How to Make your Instagram Account more Visible

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users, and more than 500 million of them use the application daily. Therefore, every account that manages to maximize its reach has the potential to get a huge following. However, this is not an easy task as the competition is high.
The first thing you need to do to make your account more visible to other users is to visit, which is the best site to buy Instagram likes. Then, you need to follow the tips you will find below to extend your account’s reach.

1 Upload High-Quality Content
This is a simple rule that applies to any social media platform you use. If you want your content to be noticed, you have to make sure that it looks the best. On Instagram, users are mostly looking at the visual part of the post, and so, your photos need to look professional and have high quality. To achieve this, you need to pick carefully the stock images that you use to create your posts or you need to invest in a good camera. No matter what you choose, a high-quality picture will get rewarded with a lot of likes.

However, even if you post high-quality content, the key to getting Instagram algorithm notice you is having a considerable amount of followers, and well, we know hard that achievement can be. There are a few companies that can get you fake followers, but they’re not as safe as effective as they claim to be. Case in point- Social Boost, who is just another Instagram bot service, sadly. So it is suggested to go for renowned and reviewed services instead.

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#2 Post at Least Once per Day
By now, you have probably heard that you should post frequently on Instagram and the rest of the social media. Nevertheless, consistency is more important than the number of posts per day. This means that you can just publish one photo each day and your account will find a large audience. However, you need to be sure that the time you post this one picture is when your desired audience logs in to the platform. Moreover, your one post per day will benefit a lot if you visit the best site to buy Instagram likes, which is none other than

#3 Use the Right Hashtags

The use of hashtags is mandatory on Instagram. Without these tools, your account will remain hidden and no-one will ever find your posts. Thus, every post should include at least some hashtags. There are many theories as to how many of them you should include on your posts, even though Instagram lets you write up to 30 hashtags. A clever idea is to incorporate in your posts both general and some niche hashtags. This way, you can reach out to a large and a specialized audience at the same time.

#4 Collaborate with Influencers
This is a common practice among every social media user. If you want to let more users discover your account, you need to partner with the right people. Influencers are users who have gathered a large number of followers that trust and support them. Therefore, if an influencer gives you a shoutout, then his followers will visit your account. If they like your content, they will also follow you. For this reason, it is important to collaborate with influencers in the same niche as you.

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#5 Tag Accounts on your Posts
A simple and effective way to maximize your posts’ reach is to tag various powerful accounts. As you can see in the image above, this user has tagged Etsy, 5-minute crafts, and Bright Side among others, which are all accounts with millions of followers. When you do that, your post will immediately appear on the other account’s profile. Nevertheless, you should pick carefully the accounts you want to tag as you want to reach a relevant audience. Before you do that, don’t forget to boost your post by visiting, the best site to buy Instagram likes.

#6 Try an Instagram Live
Lately, more and more influencers are discovering the powers of an Instagram live. With this type of content, you get closer to your existing audience and you let other users find you. Before you do the Instagram live, make sure that you have prepared an outline so that you always know what to talk about. Moreover, you can promote the live beforehand, by posting a well-designed and eye-catching story. Then, after the completion of the live, you can upload it on your IGTV, where users can easily find it whenever they want.

#7 Post Stories Frequently
In recent years, stories are a big social media trend. Every user posts at least one story every day to let his following know what he’s up to. Some users even prefer to post stories rather than actual pictures on Instagram. Therefore, if you want to reach more users, you need to post more stories. Of course, to make them more visible, you will also need to use some hashtags.

#8 Get your Followers to Like and Comment on your Posts
One thing you need to remember about Instagram is that it recommends content that has a lot of engagement. This means that if your posts have a lot of likes and comments, then it is more likely that it will end up at the explore section of Instagram. To increase your likes and comments, you need to ask your audience to do so. Moreover, you can ask them questions relevant to your post that they need to answer. However, the simplest way to increase your engagement is to visit the best site to buy Instagram likes, which is

#9 Try Different Types of Content
Another way to reach out to various new users is to post different types of content. You can try posting funny memes, selfies, landscapes, cityscapes, outfits, and whatever you think will be interested in your desired audience. Some types of content will be more successful than others, so you should prefer to post them more often.

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#10 Post Some Video Content
If you haven’t done so already, you need to start posting more video content. Instagram users have started to show a preference for videos and so many creators have started posting them. As you can on the image above, 5-minute crafts is posting both short 60-second videos and content on IGTV.
All of the above tips will maximize the reach of your account and make it more visible. Make your efforts more effective by visiting, the best site to buy Instagram likes.

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