Delhi Unlocking! Will the sigh of ease lead to more damage?

Delhi, the national capital previously became popular for the huge spike of Coronavirus cases. But as the terror has been normalized, the lockdown at some point had to be unlocked. Slowly and steadily the unlocking process is taking place. But how is the capital so sure about uplifting the major restrictions at this hour when the nation is scared to hit the 2 million bar?

On the 29th of July, the Ministry of Home Affairs i.e. MHA issued guidelines about UNLOCK 3

Restrictions Uplifted…

  • the night curfew which was implemented for the citizens so that at a certain amount of time people avoid stepping out of their homes for the prevention for themselves
  • each and every activity was granted permission to exercised but containment zones were still an exception to this
  • yoga institutes and gymnasiums are those places which can now be accessed by the people
  • the MHA also allowed people to celebrate independence day but people have to maintain social distancing
  • and by encouraging the Vande Bharat Mission, the authority has also mentioned about the Internation Air Travel 

The activities which are still prohibited…

  • the premium mode of transportation in metropolitan cities, the metro rails have still not received the green light to continue its service as it has been kept in mind that how traveling with a huge crowd can result to the life-threatening situation
  • leisure and entertainment have still been kept under check because places such as cinema halls, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theatres, bars, and auditorium do not fall under the necessity category. These places can end up being the hotspots for the COVID 19 infection
  • all the educational institutions including schools, colleges, and coaching center have been asked to remain shut till 31st of August
  • places like assembly halls and events with large congregations like social, political, sports, entertainment, academic, cultural, religious functions are still not permitted   
unlock 1 covid kolkata
the scenario that is needed to be maintained after the ease on restrictions

How is National Capital going to participate in this national unlocking procedure???

The Center did announce the restriction upliftment on gymnasiums and yoga institutes from the 5th of August, but the Delhi government is still not sure about accepting the same. So far the concerned authorities of the Delhi government have not issued any guidelines regarding reopening the gyms and yoga institutes from today in the capital city. Such a disagreement must be appreciated as the chances of infection transmission increases in such places where people tend to work out and let the sweat out, despite all the measures that are sad to be taken, none can assure the safety in these places.

Delhi government previously granted permission to the hotels and weekly markets to commence functioning from the 1st of August. An intellect must say such a decision should be thrown under bizarre. People must realize that financial loss must be considered secondary, the primary concern must lie on survival. And thinking about the obvious risk in this decision, the Lt Governor of Delhi, Mr. Anil Bajaj has overturned this decision of allowing street vendors and hawkers to operate for long hours. 

People need to understand the chronology behind the same. The government is claiming that there is a decline in the new cases in the city but how is that happening? Simply with a fall in testing. Last month reported that the conduction of sample collection for novel coronavirus went to 3700 from more than 7500 per day in Delhi. 

Therefore the decisions taken on the foundation of declining new cases in the city got no strong base for a powerful implementation.     

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