“Desh Majboot Haton Mein Hai”, Is The Country Really In Safe Hands? – cases jumping to 1 lakh

Is The Country Really In Safe Hands? – cases jumping to 1 lakh

As India Becomes Richer, More Indians Leave Country, Says Study

India is a democratic country, where the government is by the people and for the people, but after completing our responsibility towards the country, what we citizens get is the lack of compassion and transparency, sorrow, and disappointments from the government. The coronavirus pandemic has become a tool by which people have got this opportunity to judge the governance of the Indian government.

And for the government it has become a chance to prove that what is the best they can do for the people, but the way the Indian government and authorities are handling the situations in the country are not working out. As there seems to be no stop or end to the coronavirus outbreak. Even after extending the lockdown for the 4th time the number of infected people is increasing constantly when India imposed the lockdown for the first time the number of coronavirus patients was more than 400, and now it’s the fourth phase of the lockdown and the coronavirus patients have jumped over 1 lakh.

Clearly, the situation is getting worse day by day not only in terms of the spread of the virus but also economically. The coronavirus pandemic is not only affecting the health of the people but also it has torn the economy of the country drastically, and in such a distress time when people have become helpless they are looking and relying upon the government and such careless and insensitive attitude of authorities have raised a question that “are we really in safe hand?”

Can we trust the government for our lives and livelihood?

PM Modi addresses students at Royal University of Bhutan

Prime Minister Modi said while addressing the nation that we will save both lives and livelihood of the people. But since when the lockdown has been imposed to cure the coronavirus in the country the government has acted like an irresponsible and carefree brat, the very first careless and irresponsible step that was taken by the government was the unplanned and last-minute imposed lockdown.

As we all know that our government has this habit of taking every decision last minute without any preparations be it demonetization, article 370, and lockdown, prime minister without preparing anything imposed the lockdown that was unplanned and the public always have to face the repercussions of these last-minute decisions.

 Though the lockdown was necessary to control the spread of the coronavirus and now it seems like only higher authorities are getting benefited by the lockdown. Because for the common public the lockdown has proved to be a monster eating and affecting their livelihood as nothing by the government has been done to protect the livelihoods of these people and the government has only helped the rich people in becoming richer.

Is our prime minister and his government capable enough to handle such a depressing situation?

Coronavirus News India Highlights: PM Modi chairs high-level meet to review Covid situation, vaccination; Kerala logs 25,010 new cases - The Financial Express

How a person and his people will help us when they themselves are asking for donations and money from us to arrange resources to fight the pandemic. Out of almost 201 countries affected by coronavirus, India is the only country which asked for donations, our government didn’t even have this much resources and money from which it can feed its people for a month or two, even the poorer countries than India had enough resources to handle the situation.

Why did the government had to ask for donations from us? What happened to the money and treasures that have been paid by us to the government as tax? Clearly all the money that has been collected by the government in the form of taxes has used by these politicians in making their lives luxurious, in making temples and statues and in buying MLAs.

Rs 8,458 crore have been spent on buying a private aircraft for Prime Minister Modi. Rs8.3 crores are spent for shooting every episode of the PMs new show, ‘mannkibaat’. It seems like the money that was supposed to be spent on the development of the country and the people have spent on fulfilling the luxuries of the government and wishes of the prime minister.

How well the government is handling the situation of the economy? 

Indian Economy: Can All the King's Men Put it Together Again? | NewsClick


Since 2019 the Indian economy is facing an economic slowdown and never got stable and rather than spending money on economic development, the government spent money on building up the statues and buying MLAs. Talking about the current situation, the Indian economy is at the verge of falling down into a dark hole.

This series of lockdown has led to such a situation of the economy from where the recovery seems to be very slow and scary. Slowly the economic condition of the country is moving towards a state of coma, Up to 53% of the business has been shut down, the supply chain has been affected badly, the major sectors and industries contributing to the GDP and economy has been affected drastically.

 Not only this but the people are dying out of hunger, they have become homeless and helpless, people who don’t have their own house or workplace, who live and work on rent is threatened and harassed by the landlords and the police. The labour has been migrated because of unemployment, the unemployment rate in India has reached above 27% and more than 12 crore people have lost their jobs because the occupational structure has been affected severely due to the lockdown. 

The situation is clearly getting worse day by day, and the Indian government has helped the people and economy by opening liquor shops during the lockdown. This proves that, how hollow our system and economy have become that now the revenue losses are been recovered by opening the liquor shops. If this is how the government is planning to handle the economy by giving no assistance to the people, and opening liquor shops to generate revenue then this proves that the government is very careless and irresponsible. 

If we are in safe hands then why there is so much of secrecy?

It is believed that a good leader is always transparent about their actions and decisions and if India is in safe hands then why there is so much of ambiguity in the system? where is PM cares fund? Several RTI has been kept pending on the PM cares fund because even after collecting a decent amount of the money in PM cares fund why is that money not being used in feeding and assisting the poor and the migrant workers?

Even after collecting Hundreds of crores of rupees in the name of PM cares fund the Prime Minister asked us to help the poor section of the country why do we provide people with food and money what are you supposed to do? The people have donated the money to support and provide resources to the poor section of the country and not to the politicians for filling up their pockets.

Maybe the “Apda Se Avsar” has been best suited to the government because as usual the government didn’t leave a chance to fill up its treasures. In this situation of pandemic also the government asked money from the public in the name of PM cares fund, and then nothing from these funds have been used to protect and provide relief to the poor and migrant workers.  

Self-reliant India on the dead bodies of the poor and labours:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the nation said that we will build infrastructure and the system of the self-reliant India with the smell of the soil and with the sweat of our labourers.

The authorities are planning to build a “Modern Self Reliant India” with the sweat of the labourers and workers but don’t have resources and money to feed them only, don’t have time to look after their condition, the prime minister said it very easily that we will build a modern India by their sweat and hard work but has he done anything for these migrant workers who are moving and travelling barefoot without any resources from past 60 days. 

The government talks about the supply chain, then why millions of migrant workers decided to leave cities for going back to their hometowns because they don’t have food and resources here.

This insensitivity and poor supply chain management of the government has led the migrant workers to walk barefoot for hundreds of kilometers, without money, without water, food, and resources, and now these people are being lathicharged and tortured by the policemen. They are being bullied and tortured by the truck drivers. Till now more than 400 migrant workers have died because of the mismanagement and ignorance of the people sitting in air-conditioned rooms and if this is what the government calls India’s containment strategies then it’s a complete failure. 

Further talking about the relief package of 20 lakhs crore that has announced by the government for providing relief to the people and the businesses of the country to fight the pandemic and its repercussions. But practically speaking a major part of the package has been announced for supporting and providing relaxations to businesses and MSMEs. And Rs 3,500 crore has spent in providing ration to the migrant workers, but how will they eat that ration and survive without shelter and income?

The relief package includes exemptions for MSMEs and local businesses but will these businesses be able to get operational without the workers and labourers? The relief has been given to the agriculture sector but will the crop and food supplies can be transported and made available in the market without logistics and labourers? 

Thus, our government clearly lacks compassion, support, and empathy towards the citizens and by such insensitivity, they will definitely be able to build a self-reliant nation not with the hard work and support of the labours but the nation will be built on the corpses and dead bodies of the migrant workers as the government has been proven totally useless in improving and assisting their problems.  

If this is what we call a democracy then it’s high time for the government to prove that it is for the people because until now the government has failed in managing the lockdown and the condition of the country.

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