The Dark Web is the hub of criminal attacks as it provides anonymity and acts as a gateway to the world of crime. The below mentioned are the:

Major crimes that occur over the Dark Web

Drug trafficking:

The dark web is an unlawful marketplace for selling illegal and harmful drugs in exchange for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum, ripple, and others. The dark web’s largest darknet market, which was started by a Canadian, was shut down by the U.S Police. Silk Road was also one of the famous marketplaces for illegal drugs and unlicensed pharmaceuticals.

the dark web

In 2013, the FBI shut down this website. Agora is another website that was shut down last year. Alpha Bay is now the world’s largest drug marketplace. Drug marketplaces include Dream Market, Valhalla, and Wall Street Market, among others. Several similar websites for illicit drug promotion and purchasing may be found on the Dark Web.

Human Trafficking:

the dark web

Black Death is a location on the dark web where human trafficking occurs. The British model Chloe Ayling is a victim of human trafficking on the Dark Web. In a 2017 survey, most human trafficking survivors were recruited for sex trafficking and labor trafficking. According to some sources, the Dark Web has aided in the concealment of this crime. Black Death is a dark web group that operates through often changing URLs.

Information leakage:

the dark web

Many anonymity-supporting networks, such as TOR, are powerful tools for whistleblowers, activists, and law enforcement. The Dark Web may also be used by hackers to disclose critical information. Similarly, in 2017, around 1.4 billion personal information was disclosed in plain text on the dark web and was freely available on the internet. Even dark web hubs pay employees to expose company secrets.

Child Pornography:

According to the survey, child pornography drives the highest traffic to TOR’s hidden sites. It is difficult for the typical user to locate such locations. It is an act in which children are used for sexual excitement and minors are abused during sexual actions. It also contains sexual photos of children from pornography.

the dark web

Lolita City, a site with roughly 15,000 subscribers, has recently been shut down because it included over 100 GB of photographs and videos of child pornography. The FBI shut down PLAYPEN in 2015, which had over 200,000 users and was possibly the largest child pornography site on the whole dark web.


the dark web

Tor-like platforms’ anonymity leaves its users vulnerable to assault. They must bookmark the TOR page to ensure they are on the legitimate site. In the instance of website proxying, the scammer dupes the user into believing he is on the genuine page and then re-edits the link to redirect the user to his scam URL. When the user pays in crypto-currency, the money is sent to the fraudster instead.

Frauds Carding:

The theft and selling of a user’s credit card credentials and personal information are referred to as fraud. It is the most prevalent sort of crime on the Dark Web. Several factors contribute to the popularity of this scam on the Dark Web. Credit and debit cards are available for purchase on darknet marketplaces.

the dark web

These websites have numerous URLs that all lead to the same page. Vendors from various forums publish advertisements in which they describe what they have. The mixed media outlets also provide live conversation. Vendors sell cards at a lesser cost. Carding fraud is also a risk on several money transfer services.

Bitcoins scam:

the dark web

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency on the dark web. It also makes sense as a currency for cybercriminals. Such crimes include proxying and onion cloning. According to Europol officials, the DD4BC organization first blackmailed victims through email with a DDoS assault unless a bitcoin ransom was paid. The emergence of Bitcoin coincides with the rise of cyber-terrorists on the dark web.

Arms trafficking:

the dark web

It refers to a platform for illegal arms trafficking. According to RAND Corporation research, the dark web is expanding the availability of firearms at comparable costs to those seen on the streets for illicit markets. It has also been discovered that Europe is the primary source of weapons. The Dark Web has evolved into a haven for criminal groups and terrorists.

Onion cloning:

Cloning onions is a proxy method. The scammer duplicates the original site or page and changes the links to send the user to their scammed sites to make money from the user.

Contract killers:

The dark web is also a platform for hiring hitmen. It is a platform where a professional killer can be employed. Once, the hacker named ‘brand’ breached the website of BesaMafa and leaked its contents online. The leaked content contains user accounts, personal messages,38 hit-orders, and a folder consisting of nearly 200 victim’s pictures.

the dark web

Some of the murder-for-hire groups include Unfriendly Solutions, Hitmen Network, and C’thulhu. Unfriendly Solution accepts the payment in bitcoins only. Hitmen Network, which claims to be a trio of contract killers working in the United States, Canada, and the European Union, offers a commission for referring them to their friends.


Red Room sites are where people pay hundreds of dollars to watch streaming murders, rapes, child pornography, and various types of torture. They cannot be accessed using TOR if they exist since TOR is too sluggish for broadcasting live videos. Some accounts claim that visitors of a pedophile website paid a large sum of money to see footage of Scully’s assault and torture of a young child.

the dark web

It was a show created by Scully’s firm, No Limits Fun (NLF). Daisy’s Destruction, one of his highly discussed movies on the site, was not a sniffed film but included actual sexual assault and horrible mistreatment of a bit of kid. It was aired on pedophile sites known as ‘Hurtcore,’ where pedophiles watch torture or abuse of infants and newborns.

Revenge porn:

the dark web

The dissemination of sexual photographs and videos of someone without their consent is known as revenge porn. Many websites have been decommissioned. When it comes to the surface web, Google has already deleted revenge porn from its search results. Pink Meth’s site was formerly on the surface web before moving to the dark web. It enables users to contribute material anonymously. Pink Meth is now being confiscated.

edited and proofread by: nikita sharma

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