Gangster Vikas Dubey killed in a police encounter! Was it pre-planned to kill him as he knew all the Secret of top Leaders and Police Officers?

Vikas Dubey, a gangster and the main accused in the murder of eight UP policemen, was arrested by the MP police in Ujjain on Thursday morning. In the past six days, he had been trying to escape from the police. Security personnel identified him at the shrine and reported to the police.

One of the vehicles of Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (STF) convoy that was bringing gangster Vikas Dubey back from Madhya Pradesh to Kanpur overturned. After this, Dubey attempted to escape from police custody and was shot in one encounter. Locals said they heard gunshots.

When the convoy arrived at the Barra police circle in Kanpur, the vehicle in which Vikas was seated overturned after slipping on the road due to heavy rain. As soon as Vikas was taken out of the vehicle, he snatched a rifle from one of the injured police officers and attempted to shoot the police. The police shot him dead in retaliation.


J N Singh, ADG Kanpur range, stated, “Dubey was injured in the encounter and declared dead in the hospital.”

Is this an accident or a pre-planned encounter to kill him to save the top political leaders and senior police officers who were helping Vikas Dubey?

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The news that Vikas Dubey was arrested at the Mahakal Temple had increased the anxiety of those close to Vikas Dubey.

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If Vikas had opened his mouth, it is being told that the officer, the leader, and the criminal alliances would have been exposed, causing them many problems. All the people who helped the history-sheeter Vikas Dubey had already been sweating profusely that if Vikas took their name, their true face could be revealed. There was also a possibility that Vikas would also expose those who were helping him by using political powers.

Vikas Dubey was in contact with many leaders

Needless to tell about Vikas Dubey’s relationship with the police.The FIR against the Daroga KK Sharma and suspended SO Vinay Tiwari of Chaubepur police station, and then the arrest is proof of this.

kanpur encounter chaubeypur sho si arrested for tipping off vikas dubey.v1

The video released earlier about Vikas’s political connections went viral. In the video, he took the name of public representatives besides the ruling leaders.

When Vikas was arrested, the heartbeat of many such big people had increased in Lucknow, Madhya Pradesh, Kanpur. If Vikas exposes them, their problems will increase rapidly and Law could be tightened on them. Thus, they may have to give information about their connection with Dubey.

The vehicle which was carrying Vikas Dubey met with an accident after he attempted to escape by snatching a weapon from a police officer. SP, West Kanpur, Anil Kumar stated an operation was done when Vikas was asked to surrender but he opened fire and was shot dead in the crossfire, some policemen were also injured”.

A gangster Vikas Dubey has killed in the encounter. In this way, Vikas Dubey’s terror came to an end. But many secrets were also buried with his death. It is said that Vikas can be asked several questions, if Vikas had opened his mouth in question, many large faces would have been exposed. He was interrogated for several hours yesterday by the Ujjain police and STF teams. After this, it was sent to U.P.

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 There is still a chance that even after Vikas’ death, people who helped him, directly and indirectly, could get into trouble.

Why didn’t policemen tie his hands? Several questions are also being raised on this theory of police, which are yet to be answered.

Vikas Dubey died in an encounter after the police car overturned. According to sources, the gangster attempted to flee and snatched a police officer’s gun, after which he was shot dead by police in an encounter.

  1. The first question is How and Why the convoy suddenly overturned in which Vikas was present only. Even as a coincidence, the biggest question is why he was not handcuffed when the police were bringing such a big criminal into the car? Why was his hand open?

  2. The way Vikas Dubey was arrested a day ago is also raising questions on the police. According to sources, he himself had disclosed his identity to some people in the temple premises. If he was not ready to be arrested, why did he go to a high-security area? If he was ready to be arrested yesterday, why did he try to escape today?

  3. Prabhat on Thursday and Vikas Dubey on Friday, the way they got an encounter in two days is quite similar. If we look at the whole incident, then this question arises either it’s a coincidence or not? After Prabhat’s encounter, the police had told a similar incident that first the police car was blocked, then Prabhat attempted to flee by snatching the gun from the police and then killed in the encounter. Even today everything happened in exactly the same way.

  4. Criminals snatched weapons from police officers twice in two days. The experts have also raised the question of whether police officers negligently took care of weapons, which would steal any rebel weapons they possessed.

  5. The mediators have claimed that they also came from Ujjain with the convoy, but shortly before the accident site, the media and private vehicles on the road were stopped by police. The ANI news agency has also released images of this. After all, why did the media temporarily stop? If Vikas tried to escape, why wasn’t he shot in the leg? Many more such questions arise, which the police will still have to answer.
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