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10 Top Startups In Hyderabad


Our product, Frissbi simplifies meeting plans based on only 2 nodes of information, people and time. So no longer the user has to worry about the regular when, where, what, methodology of a regular calendar app. It’s AI organizes the day for you based upon the meetings and its unique collaboration engine removes any redundancy arising due to multiple modifications. Its unique cloud structure enables to sync across multiple devices and creates intuitive repositories of all the people, locations, documents, images, videos & URL’s pertaining to each and every meeting, so you can refer to all your past meetings and track progress if required.


SwoopTalent’s talent data lake lets our customers maximize the impact of HR Tech by making it easier to do every single thing they need to do with talent data. Get the right data in the right hands, give analysts a dream dataset, power AI and ML – even make system migrations and integrations easy. You’ll be amazed at how easy we make data.


Investopresto is India’s biggest investment portal for beginners and aims to be a one-stop-shop for retail investors looking to invest in stocks, mutual funds, insurance products, ULIPs and fixed deposits. Its unique, well differentiated web and mobile offerings provide a highly social, intelligent and gamified environment for investors to generate trade ideas, collaborate with one another and invest successfully. (Startup) is an incentive based blogger outreach platform for brands. We help brands in finding right influencers and run outreach programs by engaging blog readers like never before. startup

Being an Advertiser and Blogger we experienced the pain in making blogger outreach campaign easy and effective. There used to be enormous number of email communications and nightmares (when it comes to payment) between Advertisers and Bloggers to get the deal done. And at the end there is no engagement with the blog readers, no analytics and hence there is no way to calculate ROI. Brands are not really with it. automates the whole process. Advertisers can create a campaign by selecting blogs of choice, decide how readers can engage with brand, start the campaign.

Unlike traditional outreach, through giveaways brands can

Build Buzz & Branding
Social media growth and engagement
Retarget and generate leads
Grow follower base
Get feedback and surveys


Vaave is SaaS platform to build exclusive alumni networks. Vaave helps institutions build and manage an updated alumni database, organize successful reunions & alumni meets, involve alumni in student development, raise funds from alumni and engage alumni effectively.


Vaave,a person working there is happy

Our features include complete database management solution, events module, funds module, mentorship module, jobs & internships module and online merchandize store. We will soon be launching our mobile application. Our network can be launched in 7 days and we provide round the clock support to our customers.

Vaave is the result of an extensive research and hard work put in by the team over the years and suits and caters to all the needs of alumni and institutions.

Labyrinth comprises of many pillars addressing the prevalent problems associated with the traditional Digital Out Of Home Advertising system. We have designed an affordable plug-n-play device that plugs into any screen, thereby connecting it to the cloud.

Multicoin, Intel Capital Invest $3.5 Million in Startup Demystifying Blockchain Data - CoinDesk

1) Cloud Based Approach this startup approach

Provides flexible, instantaneous, efficient and secure scheduling, management and distribution of ads.

2) Proof of Play

Provides a reliable method for the advertiser to ensure his ads are being played.

3) Analytics

Provides proof of view and further demographics to describe viewer engagement and viewer profiling like age group, gender etc.

4) Context Based Advertising

Assess qualities of viewers and displays relevant ads in addition to existing location based advertising.

5) Real Time Bidding:

Provides automatic standardization of prices based on supply and demand.

6) Immersive Advertising

Provides an interactive platform for users and in the process provides data relevant to the user’s needs.


Carsplus build a used car trading platform that help consumers find their next car and research the market.

Our disruptive solution help customers find their next car from quality choice, research the market and and buy a car of their choice with confidence without worrying about major breakdowns!

Cars Plus Lenoir Quality Vehicles At Wholesale Pricing!

For example if you are looking to buy a “Sedan” and budget(4-15 lacks) in Hyderabad,India , We have 380 cars in stock , all comes with a warranty.

InCights Mobile Solutions

InCights startup is a Voice Bio-metrics company, where we use a person’s voice as the unique identifier, enabling real-time identity verification. Our Voice Bio-metrics service can be used to provide protection against identity theft, protected access to information, secure login for remote workers, secured automated authentication, call center transactions or mobile commerce connections.

We offer following Services:

1. Text Dependent Core Biometrics Engine – Service Ready for Customer.
2. Voice Biometrics API for Third Party Integration

We have Filled Patent for Semantic Enabled IVR and Linked Data in India. The patent allows us to Link Various IVR using RDF Standards, which leads to following benefits:

1. One Enrolment can be used for Multiple services
2. Service Profiling of Customers
3. Collection on enriched Enrolment Data and hence higher accuracy.


A News Network for User Generated News. Our platform connects our App users with News Companies through our Cloud based CMS/CDN system. Our free app lets any smartphone be involved in the creation process of news making, they become a part of the exciting process of current and live events.

News media pushes a message through our CMS to App users in the area of an event – they cover the story and earn both money and “kudos” – and get an unique insight into the creation process. We don’t “bother” App users startup unless they are near the news event or a story. App users can also use the News Tips function to submit their own news. The market place for Tips anywhere in the world


Shipmile is a tech-enabled logistics fulfilment company helping businesses improve their ability to deliver shipments safer and faster.

How we are different from your existing logistics providers ?

1 – PinCode availability API startup approach

ShipMile covers all metros, tier-1, tier-2 cities and most of tier-3 and rural areas. Overall ShipMile covers over 12000 pincodes across the country.

2 – Operations automation startup approach

We help to reduce post order operations by 15 times from 15 minutes per shipment to 1 minute per order.

3 – Automated Tracking

Our api tracks all the shipments real-time, enabling companies to find out the issues faster.

4-Issue management

We consolidate all the shipment issues and helps you to handle them all at once.

5-Payments and COD Reconciliation

Our system checks for irregularities in shipping rates from our carriers and take action decreasing the risk of over paying.

Currently, This startup are handling 6000 shipments/day across multiple carriers.

Banyan Nation

Banyan startup has been at the forefront of India’s Swachh Bharath and Digital India revolutions. Banyan launched a pioneering Waste Management IoT platform to help cities transform their waste operations from highly adhoc and reactive systems to coherent and data driven planning and operating models to generate revenues and cut costs.

Banyan Nation – an Unreasonable company

The platform won Intel and the Dept. of Science and Technology’s (Government of India) IFDI 2.0 award in June of 2017 as the most innovative solution out of over 700+ startups that were incubated for over 9 months.

Zero Meetings

Team meetings are expensive and many often meetings ends up without results, lacking closure.

This startup helps its user to run meetings that produces results. Simplify the meeting possibly the best way with this intelligent application that helps to be productive.

This is not just an note taking app but form a meeting perspective – its an end to end easy solution. You setup a meeting a not more that 3 minutes. While you run the meeting – this meeting helps you stay on top of schedule and agenda and do what meetings are meant for – share the idea, seek information or take decision, set followups if required.

No more time waste.


Kaddy is a Data Analytics Company focused on Education. We help schools use data to improve school quality and learning outcomes.

School Monitor is approach of this startup, our flagship offering for school leaders, is a cloud based analytics solution that automatically collects and generates actionable insights from school data.

School Monitor uses interactive questionnaires, automatically delivered to stakeholders (whether teachers, parents or students) at the right time, to measure and track factors that influence learning outcomes; like school climate, teaching effectiveness, conduciveness of school environment to learning, parent satisfaction etc.

This process, initiated with a single click, is fully automated and directly gives school leaders timely and relevant insights on making informed decisions towards improving learning outcomes and school quality.

Risk Edge Solutions

RiskEdge startup is an Enterprise Risk Management Software Solution for Global, Physical Energy & Commodity Trading Companies. RiskEdge calculates Risk on Commodity portfolios (including Physicals, Futures, Options, Swaps, Exotic Derivatives) and provides Meaningful, actionable Reports and Perspectives to the Businesses.

This startup allows Companies to get better Visibility and Control on their Business and helps them Reduce Cost, Improve Profitability and Increase Compliance.

It is a Highly Configurable, Easy-to-Use, and Cost-effective solution that enables companies Automate their Risk Processes and turn it from an Obligatory Process to a Strategic one.

RiskEdge is a web-based software product, built on latest Microsoft Technologies and is amongst the fastest Risk Engines in the world for Commodities Industry. It is built specifically to scale with the Businesses, and incorporates most of the Unique Business Processes of commodity trading industry.

Sollet Soft Solutions

mee-Com stands for Xtended Commerce in underserved / unexplored markets for any Business vertical. mee-Com is an Ecosystem connecting manufacturer/producer to the end customer in a transparent and effective manner giving benefits to all the stakeholders in an Ecosystem.

Features: Offers micro entrepreneurs (farmers, small scale industries etc.) in an unorganized sector to offer their products/services to a larger world and thus achieve scale of economy with minimal marketing costs
mee-Com leverages on the enterprise wallet concept of Sollet thereby enabling the concept of cash at counter and reducing the cash handling risks
The various payment modes will be supported by mee-Com are: Cash on delivery (COD), Online Banking, MNO’s Mobile wallet, Credit Card/Debit card and Sollet’s Mobile Enterprise Wallet
Organization and streamlining of Ecosystem by enabling interoperability between stakeholders

DataCurve aims to provide a multi-lingual online B2B global directory of business contacts and company information. This startup unique model combines three disparate approaches – crowd sourcing, online vertical search/mash-up and offline data aggregation. startup incentive-based crowd-sourcing model allow members to add their contact lists to its library. In return they will be entitled to get Credits which can be either used as commissions on all future sales (as long as they keep the data current) or can be used to get other business contacts.

Servesy DotCom

Servesy is a One-touch solution to book Home Care, Repair, Personal Care with 50+ services

This startup pre-validated professionals are reliable and assure timely service. Our standard rates ensure that customers get best price in market without any hassle and negotiations. Our technology platform connects consumers with high quality local professionals in real-time.

Quality is just as important as convenience and that’s why Servesy uses reviews, ratings and other valuable feedback to ensure quality workmanship. Unlike other contact listing portals, Servesy is a booking platform where it owns the booking and service delivery. Users can book services on website and mobile app available on all leading platforms.

Project Ajahn

Education in itself is the end and the means towards that end. However, all across the world, the way education is perceived and understood needs to be restructured and reframed. Content based learning from the Industrial era has made grades, evaluations and standardization the norm.

On the other hand, advancements in technology have led to enormous opportunities and possibilities to override the existing industrial era barriers.

Currently, there is a wide spread perception that technology in the form of tablets and devices can somehow transform education.

Technology is a very useful and potent tool but can reach its true potential only when content based learning coupled with evaluation, grading and standardization is replaced with contextualized, individualized, autobiographical perspectives in learning.

Redesigned Learning at project AJAHN provides multiple possibilities for every child to reach their own potential suitable to their cultural, economic and social context.


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