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Absolutely! The clothes are our armor that we wear with so much pride! But how often do we get the choice of choosing clothes that make us feel ourselves? From colored clothes to multi-faceted designs, clothing has evolved to heights that we never anticipated. Mohamed Sarhan, a young versatile merchandiser from Dubai has a keen interest to introduce a unique style of clothing. Mohamed Sarhan founded in 2016 and since then this brand has been selling various styles of clothing. He is someone who has a keen knowledge of what lies in the heart of the young generation. Just with one look, you can see innovation in them. has brought success outlets in the Global Village in Dubai which is one of the world’s largest shopping festivals and Dragon Mall Dubai. From perceiving to making it happen, he is a real dream maker! is a one-stop clothing store for today’s futuristic generation, looking for sound activated and glow in the dark t-shirts, app-controlled eyewear, and hats. An engineer finds innovation in everything he sees. This can be beautifully witnessed with his salient products that have captured our attention and stole our hearts completely. Being headed by an engineer, the brand has dived into a new wave of clothing that incorporates fiber optic fabrics which light up in any color, can be operated by an app. Voice-controlled accessories and App-controlled clothing are the remarkable highlight youngsters would add to their wardrobe which is available in various apparel that has a vast number of features and designs.


 We always like our things to be customized, either its the setting of our browser to our phone panel, then why not our own wardrobe accessories? make it possible for us to enjoy the happiness of fashioning our fashion! The app-controlled hat has LED fixed on it which is easily operated with just your fingertip. The brand has been earnest in bringing the latest trends into the Middle Eastern and Asian markets. Even in the midst of this pandemic, the brand is on its toes to introduce stylish masks made with the fiber optic fabric which adds a touch of positivity and style while keeping us safe. These fiber optic masks help prevent us from exposure, simultaneously providing us with a fashionable and innovative accessory to go with any outfit. The brand has been a place you can find fashionable futuristic clothes making both shopping and owning process enjoyable! Over the years, has provided a collection of unique clothing which has grown constantly and has helped the brand to be the best seller in the market. Being the only brand in the Middle East to initiate the sales of various apparels like these, it has always been keen to discover a wide range of styles in clothing and make them accessible to the market it tends to. Brands like Lorenzo make shopping fun and clothing futuristic and this is exactly the right type of brand for these young budding generations to express their best self!

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