McKinsey To Slash 2,000 Jobs In Latest Cost-Cutting Drive.

McKinsey & Co. intends to cut around 2,000 jobs. According to a report, the action, which is part of a plan known as Project Magnolia, is supposed to aid McKinsey in maintaining the reward pool for its partners.

McKinsey To Slash 2,000 Jobs In Latest Cost-Cutting Drive


  • McKinsey, the global consulting giant, is set to axe 2,000 jobs in what could be one of its most significant rounds of cuts to date.
  • The move comes as the company seeks to streamline its operations and focus on high-growth areas, leaving some employees feeling uncertain about their futures.
  • The job cuts at McKinsey are a sign of the challenges that the consulting industry is currently facing.

The renowned management consulting firm McKinsey & Company recently disclosed that it would be eliminating 2,000 employees internationally. One of the largest rounds of layoffs the organisation has ever done, this action has shocked the consulting sector. This action by McKinsey, a longtime leader within the consulting industry, is viewed as proof that even well-established companies are resistant to the challenges of a fast-evolving business environment.

The initiative, which is part of a larger plan known as Project Magnolia, is expected to help McKinsey keep its partner compensation at the same level, as stated in the report. Since the company’s personnel has increased quickly over the past ten years, it is considering reorganising its support teams’ structure to centralise some of the jobs.

What Led To The Job Cuts?


The COVID-19 epidemic has significantly impacted the consulting sector due to organisations’ reduced spending and increased attention to their core competencies. In accordance with clients’ efforts to save costs, McKinsey has experienced a fall in demand for its services.

The business has also had to contend with more competition from competing consulting companies, many of whom have been able to provide comparable services for less money. These considerations forced McKinsey to make some difficult decisions about its staff. Along with the 2,000 jobs that will be eliminated, the business will alter its operations and cut back on the number of consultants it recruits annually.

When it comes to supporting and growing with the firm, “we are redesigning the way our non-client-serving teams function for the first time in over a decade,” company spokeswoman DJ Carella said in an email. Carella argued that the company is still employing experts who work closely with clients. McKinsey currently has 45,000 employees, up from 17,000 in 2012 and 28,000 just five years ago.

Those knowledgeable of the situation acknowledged that the plan would likely be finalised in the coming weeks, and the number of layoffs may alter. Bob Sternfels took over as the company’s global managing partner two years ago after its roughly 650 senior partners voted to fire Kevin Sneader from the post.

In more global layoff news, the 17,000-person German online fashion store Zalando confirmed a report that it would be laying off hundreds of employees. The corporation stated in a statement that “during the last few years, some elements of our company have developed too much, and we have introduced a level of complexity to our organisation that hampered our capacity to move quickly.”

Businesses across various sectors, such as finance, retail, and particularly technology, are reducing their workforces in the face of sluggish demand and recessionary projections. Many companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Del, have recently let go of thousands of people worldwide and in India across various positions.


Other big banks, including Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., and others, have also fired staff members in recent months. According to the layoff tracking website Layoffs, over 84,400 employees were put off in just 268 organisations in January, and at least 22,800 people were affected in 104 companies in February. Before this, enterprises in India and throughout the world in 2017 had the highest number of tech layoffs in November 2022, affecting almost 51,800 employees.

How Does This Affect The Consultancy Industry?

The employment losses at McKinsey demonstrate the difficulties the consulting sector is currently experiencing. Businesses are less ready to invest in outside consultants as they seek to reduce expenses and concentrate on their core competencies. As a result, there has been a reduction in the demand for consulting services, which has forced companies like McKinsey to lower their prices to stay competitive.

At the same time, the consulting sector is dealing with more competition from businesses that can frequently provide comparable services for less money. This has made it more challenging for well-established companies like McKinsey to maintain their market position and has caused a wave of industry mergers and employee layoffs.

What Does McKinsey’s Future Hold?


Despite its difficulties, McKinsey continues to be one of the most renowned consulting organisations in the world. The business is known for its creativity and excellence, and in the past, it has been able to adapt to shifting business situations. McKinsey will probably be able to weather the current storm and emerge more vital than ever with the appropriate initiatives in place.

The business will need to take the initiative to overcome the obstacles it encounters. This could entail creating new service offerings that better meet the needs of its customers as well as investigating new markets and geographical areas that present chances for expansion. Since its employees are its most valuable resource, McKinsey will also need to keep investing in them.

The employment losses at McKinsey & Company demonstrate the difficulties that the consulting sector is currently experiencing. Businesses are less ready to invest in outside consultants as they seek to reduce expenses and concentrate on their core competencies.

To be competitive, McKinsey will need to approach these difficulties in a proactive manner and will probably need to create new service offerings, investigate new markets and areas, and keep investing in its personnel. McKinsey will probably be able to weather the current storm and emerge more vital than ever with the appropriate initiatives in place.

Edited by Prakriti Arora

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