Weddings by Adiza Designs is likely to complete 200+ weddings in the mid-year of 2022

Weddings by Adiza Designs is likely to complete 200+ weddings in the mid-year of 2022.

With an immense passion for wedding stationeries & E-invitation designs, the young designpreneur siblings ‘Radhika & Shivam Phukela’ are setting a benchmark across the globe for wedding illustrations.

This year not only pan India,but they have taken international orders. They have created some in vogue marketing strategies from which they have achieved unbelievable responses. It was not possible without their hardworking & dedicated team, who managed to work even when they were not well due to seasonal illnesses. Some of their hardworking backbone members are: Neeraj kumar, Anurag Sharma, Himanshu Rajput & Deepak.

We have recently covered some successful weddings which were the talk of the town such as:

And many more….

Initially, the designers with their punjabi taste faced challenges in understanding the palate of different clients from various cultures. However, their zeal and inspiration from cinema enabled Weddings by Adiza Designs to cater client’s expectations, and further, intend to create more invitations by being fascinated and using their unending creativity.

Their intention of delivering the best to their clients does not stop with their breath-taking designs. Moreover, they have associated with niche printing vendors across India, who have enabled Adiza Designs to gratify their customers.

Additionally, they have walk-in clients & leads converted through social media marketing, but they do not limit themselves here. They have joined hands with the leading event companies such as:
Manyam by Manu Anand, All About Weddings, Areion Events, Encasa Events, The Perfect Weddings, Bells & Whistles, Avani events and much more…

By keeping their eye on minute details, Weddings by Adiza Designs, a Delhi-based wedding design studio, have delivered their clients the most luxurious & joyful invitations.

Shivam & Radhika says “Our aim is that after seeing our invitation the guests should escape their routine, mesmerise with the loved ones and reconnect with their friends & families.”


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