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Government Doctors In Rajasthan Declare A Mass Leave Of Absence Due To The Right To Health Bill.

Medical services in Rajasthan are ready to be severely impacted, with government physicians and medical college faculty members launching a one-day strike in sympathy with private doctors protesting the Right to Health Bill. But, emergency services will be exempt. The OPD, IPD, ICU, emergency, and maternity wards’ medical services must not be impacted, according to a directive from the health department to the principals of medical colleges.

There has been a rush of patients to government hospitals in Rajasthan because of the shutdown of private hospitals and nursing homes due to a strike by private physicians. Private doctors have gone on strike to demand that the measure be withdrawn, which was passed by the legislature last week. In support of the private physicians on strike, the All Rajasthan In-Service Doctors’ Association called for a one-day strike action.

According to the Association’s general secretary, Dr. Shankar Bamnia, more than 15,000 in-service (government) physicians would take a one-day strike in solidarity with the private doctors’ opposition to the Right to Health Bill. The strike will also include resident doctors and medical college faculty. The protesting physicians say that this law would increase governmental meddling in their operations.

Government Doctors In Rajasthan Declare A Mass Leave Of Absence Due To The Right To Health Bill.

What is the Rajasthan Right to Health Bill?

According to Rajasthan’s Right to Health Bill, every citizen of the state would have the right to emergency treatment and care at any public health institution, health care facility, or authorized health care center without having to pay a fee.

The government, private hospitals, or doctors cannot refuse a person who needs emergency care.

In a medico-legal matter, the law states that no public or private hospital may reject or postpone treatment due to a lack of police clearance.

The Law allows Rajasthan citizens to get free health care in any clinical facility.

A hospital or doctor who violates the Act would be fined Rs 10,000, which will be increased to Rs 25,000 for repeated offenses.

The strike.

According to Dr. Vijay Kapoor, the agitation continued for more than 10 days. He is the secretary of the Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes Organization. Saying that Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has yet to call them for negotiations, Kapoor suggested that instead of spending millions of rupees on ads, he should speak directly with the agitated physicians.

Government Doctors In Rajasthan Declare A Mass Leave Of Absence Due To The Right To Health Bill.

Chief Secretary Usha Sharma and other state officials met with a group of disgruntled private hospital owners and promised to conduct a conversation about their proposals for the law. The physicians, on the other hand, were adamant that any conversation would take place only after the bill was withdrawn. Following the recommendations of a select committee, the law was passed.

The before and after-effects of the bill.

Before the amendment, the measure stated that “any qualified health care provider, establishment, or facility, including private providers, establishments, or facilities, public health institutions, health care establishments, and designated health care centers, qualified.”

According to the modified law, “designated health care centers” refer to health care centers as defined under the yet-to-be-drafted guidelines. The private doctors stated that their one-point demand is that the law be withdrawn and that any discussion of the topics in it will take place only after the government meets the requirement.

The government will not withdraw the bill.

The government has warned physicians with disciplinary punishment. Amid the bandh called by government doctors, the health department has issued an order requesting disciplinary action against the doctors who are refusing to work.

Government doctors and students who go on strike may face disciplinary action from the education institute, as the government has directed that those who take voluntary leave without prior approval face disciplinary action, as well as the cancellation of resident doctors’ registration for dereliction of duty.

Why is there a dispute?

Protesting doctors believe that the law would increase government meddling in their operations and will eventually destroy private hospitals.

According to the doctors, it would strip them of their right to earn a living and deprive the public of round-the-clock medical and health services.

Doctors worry that if the Act is not adequately implemented, patient-doctor distrust would grow.


Health Minister Parsadi Lal has previously stated that the law would not be revoked because all of the doctor’s proposals have already been implemented, making the demand unjustified. He emphasized that the law would not be withdrawn under any circumstances and that whatever occurs tomorrow will be dealt with tomorrow. 

Government Doctors In Rajasthan Declare A Mass Leave Of Absence Due To The Right To Health Bill.

Lawyer Pramod Singh filed a Petition in the Rajasthan High Court opposing the doctors’ strike and seeking resources at government hospitals, whose hearing will take place on March 31st. The PIL asks the government to take action against the physicians and hospitals participating in the strike.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma



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