Most loved video Games for you to play during your quarantine period

Within a matter of days, the Covid-19 situation across the globe had taken the human race by its neck spiralling people into madness with gatherings of people been made impossible and subsequent closures of bars, pubs, and almost every public location. Being in quarantine and maintaining a safe distance from everybody, although hard and challenging, is the most crucial right now as India along with other parts of the world is looking at a new wave of infection and daily surge in its positivity rate. Once again, this leaves you in your room, trapped within the 4 walls. But this time you might not be alone, we have got you covered. You can spend your quarantine days with fictional characters if not the actual human race. To help you out in your struggle we have prepared a list of games to keep you occupied and entertained.

  1. World of Witchcraft: Released in 2004, it has brought a revolution in the multiplayer online role-playing game genre with millions of active players. There are multiple things for a person to do in the game, with the most elite customers grindings hundreds and possibly thousands of hours across multiple characters and accounts.
  2. Warframe: It is kind of spacefaring game similar to theWorld of Warcraft, with players struggling to complete quests to gain multiple rewards such as experience points. It takes place in a different realm and lets players search for new gear and create clans. Warframe allows players to purchase equipment and spar with friends, creating a customizable Clan Dojo.
  3. Neverwinter: It is a free-to-play online game and should not be confused with Neverwinter Nights. The multiplayer role-playing game is set in the realm ofDungeons & Dragons, making it a great attempt at the genre. Take it as a warning, players sometimes reach a point where they would have to give up their wallet for microtransactions.
  4. Diablo III: Playing as the Nephalem, Dioablo 3 gives players a journey into the nation of hatred and oppression. Its loot system is one of the best systems ever developed in the gaming field, making it stand at the top of hack and slash games of all time. Just like World of Warcraft, Diablo 3 is developed by the Blizzard Entertainment and is rocking the world!
  5. Valorant: One of the most popular games among today’s generation, Valorant has allowed Riot Games to enter the tactical FPS arena. It is currently one of the most active player bases in all genres of gaming. Its combat approach being more methodical and tactical. It allows players to pick from 5 different agents or characters, with each one having idiosyncratic abilities, powers, strengths and weaknesses. that are unique to each character. One of the major reasons behind Valorant’s success is an added emphasis on team play which requires players to carefully work out their movement as a team and coordinate well with other players.
  6. Apex Legends: One of the best engagement first-person arena shooter games, Apex Legends has made impressive alterations to the the gaming industry in general. Giving players the opportunity of playing from the point of view of unique characters, Apex Legends has become one of the most loved game by players. It has 13 unique “Legends” with different Kits having unique abilities, powers and strengths. If Apex Legends had an arena shooter mode, it might resemble a lot with Valorant.
  7. The Lord of the Rings Online:A hidden gem found on Steam, The Lord of the Rings Online is one of the most popular free massively multiplayer games. Yes, we did call it a hidden gem. You must ask why? Well, it has extremely detailed and expansive renditions of Middle-earth. One of the best ever seen by players in the gaming world. It gives players access to iconic races such as Dwarf, Hobbit, Man, Elf, or even as a servant of a Sauron!
  8. RuneScape: Both versions of the game, that is OldSchool RuneScapeand new RuneScape, provide an alluring incentive for players to be attracted to this free-to-play game. It, however, comes with a subscription option which isn’t mandatory. The gameplay is an impressive and astounding fear for players even though the graphics are basic. It allows players to enjoy a wide range of activities such as fish, blacksmith, cook, mine, and more. A cross play with mobile users has also been released by the Steam.

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