Gatherings, parties and weddings are not allowed amid omicron. But, political rallies, political meetings, and political camping are permitted. Why does India always have 2 different laws? Is Omicron also afraid of Indian politicians?

Gatherings, parties and weddings are not allowed amid omicron. But, political rallies, political meetings, and political camping are permitted. Why does India always have 2 different laws? Is Omicron also afraid of Indian politicians?

“Everything is fair in love, war and ELECTIONS”. It is pretty evident that our ministers have taken this statement quite seriously, as their visuals of conducting rallies, campaigns, and discouraging social distancing went viral. However, these are the same leaders who preach to the general public to follow the norms of covid-19.

Given elections 2022, which will be held next month amid the third wave, it becomes vital for representatives to conduct rallies to induce the public to vote for them, and that’s why several campaigns at different places were seen to be undertaken. Campaigns and gatherings are an integral part of elections, because without them, how will the leaders greed public with false promises?

The UP Congress Committee organized a marathon rally in Bareilly, called “Ladki Hun, Ladsakti Hun”, that witnessed multiple girls participating and people roaming without masks, discouraging social distancing, leading to chaos.

assembly election 2022 highlights: akhilesh yadav mocks pm's security breach; khattar demands president's rule during punjab election | india news,the indian express
CM Yogi Adityanath held a public rally in UP on account of an event on 4th January where a slew of developmental projects worth Rs 200 crores were launched.

Asaduddin Owaisi, the AIMIM Chief and member of parliament from Hyderabad, held a public meeting, where crowds in huge numbers were gathered, breaking the covid-19 protocols.

Geeta Shakya, BJP’s UP women wing president and Member of parliament, also conducted a “Mahila Morcha” on 4th January, that involved gatherings in massive number in a playground of a school.

Even our beloved prime minister, Mr Narendra Modi, attends a program in Imphal to inaugurate 22 developmental projects worth Rs. 48 crore. The program witnessed a huge crowd.

The pictures of all the events went viral on social media, which gained a lot of controversies, and people were seen to raise their voices against them.

lessons forgotten: election rallies feed indian virus surge | the independent

All these instances show that our leaders have stoop down to such end that they break their own laws, or are the rules should be followed only by the general public? The country that promotes equality sets two different rules, one for the general public and one for its allies. The public is not allowed to gather, weddings and parties are prohibited, and social distancing must be followed.

These are the set of rules which is formed by the government, but the government is the one who isn’t following their rules and conducting campaigns and rallies for their benefit to convince people to vote for them by bribing false promises. This shows how hypocrisy lies in the blood of Indian politicians!

India reported 2,82,970 corona cases in a day, with 8,961 omicron cases. The third wave has already come reportedly and will peak in a few months, say reports. Despite knowing the hazardous damage coronavirus has caused on the lives of people and the economy, the government still hasn’t learned from the past.

covid-19 omicron variant january 16 highlights: active coronavirus cases in india highest in 225 days, maharashtra records 41,327 new covid cases - the financial express

In the first place, elections should not be conducted given the third wave is at its peak and, secondly if elections are going to be held on the scheduled dates, the way of promoting their parties has left the Indian public doubting the potential of their upcoming leaders.

How can we expect them to lead one of the most populated countries amid pandemics?

They should be reminded of the time when getting a ventilator felt no less than the hustle and, being able to breathe became a luxury. India suffered a lot of atrocities by corona till the second wave, be it the lives of people or be it our economy. Have they forgotten that time? Or are they not scared of the virus? It seems like Omicron is afraid of our politicians for their intelligent behavior as it might know how astute Indian politicians are to even manipulate the virus.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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