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Government To Provide Relief Package To Small and Micro Industries

The government is preparing an economic package for some sectors to deal with the widespread adverse impact on the country’s economy due to the lockdown. Among them is the micro and small scale industry sector, with which more than 200 million people of the country are connected. Preparations are also being made for the fields of agriculture, education, rural development, etc. The current situation along with the future measures is also being discussed continuously in the meetings of 11 high level groups formed to deal with the Corona.

An action plan is being prepared for two dates of April 20, May 3. Both are considering areas from where the economy can be brought back on track. The relief package is 5 percent of GDP.

The relief package in other countries to fight the Corona crisis is :

  • the UK has 20% of GDP,
  • Germany has 20% of GDP,
  • Singapore has 15% of GDP,
  • America has 15% of GDP
  • China has 9% of GDP.

According to sources, the Center believes that lockdown has proved to be a major weapon for effective prevention of corona though it has shattered the poor and homeless. The crisis over employment and livelihood has increased problems. In fact, migration of workers from cities to villages due to lockdown is a big challenge for micro, small and medium industries. The return of labourers is a difficult task, for which state governments will have to take strong initiatives.

Monitor four hundred clusters 

According to sources, the government is trying to make the construction area more open. The lockdown has had a major impact on cottage and small industry. Small entrepreneurs are upset with this. Micro and small scale industries employ the most workers. Their number is about 11 crore. Workers who have migrated to the village should be put to some work there. A plan called Sapurti is also being prepared for starting a village based micro-industry business, according to a bridge plan and by putting 2-2 crores in about 400 clusters.

In India cases rises to 14,378; death toll rises to 480

Coronavirus is bringing death and ruination in all countries. The total coronavirus cases in the world has crossed 22 lakh. Death toll has crossed 1 lakh 54 thousand and number of recovered have crossed 5 lakh 75 thousand.

In India, total cases have reached 14,378. Total deaths in the country lies at 480 and total people recovered are 1,992.


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