Your favorite comfort foods like pizza, burgers, and sandwiches are readily available, but who says healthy food is costlier and can be difficult to find? Food delivery apps make it easier to order healthy meals and get incredible savings with abundant offers and discounts. The apps are easy to download, use, and are compatible with all devices.

Nutritional food, adequate physical exercise, a well-balanced diet can be helpful to maintain a healthy body and to keep diseases (like diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular illnesses and cancer) at bay. Healthy eating also helps to conserve heart health, manage weight, strengthen bones, increase energy levels, improve memory and cognitive abilities.

Food delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato etc can help you order healthy meals and offer discounts including- up to 50% off on top restaurants. Moreover, via Swiggy coupons you can even claim 60% off on all orders and an astounding 150 off + 50 cashback along with free delivery on all orders.

Besides Swiggy, you can use apps or websites like, Daily Diet Boxes, FreshMenu, Healthie, Purple Basil, Uber Eats, Zomato, and following methods to order healthy food, even if you are on a tight budget.

1. Plan your meals

Prepare a schedule and decide to order healthy, inexpensive purchases using food delivery app deals and discounts. New users can redeem a 60% discount with Swiggy coupons.

You can alternate cheat meals with healthier options by ordering from FreshMenu and claiming 50% off on the first order, but if you need a long-term plan you can register at Purple Basil to order three-course meals for 8 to 40 days and avail 8% to 10% discount.

2. Start your day with healthy alternatives

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Ordering a fresh fruit smoothie, cereals, oats, and lip-smacking parathas can give an energizing healthy start to your day. You can earn 100 off on healthy food purchases from Swiggy.

Even if you want a cheat meal, order healthy pizzas and all cuisine orders from FreshMenu and redeem 40% off. healthy meal consisting of paratha, boiled egg and other breakfast items can be ordered at discounted rate of 149.

3. Shop for fresh products

Choose restaurants that use fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and fish to cook meals instead of frozen, canned, and preserved products. Get up to 33% off on different passes available at FreshMenu and order meals made with garden-fresh produce.

Order fresh products, dairy and meat from local stores in your neighbourhood using Swiggy or avail a 40% discount with up to 1000 off on Zomato coupons.

4. Order known brands

Popular brands use high-quality and healthy ingredients to make delicious meals that are packaged and delivered safely. You can earn 200 cashback on Swiggy money and 200 off on ICICI transactions on Uber Eats portal.

You can order shakes, curries, combo products to get up to 40% savings or register at Purple Basil to order healthy foodie, vegan and hi-protein diet plans at reduced rates.

5. Get seasonal produce

Seasonal grains, fresh fruits and vegetables are a great way to spend less, for instance you can get a 20% discount on Swiggy orders and up to 39% off on FreshMenu Asian delight orders.

Additionally you can be assured to stay healthy by incorporating nutritious dishes with your meal plan and redeem 41% off on FreshMenu combo orders with up to 50% off on groceries and fresh produce from Zomato market.

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6. Order nutritious food

Inexpensive cuts of meat can be used to make delicious healthy meals like stews, soups, stir fries and redeem 20% savings on all Swiggy food orders whereas FreshMenu new users also can claim 100 savings.

You can order nutritious dishes made with lentils, legumes and fresh vegetables and redeem discounts, for instance Healthie users can get 100 off on first order of bestsellers like keto sandwich, black rice or quinoa khichdi and healthy thalis.

7. Find alternatives to meat

If you are a vegetarian, you can replace meat and fish with alternate protein sources and use HealthifyMe, vouchers on Swiggy orders to redeem up to 10% rewards or earn 40% savings on FreshMenu bowl meals and three Zomato orders.

Rich protein sources like beans, legumes, eggs, beans can be used to make healthy meals like bean casseroles, dal rice and claim instant 10% off on Uber Eats orders and free delivery on Healthie casserole meals and burrito bowl.

8. Order whole foods

Processed foods, refined flour can be replaced with whole grains like brown rice, oats and millets, for example you can replace white bread sandwiches with Spinach corn sandwich from FreshMenu and redeem 50% discount.

Furthermore, quinoa or whole wheat products like multigrain pasta and whole wheat bread sandwich orders can help you get 50% discount on Swiggy Restaurant orders .

9. Try to avoid junk food

Junk foods may satisfy your cravings but you would be surprised that crackers, burgers and pizzas can taste just as yummy with healthier ingredients. You can order party foods from Swiggy and get up to 1000 discount.

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Affordable healthy ingredients can be used to make healthy snacks like salads, burritos which can be ordered from FreshMenu at 45% discount. You can also order discounted appetizers like assorted roasted Makhana from Healthie or choose Daily Diet Boxes healthy meal plans from 500.

10. Sales, coupon offers

Online coupons, app or website orders, discount coupons and bank offers can be availed on food delivery apps like Swiggy. For instance you can score 100 discount on using your HDFC Payzapp wallet on all restaurant orders from Swiggy with 50% off on Daily Diet Boxes first subscription. 

Besides, ordering healthy foods, staples, high quality meals can help you claim a discount on online purchases as well. You can also order your own frozen smoothie kits and make delicious smoothies at home.

Additionally, you can subscribe to membership plans to get discounts on food orders or opt to cook at home by ordering groceries and fresh produce from farmers’ markets and local stores once in a while. You can use services like Swiggy Genie to get a pickup and drop groceries and food items at 30.

Online food delivery apps not only help you to get hygienic food delivered during the pandemic but also ensures safe delivery of healthy food, manage diet, grocery supplies, design meal plans, and have workout tips in the form of blogs or videos.

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