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Top 10 Best and Most Reputed Startups in Jaipur 2022

Top 10 Best and Most Reputed Startups in Jaipur 2022

Time is changing, and many cities are taking up the rapid speed of bringing in more advanced technologies and development. Jaipur is the one city considered to be the one emerging to be called a hub of a very innovative and creative company with the best kind of entrepreneurs and startups.

There is a spread of multiple types of companies in different sectors. Jaipur, being called the “pink city” of India, is trying to bring its proximity to the capital, Delhi, and a unique mix of the urban and the semi-urban infrastructure.

When you talk about sectors, the city, Jaipur, has given some of the most unique and innovative mixes of different companies with all the sectors like tech, e-commerce, cleantech and sports. The Pink City of India is known to be one of the fastest-growing cities whose economy is just fueled by the different kinds of tourism, the act of gemstone cutting, luxury, textiles, and jewellery manufacture. The city is specifically called the manufacturing hub of the country, India.

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 It produces the best goods like automobiles, mining, machine tools, and bicycles. In 2018, the city Jaipur was ranked in the top 31 list of “50 Emerging Global Outsourcing” cities. As a city in India, Jaipur is also the largest manufacturer for the most creative and unique arts and crafts.

 Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, and it’s a lot more famous for the sorts of beautiful forts they have in the city, along with their markets and one of the most favourite ones called the “Annu Mobile Paan Bhandar”.

Apart from the arts and crafts, now the city is counted among the top cities to introduce the best kinds of start-ups. In the current times, Jaipur-based start-ups are entirely on the radar.

They are all trying their level best to reach the milestones by efficiently using the resources and many incubation centres with their accelerators. Apart from being called the pink city, it is also called the “city of forts” and has famously portrayed their culture from the best of their mediums.

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Most start-ups are running with the trend and started by some of the most educated entrepreneurs and professionals, both of them getting engaged with the business. They consistently choose a field according to their preference and where they want to start their startup journey.

While thinking of the preferred choice, the other thing for them is the availability of funds as there is always a lack of funding, so most start-ups are raised from other capital ventures and with the help of other investors.

The introduction of so many startup companies is always considered part of “Make in India”, which the Indian government launched. Most of the start-ups running in Jaipur have played an essential role in economic growth and have been giving a lot of employment options to the youth of that city. The city has been growing with all the different kinds of start-ups like the lifestyle startup, Scalable start-ups and the large scales startup.

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Mentioned below are some of the most reputed start-ups that have been progressing with incredible speed and has good an excellent feedback from the audience of Jaipur.

1.  ScooNews

Scoonews india's most preferred school news network by Scoo News - Issuu

Education has been considered an essential part of daily life. It is believed that the more educated people will be from the very starting, the more condition of the society orcountry would be. Many start-ups have emerged with the mainfocus of providing the best platforms for education.

Talking of Start-ups inJaipur, there is one news platform that has majorly paid their focus on allkinds of news related to education. The name is ScooNews, a type ofwebsite with several teachers associated with all critical subjects andother professionals dealing with the education industry.

It is considered one of the best Start-ups working in the city, which has made a lot of people their users apart from providing the news related to the education. It also provides one service where people can easily contribute by submitting written articles. Ravi Santalani founded Scoonews in the year 2016.

It encourages many alumni of different schools to co-invest in their start-ups. The website of ScooNews is like a treasure of educational news, articles, and all the critical events happening in the city. It all provides an additional training service to ensure their choice. It is an online portal that brings out the latest news and is essential to education.

The online portal is entirely relevant for children, parents, administrators, and educators. The co-founder of the startup is Bahul Chandra. The company stage is called unfunded and has been looking to find more funding options.

Company Overview

        Legal Name ScooNews Technologies Pvt Ltd
          Industries           Media 
          Founder(s) Ravi Santalani & Bahul Chandra
       Founded Date           2016
Total Funding Amount          Funding
           Investors          Acquired

2. DealShare

dealshare: Latest News & Videos, Photos about dealshare | The Economic  Times - Page 1

The startup of DealShare is a complete App-based platform for busing multi-category consumer products ifyou are thinking to buy the best grocery for your home the

DealShare is one destination for buying different grocery items like fruits, veggies, personalcare products, snacks, and drinks with time this social e-commerce startup hasbeen growing very fast and allows all kinds of customers to buy productshassle-free.

The startup has already begun its e-commerce platform on WhatsApp, where it has been providing hundreds of products to all kinds of consumers, be it from the smaller city or towns. The startup affirms to their customers on the platforms to buy curated items in different groups which tends to make the purchases “highly competitive” in the aspect of affordability.

The startup has seen so much progress in recent years that it has got tough competition from the SoftBanks and process Ventures – bagged Meesho that offers the high quality with the low price of the essentials often combined with a good shopping experience.

Their impressive catalogue has all the necessary pointers be it the food, fashion, or all the products related to home décor. It even allows the customers to have the most straightforward kind of access to buy their products or share with your friends.

The company even provides unique kinds of discounts which are always dependent on one fact as in how many customers purchased their products. The startup can be easily located in mobile applications from android and ios devices.

The company was founded in the year 2018, and the total funding amount of the company comes around the value of USD 183 million. The startup of DealShare began its journey with the kickstart from the day Walmart acquired Flipcart. It has connected over one thousand microentrepreneur partners who dedicatedly helped promote the community group buying model in the country. 

Company Overview

        Legal Name DealShare Pvt Ltd. 
          Industries         Internet Retail 
          Founder(s) Vineet Rao. Rajat Shikhar & Rishav Dev 
       Founded Date              2018
Total Funding Amount          $393 Million
           Investors Unilever Ventures, Matrix Partners & Innoven Capital 

3. Voylla

Voylla - DLF - Mall of India

 Voylla is the best kind of startup started in Jaipur and has been making great popularity with the most high demands from people. It was founded in the year 2011 and is considered to be a fashion jewellery destination that has all the kinds of beautiful jewelleries, with the expansion of their stores which is more than 250 stores that are selling their products very successfully.

Voylla started their journey in the year 2012 in the city of Bengaluru and then decided to shift their base to the Pink City in 2013; and has also started selling their men’s accessories from its stores in 2015. The total funding amount of Voylla comes around the value of USD 15 million from the private equity firm called the Peepul Capital last year.

 Before they connected to the private equity firm, the company raised their two rounds of funds in 2012 and 2013 from the Snow Leopard Technology Ventures. They offer some of the most stylish jewellery pieces, and you can always choose from the latest collections.

It has become India’s most prominent fashion jewellery platform with its robust online presence. It has also introduced the concept of their high quality, beautiful, crafter jewellery at an affordable price.

The company takes their utmost pride in their commitment to providing the rare and the best kind of traditional art and crafts. It is considered the only startup of fashion jewellery that has the most versatile kind of jewelry, considered perfect for even couples. No matter what you have been planning to do or you believe, there is always a Voylla moment for you with this company.

 In 2010, the founder of Voylla, Vishwas Shringi and his wife returned from the US and decided to start an e-commerce venture from Banglore. In 2014, the company launched their marketplace with big e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

Company Overview

        Legal Name Voylla Fashion Jewelry Pvt Ldt. 
          Industries        Jewelry Portal
          Founder(s) Vishwas Shringi & Jagrati Shringi 
       Founded Date              2011
Total Funding Amount         $28.5 Million
           Investors iLabs, Peepul Capital & Snow Leopard Ventures

4. InstaCash

InstaCash on Twitter: "How do I use InstaCash? To trade in your phone,  simply download the InstaCash app here. Then, just follow four simple  steps: -------------------------------------- For Details Visit: Download the

It is called a website where millions of people can easily sell their old phones that they don’t find suitable to use anymore. Because of the changing time and so many advanced technologies are introduced in mobile phones that compel the buyers to buy the latest kind of mobile phones. People spend a lot on phones, and there are even some people who are utterly obsessed with buying phones as soon as it releases any new feature in the phones.

The startup gives their home pick service and an excellent price on selling the old phone. It uses a kind of algorithm to determine the best price of the phone the user is selling with the help of them. The main factor that is considered is the market value and the current condition in the market.

After you buy the phone from the general public, the startup InstaCash then does the process of wiping out all the essential data from the phone and then processing the selling of the phone to further dealers. These dealers then take the phone and sell it to the people who look to buy their second handphones. Prateen Goel founded the startup in the year 2017.

Company Overview

        Legal Name Instant Consumer Tech Pvt Ltd. 
          Industries Re-commerce & Application Software
           Founder        Prateen Goel
       Founded Date              2017
Total Funding Amount            $687 K
           Investors       Startup Oasis

5. Tax2Win

Tax2win on Twitter: "Don't Worry our team of Income Tax Consultants will  help you solve it online. #IncomeTaxnotice  #OnlineSolve #Tax2win #Covid19 #TaxConsultants" /  Twitter

It is a known startup which is held with the responsibility of helping out the other start-ups to grow. As the name suggests, the startup Tax2Win is best considered to assist in all the tax-related issues. The team of this company very well handles all the related queries of tax on behalf of the different firms.

The companies don’t have to think about the ITR and Tax2Win also gives the Cas to help fill the formalities of the ITR service. The filling of the ITR is very easy and quick. Other than the services they provide in the tax issues, the company has also various kinds of other financial tools which are readily available on their website.

Abhishek Soni and Vertika Kedia founded the startup. Both of the founders are very good Chartered Accountants. The idea of this startup for helping the other start-ups idea came to Abhishek’s mind when he travelled a lot in the shared cabs and always on the way people used to ask him if he could file their return. It is a very reliable source for filing all the kinds of taxes and offers a very safe and secured type of service to their customers.

They use the bank-level encryption and backup systems for all the essential data so that the personal information and identity of the customer is always secured. The filling through a chartered accountant may have the cost of Rs 1500-2000 for the filling procedures that depend entirely on the kind of transactions in your tax returns.

All the customers can quickly join their startup and get the best benefits. You can get your belated return filed in just the time of 4 minutes, and the tax-filling is considered very hassle-free and accurate.

Company Overview

        Legal Name Winiin Taxscope Pvt Ltd. 
          Industries            Fintech
          Founder(s) Abhishek Soni & Vertika Kedia 
       Founded Date              2015
Total Funding Amount        $1.6 Million
           Investors           Acquired

6. CarDekho

India's Top Automobile Platform's Success Story - CarDekho | Next Big Brand

CarDekho is a startup that has recently good great reviews in the audience and was launched or started in 2008, and it readily helps most users buy their desired cars. It gives the best and rich kind of automotive information like the reviews from the experts working there, the detailed specs and prices, they even make comparisons with other companies and the help of their videos to make the buyer more aware of all the necessary things before making a choice.

They provide pictures of the car brands with their models running successfully in India. CarDekho has their website and application to make the whole process very easy.

Their website and app also shows the best kind of deals and provides the ample kind of information. It has made successful tie-ups with many of the best-known auto manufacturers working in the city and several car dealers like more than 4000 with all the numerous kinds of financial institutions which help in facilitating the purchase of all the vehicles associated with them.

The company has made such a suitable remark that it has expanded itself from the Southeast Asia with the launching of the, and The startup has received a total funding amount of around $262.5 Million. Their significant investors include the Goggle Capital, Hillhouse Capital, HDFC Bank, Ratan Tata, Times Internet and Tybourne Capital.

Company Overview

        Legal Name Girnar Software Pvt Ltd. 
          Industries   Automotive Industry
          Founder(s) Amit Jain & Anurag Jain 
       Founded Date              2008 
Total Funding Amount          $262.5 Million
           Investors Ratan Tata, Sequoia India, Hillhouse Capital & CapitalG

7. Freewill

Freewill customized Hair-care review | Fashion Mate | Latest Fashion Trends  in India | Fashion Mate | Latest Fashion Trends in India

It is called to be an internet brand offering that is done to provide the personalized shampoos and conditioner. People can freely reach them regarding the problems that they face with their hair. Hair problem is a primary type of condition happening nowadays with most people, and some people have the problem of dandruff, itching, or hair loss.

The Freewill company assures their customers to give them a hair assessment test based on their company’s formulators who create different kinds of solutions by choosing the natural actives based on their customer’s assessment and then delivering the results in just seven days from the test. Freewill is a complete non-profit kind of agency that has been giving its services to people since 2018.

 Customers can get their customized shampoos, conditioner and serum, you have to answer some questions according to the type of your hair, issue and length. After this process, their team understands your hair issue and chooses the ingredients that suit your problem the best. Every bottle they deliver has a solution manufactured from natural elements.

The shampoo kit contains 250 ml of shampoo, 150 ml of conditioner, and 30 ml serum, which lasts until your 60 days. The one-time use of the complete kit costs around INR 2,150, but if customers want the shampoo and conditioner, it would cost around INR 1,150.

The most exciting thing about their shampoos and conditioners is that the company delivers these bottles of your choice with your name printed on the bottles. The company claims to use ingredients like argan oil, pea protein, acai berry, and chia seeds.

Company Overview

        Legal Name Freewill Pvt Ltd.
          Industries Personalized Beauty
          Founder(s) Mohit Yadav & Rahul Yadav
       Founded Date            2018
Total Funding Amount         $13.1 Million
           Investors Unilever Ventures, Surge & SCI Ventures

8. Hello English

Hello English - YouTube

This is a company known as the provider of giving people the change of language learning application. It allows all the users to learn the dynamics of the language through the use of t interactive modules from the Indian languages that include Hindi, Tamil, English, Telugu and many more.

The company’s application consists of the interactive classes or sessions of lessons and games, which are all associated with writing, reading, listening and speaking, with the best kind of gamification mechanics included.

Experts give you live personalized courses for kids on creative writing, reading application and phonics. Their standards are all considered the benchmark of the International Common Core Standards. There are 23 languages that you can learn with them and grow your personality.

The startup never stops improving with its techniques and updating Hello English more. The community of this startup comes around the figure of 50 million across the world. It has millions of dialogues exchanged as they are spoken and corrected every day to assist people in improving their spoken English. Under their main features comes their 475 lessons which are taught along with the dictionary.

You can learn anytime, anywhere works offline also for the customers who cannot attend their online platform. It also has word games, including listening writing—speaking exercises with the most immediate tips and results.

Company Overview

        Legal Name        Hello English
          Industries E- Learning & Online Education 
          Founder(s) Nishant Patni & Pranshu Patni 
       Founded Date          2014
Total Funding Amount     $6.5 Million
           Investors       Acquired

9. Wooden Street

Buy Olympia Wooden Sofa Set with Washable Zipper Cover (Walnut Finish)  Online in India - Wooden Street

It is an online private label manufacturer and retailer of different furniture pieces launched or introduced in 2015. It is the one company that gives their customers custom-made furniture along with easy delivery at your doorstep.

It gives the best and unique kinds of ready-made and the= customised variety of furniture prices belonging to the different categories like the dining room, living room, study, bedroom, storage and outdoor.

They upload their design and pictures online, and customers can choose from them by placing their orders for the custom made furniture. The startup company claims to have got more than 470 orders which earned them the operational revenue of around 80 plus lakhs.

With their so many orders, it has crossed INR 80 lakhs and has attracted around 2000 customers per day in 2016. Their 40+ experience stores across the country have helped many people transform their homes. This is the one platform that allows you to experience the best kind of luxury and elegance.

They have around five lakhs of their satisfied customers and are in the act of attaching more to them. It has about 300 delivery centres across the country with their 70 thousand furniture and furnishing products.

Company Overview

        Legal Name      Wooden Street
          Industries  Furniture & Home  Decor 
          Founder   Lokendra Ranawat 
       Founded Date              2015
Total Funding Amount           Funding
           Investors           Acquired

10. Kirana King

Kirana King Value Store, Near Patel Marg - Departmental Stores in Jaipur -  Justdial

Want the best quality grocery? Then, Kirana King is the one destination for the best grocery items. It has successfully created India’s largest offline Marketplace and the most dynamic kinds of alternate commerce platform for all the grocery retails. Always to empower the traditional Kirana Stores to be a part of the next generation of retail evolution in the country by giving away the best delightful kind of experience.

The Kirana King was founded by Anup K Kumar, who is also the CEO of the startup. In 2017, it was started considering its place in the consumer markets for grocery retail.

When they thought the way of doing the retail business with the evolvement at lighting fast speed across the different sectors along with the behaviour involved in the consumer buying. The Kirana shops have remained unchanged over the years and have been providing their services from door to door.

From the time the company was started, their vision was clear as they wanted to focus majorly on standardization, digitalization and centralization by giving the new set of ideas and look.

Company Overview

        Legal Name     Kirana King
          Industries  Retail Store Aggreator 
          Founder Anup Kumar, Deepak Dusad & Balwant Singh Rana 
       Founded Date         2018
Total Funding Amount        $3.2 Million
           Investors Rajastan Venture Capital Fund & Ruchi Agricom India

Over the years, the businesses have shown an excellent progression and significant changes; in the current times, there is no need of investing heavily to start your business. You can quickly grow your business with your ideas and little effort and put them in small startup units. The small business or the local business ideas in the city of Jaipur have started with fewer funds but, on the contrary, has been providing a lot of benefits.

There is an all-time demand for the local and traditional kinds of handicrafts products that have been in prominence these days because it is a tourist city, they prefer more of these kinds of things when they visit the city. In Jaipur, the primary business ideas are found very easy to set up, and it does not hamper the full-time job you do.

One of the best things about a startup in Jaipur is that it does not require a lot of money; the cost of setting up a small business in the city is more minor. It attracts many tourists, so it has more reasons to grow the company in the town very quickly.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma 



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