EMPOWERING WOMEN:According to a McKinsey Global Institute report “Only 25% of India’s labor force is female.” And the same scenario continues in the automobile industry too. In recent times, several studies have highlighted that women are better manager than men. So, automobile companies have started to emphasize on women empowerment and diminishing the male and female parity in their workforce.  

Scope of Women Empowerment in India

As today’s women are more aggressive, risk taker and opportunity seeker, there is a huge scope of women employment in Automobile Industry. Several Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have come out with programs to diminish the gender parity. Along with Human Resource & data management department, shop floor has been highlighted as key areas for women employment.    

Situation of Women from 1947 till 2020

Automobile industry has been a male driven industry due to involvement of intensive manual labour. However, situation is improving gradually as many leading corporations have focussed on women empowerment and brought out several programs for that. Traditionally, female staff has been deployed in white collar jobs, especially in Human Resource and data management department. Similarly, proportion of women in top management is still not encouraging. And the scenario is almost same across all industries. According to data of March 2019 from Prime Database, only 3% top executives are women in NSE-listed companies.

What more could be done for women empowerment

Along with formal education, development of soft and entrepreneurship skill programs have to be carried out in an efficient way for better employment opportunities and boosting start-up eco-system for financial security. More importantly, safe and comfortable working environment will further encourage women in the male driven automobile industry.

Shriram Automall’s initiatives on women empowerment

Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL), the largest platform for pre-owned vehicles & equipment, has implemented following initiatives for women empowerment.

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  • Shriram Automall has deployed over 40% women employees in its Head Office.
  • The company has never made any discrimination over gender – neither on pay scale nor on opportunity.
  • The company has deployed two women Business Heads out of total six across India.
  • The company has implemented strong policies to provide a safe and comfortable working environment to women.
  • The company has introduced a complete department with women employees only. The company launched all women customer service team in 2018. Currently, over 60 customer service executives (who all are women) are working at Automalls across India.
  • The company also provides education scholarship to all students irrespective of their gender to help them to study without any intervention to blossom as empowered people in their future endeavours.
  • The company also collect regular feedback to make it a great place to work for women

Shriram Automall’s plan for empowering women

As a company, Shriram Automall intends to further bridge the gap on gender parity by recruiting more female employees. Expansion of customer service team to over 100 members would like to happen to make the all women team more strong and empowered.

Women Empowerment: 5 Ways Your Business Can Help


About Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL):


Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL), an ISO 9001:2015 certified company isi’s first ever service provider to offer a well-organised and transparent platform for exchange of pre-owned commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, construction equipment, tractors, agricultural equipment, three wheelers and two wheelers.


SAMIL is a part of Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited (STFC) and MXC Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. which runs both and, India’s leading online auto marketplace. Every month, SAMIL conducts 3,000+ bidding events through its well-structured physical and online platforms, making it India’s Largest Offline and Online Vehicles Transaction Platform.

The company provides online vehicle transaction services through &, vehicle inspection & valuation facility through its 100% subsidiary Adroit Auto, the best car buying & selling experience with innovative technology through BlueJack and industrial auction of properties, plant & machinery, commodities and scrap/salvage/surplus assets through

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SAMIL has been conferred with over 20 nationally recognized awards. In a brief span of over eight years, SAMIL Group has served 17,00,000+ customers by conducting 90,000+ bidding events at 86+ Automalls & 150+ bidding locations in India and transacted 15,00,000+ transactions worth 25,000+ crore. Presently, SAMIL gets over 8,00,000+ listing yearly on its platforms.

By: Sameer Malhotra, Director & CEO, Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL)

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