Modi Announced Lockdown in 2020 when there were only 600 cases but despite 1,80,000+ daily cases this year, no lockdown is announced, are elections more important that putting the entire country in risk?

With the announcement of the 2020 lockdown due to the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in India, everything stopped working. The economy hit the bottom barrel, and several trades and working institutions also halted their working process. The ill-planned lockdown by Modi government made several people lost their jobs, several migrant workers face a lot of traveling issues, and the list goes on… The problem here is the not-so-well-planned lockdown which made the lives of several citizens miserable. Still, now, when the citizens themselves are demanding yet another lockdown, the government is doing the “bare-minimum” just to cover the things up.

India is recording nearly 2 lakh cases every day making it the 2nd worst-hit country with COVID-19, and if the things will go as it is, in no time we will see India surpassing USA in COVID-19 severity as our population is relatively more prominent than that of the USA and medical facilities is still underdeveloped. When the country needs a stricter step in preventing yet another massacre, the government is busy doing election rallies and organizing religious gatherings, risking citizens’ lives. Are these elections going to prove beneficial in any means if the citizens themselves are endangered by the deadly virus, and students are forced to be locked inside their homes and not receiving a quality education?

The resurgence of COVID-19 pandemic, but with more intensity

There should be no safe havens for those who betray country: PM Modi | India News,The Indian Express

When will the Coronavirus end? This question is perhaps the most searched by the people on the web. Just when everything thought that the pandemic has almost come to an end, hoping to go back to their everyday lives, the COVID-19 came back but with being more deadly! The UK and South African variants of the viruses spread in India faster and are causing a lot of critical problems. Hospital beds are running short.

There are no enough oxygen ventilators for the patients resulting in the death of people in huge numbers. The government of different states has introduced night curfews and weekend curfews that will not do much since the people mostly go out during the day. Several experts have recommended a 15-day lockdown to break the virus’s chain, but the government doesn’t seem to care much and conduct their election rallies carelessly.

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With more than one new coronavirus infection per day, India took first place in the world earlier this week. The figure is higher than the previous high figure reached in mid-September 2020. Freedom from the country due to a drop in the number of cases since September 2020 has taken the place of increasing concern over the current rapid increase. Experts are looking for answers to why these cases have fallen so far back in mid-September 2020 and why they have risen sharply now since mid-February, despite an ongoing vaccination campaign. What are the lessons of policymakers?

Two things are now clear. Firstly, we do not understand enough about the virus, and secondly that we will not stop monitoring for now, even if the number of infections decreases and the vaccine increases. Many European countries have had to use the lock despite ongoing vaccinations. The situation in Brazil has worsened, with the number of cases and deaths rising to record levels. The UK and US have been vaccinating their citizens immediately and are now lowering pre-existing restrictions in stages. Employment in the US has seen a comeback.

Election rallies happening amidst the severe pandemic: Does the Modi government really care about its citizens?

The resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused everyone to suffer, from business people to migrant workers. Hospital beds are running short, graveyards are also running short, gardeners and sweepers are forced to vaccinate the people, migrant workers started to leave cities yet again, hotels are being converted into make-shift hospitals, but the government is busy doing election rallies and spread propaganda among people.

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In Bengal, TMC has crossed all the limits of decency in election rallies. From killing hundreds of innocent people to spreading propaganda to barely even caring to follow the COVID-19 protocols while campaigning, the situation worsens. Nevertheless, the central government is not acknowledging the current situation of the country. Vaccines are also going short and stolen, but every other party is busy rallying rather than helping their people. People vote for the government to work on the issues, and the COVID being the crucial one, no one is working but just spreading lies.

In a country where thousands of people are losing their lives and income source daily, the only ray of hope that the citizen looks upon is the policymakers or the government. After shutting down the first surgery late last year, Indian leaders are lowering their vigilance. They also allow or encourage risky behaviors, undermine the virus, and open up the economy more quickly, and in general, experts say.

A few days after the provincial health minister announced the outbreak of India’s COVID-19 at the end of January, Mumbai reopened its vast network of trains, and authorities allowed tens of thousands of visitors to international cricket stadiums. Be it Rahul, Mamta, Modi aur Shah, and nobody seems to care about the country’s current situation.

The “seriousness” regarding the situation

As the situation is getting worse day by day, this new outbreak took place despite a year of awareness of the need to cry out for Covid’s ethical behavior and the attainment of multiple Covid policies. The negligent management of a government-run vaccination program – with many declarations of death – and the deliberate neglect of public immunization programs do not leave anyone indifferent to the current trend.

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Every other minister is promising to follow the COVID-19 protocols, but the action speaks louder than words! No one seems to care about wearing masks. Forget about social distancing!

Rahul Sinha, a senior party leader and former BJP president of West Bengal, said, “Whatever we can do, we follow the Covid agreement. At the same time, we are spreading awareness about Covid’s policies. From the moment our leaders speak, we take every precaution.” But at the same time, a place where the audience sits if we try to follow too many procedures will lead to more violations as there will be controversy as people want to see Prime Minister Modi. “

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