that their sales teams are recalibrated to the new sales function. YMS brings these sales teams up to speed, ensuring that they understand what concepts like AI, data, and insights mean, and why they are crucial. With YMS’ digital age sales, participants understand the framework of social selling.

YMS’ sales training teams actually bring the focus back to the basic traits of good sales – responsibility, commitment, accountability, and self-driven motivation that is always a hallmark of a great salesperson. All with the digital tools necessary to improve the productivity of each member, and the team as a whole.

It is a shame that even in this day and age, traditional sales training companies are continuing long-held practices, training sessions that were only relevant before the millennium, and are imparting skills that are just not sufficient to enhance the productivity of today’s salespeople. YMS believes that this is not only unprofitable but is actually deterring participants from performing to their capacity. That is why, YMS sales consulting considers various aspects such as retail sales, economy, employment, entrepreneurship skills, etc. They focus on equipping their clients with skills that will have a direct, strong impact on sales. Each participant will receive critical skills to motivate the client and help them understand how a particular product or service can benefit them. After all, it is this approach, where the customer understands the need to make the purchase, that makes for the best deals.

About Yatharth Marketing Solutions:

Yatharth Marketing Solutions is a leading online sales training company for corporate organizations and individuals to increase revenue and returns. With carefully designed training modules and customized programmes, YMS has quickly become one of the best training consulting firm. For more information about the company and services, visit:

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