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Reliance is the sole bidder for Metro’s India operations.

According to those with knowledge of the situation, Reliance Industries Ltd. is in advanced talks to purchase the wholesale operations of German company Metro AG in India as the conglomerate run by billionaire Mukesh Ambani aims to control India’s enormous retail market.

According to the people, who requested anonymity because the information is confidential, Charoen Pokphand Group Co. is no longer actively in discussions with Metro, leaving just Ambani’s Reliance to pursue the alleged cash-and-carry business. One of the people said that a decision may be made in its entirety as soon as next month.Metro Cash & Carry India prefers Mukesh Ambani's Reliance as its future  owner - BusinessToday

According to a third source, the firm might be worth between $1 billion and $1.2 billion, including debt. According to the sources, conversations between Reliance and Metro over issues, such as value, are ongoing and may fail. Metro and Reliance spokespeople declined to comment, while a CP Group executive did not respond promptly to requests for comment.

According to its website, Metro entered the Indian market in 2003 and today has 31 facilities around the country dedicated completely to serving business customers. Its main customers are hotels, restaurants, and different corporate units, including small businesses. Currently, Reliance is the biggest brick-and-mortar retailer in the country; a robust wholesale sector would increase its operations there. Along with CP Group and Reliance, Inc. has shown interest in Metro’s potential sale of its cash-and-carry business.

Sources with knowledge of the situation claim that Metro Cash & Carry India supports Reliance as the company’s potential new owner. Many Indians, they claim, believe that Reliance is the most qualified to lead Metro’s operations in India because of its influence in the retail industry and knowledge of Indian legislation. According to a person with knowledge of the situation, Reliance is “believed to be better equipped to purchase and manage Metro’s wholesale assets in India.”Reliance, CP group, PE firms in race for Metro Cash & Carry India -  BusinessToday

Bidding wars for Metro Cash & Carry India began at the beginning of the year. Ambani’s Reliance has been keen to include Metro’s wholesale operations, which consist of 31 large-format wholesale locations and several warehouses, to strengthen its supply chain network for its retail firm. In a market currently dominated by individual distributors of consumer goods, the combination will help Reliance attract merchants and retailers as well as establish a highly structured distribution network for food and daily essentials.

The conglomerate Reliance is contemplating aggressive development in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, daily grocery, and doorstep delivery at the time of its bid for Metro Cash & Carry India (through JioMart). Ambani has emphasized that improving supply chain efficiency will be essential to Reliance’s expansion over the next few years.

He believes that Reliance is seeking to strengthen its supply chain expertise to deliver services in the “most effective manner” throughout India’s vast region. Reliance Retail will be able to sell things at competitive prices since it will be able to pass on the benefits to its customers while also decreasing waste.Reliance Retail makes Rs 5,600-crore initial offer for Metro Cash & Carry  India: Report

The Bangkok, Thailand-based conglomerate Charoen Pokphand (CP Group), together with Reliance, had first expressed interest in buying Metro Cash & Carry. One of the largest producers of cattle, pigs, and poultry in the world is Charoen Pokphand Foods, in which CP owns a controlling stake. Additionally, it produces a wide range of agricultural goods and manages renowned cash & carries the business through Siam Marko.

The corporation owns 7-Eleven, one of the world’s largest 24-hour convenience store chains. Lightspeed Venture Partners, a private equity group that owns a stake in the Indian B2B e-commerce site Udaan, has expressed interest as well. According to BT, CP Group and Lightspeed have also withdrawn from the race, leaving Reliance as the sole candidate for Metro’s India assets.

Sole Bidder Statement Examples

Any sole bidder, or the representative acting on behalf of a group of bidders, may decide later, without incurring liability to the company, not to bid; or any of the various members of a group (other than the Representative), may withdraw therefrom at or before the time the group’s bid is submitted. All bids must be made over the phone and verified in writing according to the guidelines in Exhibit A, Confirmation of Bid, which is also attached. The bid must be signed by the sole bidder or the representative speaking on behalf of all other bidders. Under this RFP, the sole bidder is not permitted to participate in any other consortium bids.

(To be supplied by Sole Bidder) The company’s financial turnover is given following Clause No. 102 of DTCN 2016–17 as follows. 2017-2018 Annual Turnover 2018-192019-202020-21 As evidence of the financial turnover, a copy of the audited financial statements or a declaration from the designated chartered accountant must be produced, together with the UDIN number.

Any order or ruling made by a competent court of law, any appropriate commission, or any arbitral tribunal against the sole bidder, lead bidder, consortium members, or its affiliates for breach of any contract awarded by any government agency or department within one (1) year of the bid submission deadline will result in the bids from those bidders being rejected.

We hereby represent and declare that we fulfill the Eligibility Criteria stated in the RFP as the Lead Consortium Member/Sole Bidder as defined in the RFP. The total operational experience will not include the project experience of the bidder’s associate firm, which is not a part of the consortium. 3. Any bidder consisting of a single firm must fill out the required information in the “Sole Bidder” column and ignore the other rows below.Metro AG: Billionaires are vying for Metro's Indian wholesale unit, Retail  News, ET Retail

The Lead Consortium Member/Sole Bidder will submit the bid after submitting the Tender Fees and Bid Security following the various requirements, timelines, and forms indicated in this RFP. In the case of a solitary bidder, OEM and other members whose services are used to deliver the scope of work stated in this RFP must express their permission.

If, as of the last day of the preceding month, the sole bidder lacked all the required operation & maintenance of solar PV project experience for at least one 10MW solar PV project for at least one year during the preceding five (05) years, and also did not want to enter into a joint-venture partnership or wanted to restrict the joint-venture partnership, he could associate a subcontractor for this activity/work after the work was awarded.

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