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Top 20 Best NFT Marketplaces in India 2022

Purchasing trends and customer sentiment change with dynamic market trends. The vast majority of companies rely on digital assets to enhance their brand image and influence their buying behaviour. The primary purpose of digital assets is to facilitate the visual representation of a company’s products or services.

Speaking of digital assets, how can we forget about non-fungible tokens? What exactly is an NFT? What is the best NFT marketplace? What are the options for buying or selling NFB? This article covers everything you need to know about irreplaceable tokens. 

These assets enable businesses to connect with their target audience and engage in a wide range of media and channels. Digital purchases are also used to run multiple marketing campaigns that help businesses increase market exposure and thus increase sales. In addition to sales support, digital assets also help scale management workflows and train employees.


What is an NFT? 


NFT is a non-fungible token and is one of the hottest topics in the concurrency community today. Almost every company or successful businessman/entrepreneur wants to launch their own NFT. However, the value of NFTs can vary significantly. That means that some are worth millions and some are not. NFTs are unique items that cannot be exchanged for other cards.

In other words, it’s a special trading card. Therefore, if you swap one card for the other, you have the other card at hand. Undoubtedly, NFTs are the latest internet sensation, and I’m surprised that everyone, whether a buyer, artist or seller, is willing to pay to own digital art. NFT growth is significant, exceeding $ 2.5 billion in the last six months as of September 2021. From this, we can conclude that NFTs have achieved substantial growth in a brief period.


Are NFTs similar to other cryptocurrencies? 

Yes, in some respects, NFTs are similar to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Although NFTs, unlike crypto assets, are not irreplaceable and indivisible assets. NFTs have initially been part of the Ethereum blockchain technology that allows users to store a wide range of electronic information to recognize their uniqueness.

In addition, various NFT marketplaces use their blockchain technology. This means that each marketplace is involved in buying and selling a particular NFT. To trade on the NFT platform, the buyer must have a digital wallet and use cryptocurrencies to pay for the purchased NFT card. 


What is the NFT Marketplace? 

A virtual economy platform called the NFT Marketplace allows all artists to create NFTs and trade these non-fungible tokens. It is similar to an online shop to buy products in your digital / e-wallet. After determining the possible price of this non-fungible token, you can choose from several options if you want to create and buy/sell an NFT at a specific price. 


Top 20 Best NFT Marketplaces in India 2022

The proliferation of NFT marketplaces has made selling digital products increasingly tricky for artists. Thus, we have collected the most comprehensive data, compared all the NFT markets, and listed the best NFT marketplaces that can fulfil all your needs below.


1. Rarible

As a distributed marketplace, Rarible eliminates the need for middlemen. Rarible was launched in 2020 and ranked as the top NFT marketplace. Artists have the option of specifying a share of secondary transactions as royalty when working with the network, without the need for intermediaries.

The platform uses cryptocurrency RARI. Rarible is one of the few decentralized autonomous organizations of today because it enables its customers to make all decisions themselves. NFT tokens are also used on OpenSea, another renowned platform accessible via this marketplace.


2. OpenSea

The OpenSea marketplace was launched in 2018 and offers the most comprehensive range of NFTs, including arts, virtual worlds, sports & collectables, trading cards, and domain names that are censorship-resistant.

ERC115 and ERC721 assets are included in the platform. You can also explore Decentraland, ENS games, Axies, CryptoKitties, and other digital assets. They feature 700+ projects, including collectable games, digital art, trading card games, and name systems (ENS (Ethereum Name Service).

The marketplace for creating, buying, and selling digital assets is its most prominent feature. Logan Paul, Mark Cuban, and many others are among the many celebrities who use the platform.


3. Foundation

A P2P NFT marketplace focuses on digital art creators, crypto natives, and collectors to move the culture forward. The Foundation operates as one of the best NFT marketplaces, and Digital art is its primary focus.

To be an artist on this platform, you have to create a profile and apply for their Upvote Program. The community votes determine whether your application will be accepted or not.

Marginalized voices are brought to the forefront through the trading platform, facilitating NFT trades. The Foundation team is composed solely of women, and it is their responsibility to decide which type of artwork will be displayed on which web page. Furthermore, the bidders on this online marketplace are known for simplifying the entire bidding process for digital art and organizing live auctions.

Every time a collector resells their digital artwork to another individual or entity for a higher price than before, an artist receives 10% of the overall sales value of the secondary transaction.


4. MakersPlace

By providing efficient tools for protecting and selling the work of digital creators, the digital marketplace empowers them to achieve their goals.

MakersPlace is a fantastic platform that will enable you to discover and collect various digital artwork. Through this marketplace, numerous artists, photographers, and writers can sell their unique works to individuals worldwide.

Digital artists will benefit from this platform because it facilitates blockchain technology.

A 15% cut of the sales value is given to all creators on the digital market. Moreover, the platform offers a 10% commission on every re-sale of work. Thus, creative standards will be maintained, and product uniqueness will be increased, resulting in high prices.


5. SuperRare

Want to sell Non-Fungible Tokens on the top Non-Fungible Token exchanges? If you want to buy and sell single edition artworks, you should choose super rare.

Each of these crypto-collectable digital items is created by an actual digital artist. These digital collectables can also be owned and traded by collectors or creators- digital objects that can be tracked on blockchain technology and secured by cryptography.

The best part of SuperRare is that it provides a record of ownership for all digital collectables, which promotes transparency and a healthy social environment.

In addition, SuperRare’s management directly approves the artwork of the artists, so upvotes from the community are not significant. As a result, SuperRare’s marketplace features only the best work.


6. Decentraland

With the launch of the digital marketplace in 2020, the primary reason was to provide full rights to the NFT artists and creators. Users’ voices are increasingly heard in the market, particularly inland auctions, policy updates, and NFT contracts.

One can purchase an array of digital collectables on this platform, including wearables, names, parcels, and estates. The platform offers users the possibility to build infrastructure and other forms of architecture to fit their creations and own digital lands.

The Decentraland NFT marketplace is considered one of the most secure and best NFT marketplaces because all assets are stored within a smart contract built upon the Ethereum blockchain (the second most significant and most stable crypto digital asset after Bitcoin).


7. KnownOrigin

KnownOrigin is a well-known marketplace that offers digital artists, buyers and sellers the chance to find, collect and sell rare digital artwork.

The Ethereum blockchain secures this marketplace similarly to Decentraland. Creators can display their skills and expertise on the digital platform most suited for collectors who value authenticity and uniqueness.

The marketplace gallery accepts digital content in gif and jpg formats, all files saved on IPFS.


8. Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway is one of the top NFT marketplaces that allow users to easily purchase or sell Non Fungible Tokens. We collaborate with many top-notch brands and artists on the platform.

Every three weeks, Nifties are released as a limited edition. This page features the inspiring works of performers and celebrities such as Deadmau5, Steve Aoki, Beeple, Grimes, etc.

Unlike other platforms, you can purchase NFT cards on this marketplace using your credit card. Furthermore, Metamask or any other digital wallet is not mandatory for the user to maintain. People worldwide can now use the marketplace to automate their decentralized processes.

Under your profile, you can easily withdraw all tokens purchased into your external account or wallet.

Furthermore, if you plan to make money from the Nifty Gateway, you must apply. Should your application be approved, you will be allowed to mint.


9. Mintable

With Mintable, users can exchange photos, music, artwork, digital collectables, and in-game assets for free. In addition to providing users with a gas-free mining method known as lazy mining. For this reason, the platform refers to itself as ‘The only DAO in existence run by NFTs.

Trading on this platform can earn MINT, the Mintable DAO’s governance token.

There are three types of auctions on the Ethereum platform: Traditional Auctions, Timed Auctions, and Buy It Now Auctions. In addition, the marketplace allocates 5% of the sales to royalties for digital artists.


10. Axie Infinity

After its launch, Axie Nifty quickly attracted the attention of NFT enthusiasts. Axie is an animated creature raised, fought, and gathered in this fantastic digital game.

As players gain power, they may acquire farms and kingdoms and increase their ability to gain Axis. Whenever users feel they are getting a reasonable price for these axies, they can sell them later.

In terms of Ethereum games, Axie Nifty is ranked as the best. With over 15000 active monthly users, the game is now growing as an excellent platform for NFT and game lovers.


11. NBA Top Shot

The digital marketplace, owned by the NBA, tokenizes the moments of each NBA player and tries to capture their spectacular performances into NFT cards. NFTs may also be made from other accessories worn by the players.

For those celebrated moments, the platform provides users with ownership rights. It is becoming an ongoing trend on social networks to flaunt your unique moment tokens since they were introduced, and thousands of tickets have been sold for millions of dollars.


12. NFT Showroom

With the digital platform, all creations are accessible to buyers thanks to one of the fastest and free blockchain technologies. Hive is the platform used.

NFT Showroom is unique because it includes work of all types of art and levels of expertise/experience. 5% commission is paid to each artist on any secondary sale. However, when a creator sells their art for the first time, the platform charges them a 10% commission.

Digital creators and collectors can use it as an affordable alternative. Registration on Hive is the only step required of users. To purchase art, SWAP and HIVE is used. Moreover, creators can choose between two modes of reproduction, including Limited and Private Rights.


13. Atomic Market

Atomic Market is a new platform on this list, having only been launched in 2021. A component of Atomic Assets Hub, it was established in 2021.

Shared liquidity NFT markets are based on smart contracts, and several websites use this contract to display all listings from one call to another.

This platform offers users the opportunity to list their assets on the eosio Blockchain and benefits all users simultaneously. A trade offer is then issued to the market once the investment has been listed for sale, and if the buyer purchases the support, the offer is immediately accepted.

Users can browse existing listings. This marketplace ensures that the NFT cards listed are not malicious, which is one of the best reasons to purchase, sell, or trade through it. Using this platform, all collections get a verified checkmark, making it easy to identify the real NFTs.


14. Crypto Punks

Blockchain technology enables crypto punks to be developed algorithmically using digital miniatures. Exquisite miniatures can be found at the market, and they have even been sold for millions of dollars. Consequently, the platform holds the most expensive NFTs available in the crypto market.

The NFTs used in these projects utilize the ERC-721 standard (which represents modern cryptography).

Once you create an account on this platform, you can easily purchase 10,000+ unique characters once you browse the massive marketplace.

In addition, it offers three kinds of punks. Punks with a red background are available for sale by the owner, and punks with blue sets aren’t for sale and don’t have any bids. Meanwhile, punks with purple backgrounds are being actively pursued.


15. Myth Market

The digital marketplace supports various digital trading card brands. Hero digital trading cards are featured in some markets. Trading cards for Blockchain Heroes can be found on Blockchain. Need, Garbage Pail Kids trading cards can be purchased on GPK. Market William Shatner memorabilia can be found at Shatner. Market, GoPepe trading cards can be found on GoPepe Market, and KOGS trading cards can be found on KOGS.Market.

Currently, the platform holds the potential to become one of the most popular marketplaces for selling Non Fungible Tokens shortly.


16. BakerySwap

MakerSwap is an automated market maker (AMM) and decentralized exchange (DEX) running on Binance Smart Chain.

A wide range of NFT cards can be traded, bought, and sold on the marketplace. Besides NFT cards, it also hosts NFT games, digital exhibitions, and meme competitions. BAKE tokens allow users to access any of these things once they have paid for them in these ways.

This platform allows you to earn BAKE tokens easily. Using NFT in ‘combo meals’ is all that’s required. While you’re at it, you can also mint. Eventually, you will profit from your artwork. Besides, one of the easiest ways to earn BAKE tokens is to use the ‘Bread’ pool feature on this marketplace.


17. Enjin Marketplace

From the platform’s massive game library, which includes games like The Six Dragons, the Multiverse, and the Age of Rust, blockchain projects powered by Enjin are available. Aside from games offering reward programs, others offer community-created collectables, Microsoft’s Azure Heroes, and Binance’s Non-Fungible Tokens.

Among the best marketplaces for non-fungible token sales, Enjin is considered one of the best. You can choose among several digital assets, unlike other platforms. Many Enjin Coin has been used to buy digital assets, and the platform has traded 2+ billion NFTs.

It also facilitates listings and purchases of gaming items and collectables through the Enjin Marketplace.


18. Async Art

By demonstrating their expertise in the marketplace, artists can get paid. Create, trade, and collect programmable art with Async Art, built on the Blockchain.

Customers can buy ‘Masters’ and ‘Layers’ from the online marketplace.

  • Those who own a Layer will ensure its appearance is updated based on what their Layer owner inputs.
  • In a Master image, the respective components are known as Layers.

In other words, regardless of whose image we are changing, if we change Layers, we will affect the Master’s image. Due to this, the Layers possess exclusive powers that aid in determining the Master’s piece.

More than 6 million bids have been placed on the platform since its launch in 2020, and 1.5 million+ transactions have been completed.


19. Portion

In a global community of decentralized artists and creators, the Portion enables individuals to buy, sell, store, and trade original art and collectables with the highest degree of transparency.
In Portion, all users can be collectors, so it is listed as one of the best NFT marketplaces. By using the platform, you can manage the physical and digital collections of different collectables and arts effortlessly in one place.

Collectables and digital art can be exchanged for crypto in this way.
Several new tokens were released by the digital platform for grant awards, liquidity mining, future partnerships, and team members. Also, these tokens are distributed as part of the nonfungible token creation process. The price of each NFT currently exceeds 500 PRT.

20. Cargo

We will strive to make Cargo a one-stop solution if you want to buy, sell, manage, or display NFT cards, blockchain gaming items, secure tickets, and other valuable items for your business or project.
In addition to being a great NFT marketplace, Cargo also offers an API to integrate it into your app. Besides supporting split payments for 15 accounts, it is an advanced, user-friendly platform.
The governance token for Cargo is called Cargo Gems, just like on other digital marketplaces.


How to choose the best NFT marketplace?

It depends only on the NFT you want to buy or sell. For example, if you’re going to buy a soccer NFT card, you need to visit another website like Sorare or FootballCoin. These websites trade football NFTs. However, if you want to exchange baseball cards, the site is a digital trading card.

Another important consideration before choosing the ideal NFT marketplace is to own a digital wallet associated with that particular NFT marketplace and cryptocurrency. Helps simplify the entire transaction process. The most popular digital wallet in most NFT marketplaces is the Metamask Wallet.  


How do I buy at the NFT Marketplace?  

The process of buying an NFT in the marketplace is simple. In addition, know-how to use the Web3 and Apps interface will make the process more seamless. One piece of advice for all readers is that if you’re new to the crypto world and don’t know the features of the Metamask wallet, you can hire an agency to handle the blockchain.

However, if you are open to the world of Defi (decentralized finance, a set of instructions, technologies, and processes used to make traditional financial services more transparent, efficient, and secure), create your first NFT. It’s not complicated.


How to make money from NFTs? 

Not all NFT prices are created the same. While the prices of some NFTs are skyrocketing, others may be virtually worthless. However, I did explain how to make money during the current NFT Gold Rush. 

 1. Digital art 

 High-quality NFT prices are created by individual NFT artwork. Christie’s renowned auction house sold the most expensive NFT artwork (fully digital) on March 11, 2021, for about $ 69 million. NFTs were not a single work of art, and this was a collage of over 5,000 tokenized images created by Beeple (Mike Winkelmann) over the years. This case proved that NFTs revolutionized the world of art, and no one knew that NFTs were so likely. 

 2. NFT video game 

 NFT video games are sustainable, and they are the future of NFT technology. Video games using NFT technology have great potential to spread around the world. PUBG, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, and Minecraft is popular games with over a billion markets.

The impact is impressive when such games begin to use NFT technology in their games. Most game developers are NFT creators and can help further drive the development of NFT technology. However, non-fungible tokens used in video games are usually complex and fully interactive and need to change over time to improve the character further. 

  3. Approved collectables 

 The most natural and obvious way to make money from NFTs is to tokenize the collection of this technology. Brands that sell trading cards and other physical collectables can sell precisely the same in digital form. Currently, the use of NFTs is rare, which may be why the price of digital trading cards has risen compared to their physical counterparts.

One of the most well-known and licensed NFT collections is the sports card. First, soccer players allowed people to exchange NFT certified cards. Later, the NBA also announced the NFT Card Collection. In addition, baseball and Hicky NFT cards will be launched in the future, expanding the market for these cards and making them one of the significant sources of revenue. 


The future of NFT 

Despite its explosive growth, blockchain technology is much more than another fast-moving crypto trend, and NFT technology has led to the emergence of many new applications. As the number of companies, celebrities and individuals entering the NFT world grows, so does the price of NFTs.

Many NFTs are still underestimated because this new technology is not widely recognized. Overall, the most significant potential for non-fungible tokens has not yet been explored, and now is the right time to discover the best deals on the best NFT marketplaces.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma



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